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New Year's Resolutions for Any Professional
Femfessionals to Start the New Year Off Right

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We are very proud to have been part of creating a new website for Bridging Freedom, a Tampa Bay nonprofit combating child sex-trafficking. We provided the strategy, messaging and copy, while our friends at MOMO Digital Design designed and built the site. Check it out, and while you're at it, consider making a donation to help Bridging Freedom build Florida's first therapeutic safe home for victims of child sex-trafficking.

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As the holiday season ramps up, another year is winding down. I reflect on 2012 and recognize it as a year of growth in many aspects.

We've added fantastic clients to our roster, talented contractors to our team and a bevy of skilled professionals to our network. I was proud to become the first president of Femfessionals in Tampa Bay in July and am preparing to begin my presidency for PRSA Tampa Bay on January 1.

Certainly, a positive note during the holiday bustle is taking the time to think of others and give thanks. With that end in mind, please know I am extremely grateful to all of you who have shared your business, talents, ideas, energy and support throughout the year.

Best wishes for a safe, happy and health holiday season, and a successful 2013!

Noelle Anderson Signature
Noelle Anderson, APR
Principal & President
New Year's Resolutions for Any Professional
Three ways to improve communication on a small or large scale

Although your job title may not include the words "PR" or "marketing," every business professional's success depends largely on the ability to effectively communicate. 


Whether it's with the masses via the news media or one-on-one with an employee or key stakeholder, committing to these three New Year's resolutions will improve your communication skills, and your ability to be an successful professional. 


1. Listen. Find ways to solicit honest feedback from individuals and groups of people who influence your business, and then take time to consider it. This is as true when preventing a crisis from making its way to the news media as it is avoiding losing valuable staff members due to low employee morale.  


Advance planning and proactive efforts to address potential issues are much more effective than reacting to problems that boil over because they went unheard. Listening is also a great way to find out what is working so positive efforts can continue.


2. Be Responsive. Even if you don't have an immediate response or solution to offer, let the person or group or people know they have been heard and you are working on an answer. Just as we have to respect news reporters on a tight deadline and get back to them as soon as possible (even if just to say we're working on their request), we must let a customer immediately know their complaint has been received and is being addressed.  


Granted, your ultimate answer may not be well received by everyone; however, people appreciate knowing they have been heard and understood, and that can go a long way in maintaining healthy business relationships.  


3. Be Mindful of with Whom You're Communicating. Before crafting and delivering a message, whether verbal or written, consider the recipient(s). The way you'd deliver news to your Tampa staff that your company is relocating to Atlanta should be vastly different than how you'd tell the Atlanta news media you're moving to the area.


Every person or group of people has their own beliefs, opinions, priorities, communication style and particular context as it relates to you or your organization. Crafting messages while keeping this in mind will enable you to provide information that is more accessible and understandable to the recipients.


Femfessionals to Start the New Year Off Right

Femfessionals Tampa Bay is kicking off 2013 with a bang!  


Violette Sproul Headshot
Violette Sproul, CEO and Founder, Femfessionals

Come hear from our esteemed guest speaker, the leading Fem, Femfessionals Founder Violette Sproul, at the organization's Connection Lunch January 11 at 11:30 a.m. at the Capital Grille in Tampa.  


Violette will share her path to creating this fast-growing organization, which started with a group lunch in Miami and has grown into a national brand in more than 40 cities in just a couple years. She'll also share her "Five Favorite Business Tips for 2013."


Click here for event information and registration.  

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