My novels touch reality. They have been predictive, every one of them, often in ways I did not expect. "Thrillers are fiction... until it happens...."

My second novel, Privacy Wars, still holds the record for the most and the highest Awards received. The theme was "Big Brother in Cyberspace." It came out when Snowden was running for his life with government secrets and stuck in the Moscow airport. The fiction was real, but we just didn't know it yet. Link1 Link2 Link3

Back then, few could conceive that our government could watch all of us, everyone, all the time. It can. With such powers, anyone could be made into a criminal. It happened to my colleague, Jerome Corsi for the "crime" of writing books . Comey made witch hunts an art form.

There was provable treason at high levels.This attempted coup is known as #ObamaGate.

For the first time in history, Police Organizations & National Security Organizations were used to SPY on a Campaign, and there was no basis for it. The media largely drove that, and claims were made that could have affected the election of the President .”

A.G. Bill Barr

Trump won. Democrats sobbed uncontrollably. Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America stalled out. It was repudiated. The radical left revolution went underground.

Democrats, Globalists, Marxists, ruling elites and others, desperate to hold power, have been stalling investigations, diverting attention, and trying to block, undermine, sabotage, and impeach President Trump ever since. We've suffered 24/7 propaganda, lies, and crisis, first with a goal of negating the election, but now with a goal of erasing our culture and rule of law.

The losers reacted with outrage, acting as if American had been invaded by a hostile power. Those who won were labeled deplorables, demonized as subhuman. If you dare to disagree with the socialist left, you are evil, and personally attacked, sometimes physically.

America's foundation is one of the Constitution, inalienable rights, liberty, equal justice, "innocent until proven guilty,' and respect for opponents. That's fading. Throughout America's history we've been known for a peaceful transition of power. That's gone.

We are living a new type of Civil War, an Information War, one with propaganda, pandemics, riots, looting, race war, violence, and more. Cities are burning. We have a tyrannical lock-down, one that targets Trump supporters and closes gyms, schools, libraries, and gun stores.

Riots and looting is permitted, but political rallies, baseball games, or going to church is not. Abortion mills are open, but beaches and parks are not. Many small businesses are closed. Some 20-30% will not survive, including my own barber. Our booming economy was crushed.

A woman was arrested for swinging her daughter in a playground, but violent criminals are released from prison to commit more crimes. Senior centers have become kill zones because infected people were inserted. Crime rates are soaring, stores are looted, statues are destroyed, and terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter demand "police free zones."

Democrats say, "de-fund police." What they seek is to replace local police with their police, just as Hitler did in 1933. His new police became the Gestapo under Hermann Goring, better funded, politically responsive, and instructed not to interfere with Nazi Brown Shirts.

History repeats. Cultural revolution usually starts with riots, burning buildings and destroying statues. It usually ends with killing people. Socialism kills. Venezuela is a recent example, one featured in my new novel Broken Oath.

We are watching desperation and panic. The radical left is terrified that Trump will win again in 2020 and finish the swamp draining. Equal justice for all cannot be allowed. Those not on their side must be crushed. It's all about power. Election 2020 is winner take all. The clock is ticking.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but not a single Barack Obama official has been arrested, indicted, prosecuted, or sentenced for spying on Donald Trump, his family and Campaign in 2016 - and we're only months away from the next election.

Many think the Russia collusion story is the closest the United States has come to a coup to take down a president since the assassination of Lincoln.

"Is that an appropriate statement?" Maria Bartiromo recently asked A.G. Barr in an interview.

" I think it is the closest we have come to an organized effort to push a president out of office ," Barr replied.

Democrats must remove Trump before they are thrown out of office for crimes, fraud, and lies.The only chance that Comey, Clapper, Brennan, et. al. have of staying out of prison is for Trump to be removed. America must now endure shutdowns, burning cities, mobs, looting, pandemics, race-baiting, corruption, voter fraud, and more. Link. Link.

This will get worse. #Election2020 is winner take all. If the Deep State wins, elections will no longer matter. Real world tyranny is scary and hard to reverse.

I have a reasonably large following on social media. I am often asked if I expect that we'll have a Civil War. I say, " No, we are already having one." Does anyone doubt that?

