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Favorite Quotes from Social Fresh EAST 

"Email is Madonna. Facebook is Lady Gaga. Same thing, but with a fresh coat of paint."  

Jay Baer, Convince and Convert


"LinkedIn is the business meeting, Facebook is the hallway conversation, and Twitter is the cocktail party." Scott Monty, Ford Motor Company's Global Head of Social Media   


"At the end of the day, the business of social [networking] is the business of trust."  

Adrian Parker, Intuit     

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Getting "So Fresh"
Social Fresh logoIn early February, Social Fresh EAST landed in Tampa, attracting an eclectic group of communications professionals all looking to expand their social media skill-set.

The two-day conference featured 15 speakers, representing consulting firms - like Red Hat and WCG - and big-name brands, such as Nordstrom, Ford Motor Company and AOL.

A lot of information was covered, but below are three valuable tips gleaned from Social Fresh EAST that are relevant to all business professionals:

1. Social media is a tool, not a strategy. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. etc., should fit into an overall communications strategy, not be the communications strategy. First, determine what you are trying to accomplish with your marketing plan, and then consider how social media could help you reach your goals.

2. E-mail will not become obsolete. This is a myth that has been circulating for years, as social media networks have gained popularity. Social media offers new and different ways to connect and share information, but good old e-mail isn't going anywhere.

3. Social media does not replace the need for personal interaction. Social media can be great for making introductions and keeping in touch, but nothing can replace an old-fashioned face-to-face meeting and occasional phone call. Make a point to maintain a non-virtual relationship with your contacts, and use social media to keep in touch between personal interactions. 

For more about Social Fresh's programs and conferences, visit
Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Teens
FTI logoPrincipal & President Noelle Anderson, APR, recently accepted an invitation to join the Board of Directors for Forward Thinking Initiatives. This Tampa Bay nonprofit teaches entrepreneurship, innovation and creative thinking to teens through school programs, camps and workforce programs.

"I think Noelle's acceptance to our board will make a huge difference," said Debra Campbell, Executive Director of Forward Thinking Initiatives. "She is an entrepreneur herself and knows the trials of starting your own company. She's also a communications diva and just the person to toot our horn!"

Anderson will lend her public relations and marketing expertise to raise awareness of the nonprofit in the Tampa Bay community through various communications activities.

"I support a lot of nonprofits, but Forward Thinking Initiatives particularly spoke to me because I'm a small business owner," said Anderson. "There is a need to educate young people about prospective career opportunities, and entrepreneurship is a viable option that's probably not discussed enough. I'm excited to support this cause in this new position."

For more information about Forward Thinking Initiatives, visit

Ask Noelle
Q: Something pretty cool is happening at my company. Should we write a press release?

Purpose of a Press Release graphic
Click image to play video or read transcript for the answer

After recording this vlog, we stumbled across this Forbes
Q&A with PR pro Peter Shankman that supports our points and delves a bit deeper into the journalist-public relations practitioner relationship.

Do you have a burning PR or marketing question? E-mail us, and you may see the answer in a future True Blue Talk!   

Meet Bonnie, Copywriter and Media Relations Coordinator Extraordinaire
There's no "I" in True Blue Communications!

(Okay, there are two, but you know what we mean.)

Our company operates with a virtual team for two reasons: 1. To keep fees as low as possible for our clients; and 2. To have the flexibility to bring in the absolute best talent for each and every client.

Bonnie Mason Headshot
Bonnie Mason
Bonnie Mason is a True Blue Communications preferred team member. Her more than 15 years of experience in marketing and public relations, coupled with strong writing skills and solid understanding of the news media, have made her a tremendous asset to several of our clients.

"I am fortunate to work with Noelle and the True Blue Communications team," said Mason. "We have developed a cohesive and synergistic virtual structure that best meets the needs of the True Blue clients."