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September has been a busy month at Trowbridge as we prepare for more deadlines and increase our global tax presentations. Check out our upcoming events and keep an eye on for our tax seminars in many countries worldwide this Fall.

We would like to wish a Happy Navaratri to our Ahmedabad office team, and to all those celebrating!

Our Toronto, Vancouver, and London offices will be closed at noon on October 6, and all day for Thanksgiving on October 9th. 

Our Ahmedabad Office will be open over the holiday of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd, but closed for Diwali on October 19th.

Please make sure to check our Important Dates section below, to know your deadlines for our team. 
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Upcoming Events:

October 3, 2017
Canadian Expatriate Tax Seminar
with Partner Wayne Bewick, co-hosted by DeVere Group
InterContinental Doha - Katara, West Bay Lagoon
Doha, Qatar
6:00 pm

October 10, 2017
Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce: Tax and Financial Planning
Partner Wayne Bewick
Members: FREE,
25 GBP
59 Pall Mall, Québec Government Office in London
London, UK
6:00 - 8:30 pm
Trowbridge Celebrates Our 15th Anniversary
On September 30, 2002, Trowbridge Professional Corporation was created, offering a new and improved take on international tax and business accounting services.

It has been our pleasure to work with businesses, individuals, and families around the world for 15 years. As these companies and people have made decisions to move their lives or businesses to a new country, we have seen them through these huge changes and proudly helped them navigate their challenging tax obligations.

Our Canadian and US corporate accounting, tax, and payroll teams have worked alongside businesses of all sizes and watched small businesses and start-ups, including inbound to Canada and cross-border companies, grow into successful corporations who continue to trust Trowbridge to give them quality advice.
To all our clients and team members who have shaped Trowbridge's history, contribute to our present, and journey with us into the future, we thank you!
Ahmedabad, India
London, UK
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada

Important Upcoming Dates:

October 16, 2017
- US tax return filing due date for extended returns (US)

October 16, 2017
- Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR) filing due date for extended FinCEN Form 114 (US)

Non-Resident Rental Property Owners: Tax Deduction Tips
By Ruby Chouhan
Client Services and Business Development, Rental Division

Taxes, taxes, taxes!  Allow us to help you lower your annual tax payments and keep more funds in your pocket for those well-deserved home improvements and annual housing expenses. Owning a property already comes with a list of yearly expenses such as insurance and property taxes, yet owning a rental property often comes with additional costs. For example, you may hire a property manager to look after your home, engage a Realtor to advertise on your property or hire contractors to renovate your home to ready it for rental purposes.

All of these service providers come at a cost, so is there any way to have extra benefit from all of these expenses? One way to lower your total annual costs and keep a little more money in your pockets is to properly report your rental income and include all deductible expenses. For most people, the thought of filing tax returns isn’t a consideration until the filing deadline is near approaching and then we’re scrambling to get our tax documents together.

An easy way to make sure you include all of your property related expenses on your tax filing is to simply keep all of your receipts! Whether it’s storing all receipts in a shoe box or using an online tool or mobile app to keep track of your rental property expenses, begin to make a habit of tracking expenditures so it becomes second nature. When it’s time to file your annual Section 216 Income Tax Return provide these expenses to your accountant for scrutiny. 
Deductible expenses are often left unreported on the Section 216 Income Tax Returns because homeowners are uncertain about the expenses that are eligible. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers a number of tax-deductible categories for your rental property, we’ve noted these with a few examples for you...

As an expat it can be difficult to navigate through the world of non-resident and global taxation, especially in cases where you earn income in multiple countries and have the requirement to report your total income in all of these places. We highly suggest working with industry experts who are experienced in international taxation to properly guide you through your journey. 

[Please keep in mind that everyone’s specific situation is unique, always seek expert advice from the appropriate parties. Regarding tax, ensure you receive experienced, professional advice from a firm specializing in tax advice. Trowbridge has been providing such tax expertise for 15 years, on a global basis and is available for consultations.]

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Arun (Ernie) Nagratha,  Partner

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