America will prevail if we stand strong. We'll come out the other side if we manage our fear . The next election is not about Democrats or Republicans, it's a choice between Freedom or Tyranny. We are living through a time in history the world will remember for centuries.

John Kerry, one of the two most hated traitors from the Vietnam War, recently said , "We'll have a revolution if Trump is reelected." Susan Rice said , "Trump supporters will be left in the trash heap of history." (She was quoting Trotsky, which I found amusing. Stalin had him killed .)

They are both wrong. We will have a resolution when President Trump is reelected. Traitors will be in prison, because they will be held accountable for their actions. The Obama Shadow Government predicted by Charles Krauthammer will finally come to an end.

Still, it's much better to read Orwell or Privacy Wars than to live it. Freedom isn't free.

Fiction ( Novels )

My new novel, Broken Oath, is in production. Here is the FREE first chapter.

You may have noticed that I've had a hard time getting my new book done. It wasn't just because of pandemics, lock downs, riots, and such. The setting is along the invasion corridor from Venezuela up to and across the Southern Border of the United States. This threat is real and it is close. Research was difficult, as was plotting a tale that my characters could plausibly survive, but it's done.

Some say it's my best novel. It is set in the same region as is Season Two of the Jack Ryan Series on Amazon Prime. Even Amazon had issues that delayed production.

This is now the most dangerous region in the world. In addition, it's politically incorrect to speak about it, so not much information is coming out.

Venezuela is the new Syria. Link . Here are early interviews:

Scott Adams interview. [Scott also mentions the Jack Ryan Series.]

My interview on Samuel Adams Returns was dominated by current events. My host, an old friend, knows A LOT about the Venezuela situation, bioweapons, and 4D warfare.

Here is that interview as a video.

My Raven novels are winning awards. I'm now releasing book #4 in the series, but before them we had Privacy Wars (about Big Brother watching everyone). The Obama Administration made my novel turn real with a vengeance.

As I said, Privacy Wars has won the highest awards. It makes you think and entertains. Do take a look.

Of course, we now have biowarfare, the subject of my novel Soft Target. It makes a good read these days. I learned a lot about bioweapons when writing that novel. Here is a good analysis of this virus you won't see on Fake News, including promising solutions. Link.

If COVAD-19 is a bioweapon (I think so), it was well crafted. It has a low fatality rate, but an extremely high infection rate. It is a good weapon to disrupt without provoking massive retaliation. A good weapon, if amplified by Fake News, to spread fear and shut down America.

Here is what I said on #Twitter on January 21, 2020 -- long before the media even noticed the #WuhanVirus, aka, COVAD-19:

"This is an engineered virus -- EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, because 1) no immunity, 2) fully lethal, and 3) easily spread. Design has a US PATENT. Some say owned by Bill Gates, but I don't know. Am following. Please R/T

For #biowarfare try my novel Soft Target ." http://johntrudel.com

Note: I do think this was an engineered virus that came from a Wuhan Lab, not a bat that fell in someone's soup. I also think that the Chinese may have been victims themselves. The Chinese Government did indeed cover it up -- Communists tend to do that -- but the release may have come from others. Proof would be difficult.

Reality ( Blog )

The crazy Democrats, led by the CRAZY crazy Democrats are on a test run for tyranny. They rage about Whites, our Racist President, how awful America is, and how despicable we always have been. Their platform is mob rule, anarchy, socialism, hate, and impeachment.

Tucker Carlson says the most powerful political party in America is now Black Lives Matter. Democrats support them. Republicans fear to oppose them because they'd be called racist.

BLM was co-founded by three Black Marxists: Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi. Marxism has three explicit goals: 1. Destroy the family 2. Destroy Christianity 3. Destroy private property. It's very simple, actually. BLM is about power under the guise of a movement. Link.

Suggestions for President Trump:

  • Charge the Key #ObamaGate traitors before the election.
  • Open America Now. The shutdown causes America enormous harm.
  • We need guns. Armed citizens must defend lives, schools, homes, and businesses.
  • Require Voter ID, prosecute Election Fraud, and deny Cheat by Mail. Link.
  • The Commerce Clause allows Federal Intervention to protect our economy.

Thank you for your interest and support.