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Swinging for the Fences

Buddy Baseball Photo
True Blue Communications was proud to sponsor the Blazers of the Buddy Baseball League this past season. Buddy Baseball is a non-competitive recreational league for boys and girls with special needs in the Tampa Bay area. Each player is paired with a "buddy" to help as needed on the field. For more information, visit

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The holiday season is in full force, and for most - myself included - it's a hectic time of year. While juggling work, shopping, decorating, traveling and festive gatherings, it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy of it all.

So, here, I pause to get my bearings and focus on what's important: appreciating the good fortunes of life and the people who enrich it, and expressing gratitude and glad tidings to all.

May peace, love and joy be with you and yours this holiday season. And, best wishes for the start of an exciting and prosperous new year!


Noelle Anderson Signature 
Noelle Anderson, APR
Principal & President 

The Gift of Good Grammar
Gift giving
This holiday season, we'd like to bestow a lesson on how to avoid a common grammatical error: the dangling modifier. 


This is the fancy term for a mistake that miscommunicates what you mean to say, sometimes with comical or even damaging results.


Example 1: After staying up almost all night to write a 10-page term paper, the baby woke me up at 5 a.m.
Unless you have a genius baby who attends college, you meant that you were up all night writing a paper. That's not what that sentence says.


Example 2: Having filed for bankruptcy last month, our company helped our client through the process.
What you're trying to say is that you helped your client's business through bankruptcy when it closed last month; but, what you really said is that your company filed for bankruptcy.  


In non-technical terms, here is how you can avoid this kind of  mistake. If you notice you've written a sentence in a format like the above examples, check the noun immediately following the comma. Ask yourself: "Is this noun what I am refering to in the opening part of the sentence?" If so, you're clear. If not, you need to rewrite it. 
In Example 1, the first noun after the comma is "baby." Were you talking about the baby in the first part of the sentence? No, you were talking about yourself.

Here's how you might fix a sentence with a dangling modifier, based on the examples above:


Example 1: After staying up almost all night to write a 10-page term paper, I was awoken by the baby at 5 a.m.
Example 2: Having filed for bankruptcy last month, our client asked that we help them through the process.


Note that in both corrected examples, the noun immediately following the comma is what is referred to in the first part of the sentence.

Now, we might suggest completely rewriting Example 1 because now, although grammatically correct, it is written in passive voice, which is not the strongest sentence structure...but we'll save that lesson for another holiday.


A Humbling Month
In November, True Blue Communications' Principal & President Noelle Anderson, APR, was honored with two
humbling awards.

On Nov. 10, Noelle was recognized as a finalist for the Tampa Bay Business Journal's 2011 Up and Comers Award. Out of nearly 700 nominations, only 48 Tampa Bay business professionals under the age of 40 were selected as finalists. 
See Noelle's feature or information about all the 2011 finalists.

Up and Comers Award Picture
Noelle Anderson, APR, with 2011 Up and Comers Sponsors

And, on Nov. 3, the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) presented her with its Community Service Award at its annual awards event. The Community Service Award recognizes chapter members who have volunteered a significant amount of time to providing pro-bono public relations services to nonprofit organizations.

Ask Noelle
Q: What are the benefits of producing a company e-newsletter?

Benefits of an ENewsletter Video Graphic
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