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The point of PR
Of business leaders of 204 companies polled, 93% believe public relations is just as important to their companies as other forms of communication, including advertising and marketing. Read PR News Online's C-Level Execs Recognize Public Relations' Importance to learn why.


How to improve writing
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How to Survive a Media Crisis
As newspapers, TV and talk radio brim with coverage of presidential candidates, I'm frequently reminded of how to (and not to, Herman Cain) manage a crisis that makes its way to the media. 
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Just like a politico's image, a business' reputation is critical to its success. If you find your business facing reputation damage due to a crisis - for example, a driver for your limo company was busted for drunk driving while on duty or negligent facility upkeep caused a fire at your hospital that injured patients - following these four steps can help diminish the fallout, shorten the recovery time and prevent future mishaps of this nature.

1. Get your facts straight. Before responding to a reporter or issuing a public statement, investigate the alleged issue and gather as much information as you can; you can't effectively react without knowing exactly what's happened. Do this as quickly as possible, because the news cycle moves rapidly.

2. Be honest. When the problem is brought to your attention, don't bury your head in the sand. Get your team together - the CEO, communications director, legal representation and any other appropriate parties - to develop a message that honestly and fully addresses the issue and what you're going to do. Don't try to cover anything up - the truth will come out, and you want the public to hear it from you, not from the investigative reporter on the nightly news who continues to dig up inflammatory information you chose to conceal.

3. Apologize. If your business messed up, apologize. Also explain how you plan to make amends and what you're going to do to prevent it from happening again - and follow through on all commitments.

4. Fix the problem. As soon as possible, fix the problem that caused the crisis. This fulfills the promise you made in your apology and ensures you won't find your business in this predicament again.

Weathering a crisis is a challenge, and managing it effectively so the business sustains the least possible damage is even more difficult. A communications professional can provide counsel on how best to make it through this tough time, should this complication ever befall your business.


Tampa Bay's Time to Shine
PRSA Tampa Bay logoIn June, the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) will host Sunshine 2012, the annual Sunshine District Conference, for an anticipated 125-150 public relations and communications professionals throughout the state.

Sunshine 2012 presents a unique opportunity for businesses to promote products and services through a variety of sponsorship opportunities that offer personal engagement with conference-goers.

True Blue Communications Principal & President Noelle Anderson, APR, who is currently President-Elect of PRSA Tampa Bay, is co-chairing Sunshine 2012. For more information about sponsorships or attending, contact her at or see the conference website.

Welcome, Cody Consulting
cody consulting logoTrue Blue Communications is excited to welcome Cody Consulting as a new client!

This national business, based in Tampa, works with health plan clients to find solutions that cut costs and increase efficiencies by strategically integrating operations, marketing communications, compliance, information technology, print fulfillment, customer service and call center functions.

We're looking forward to increasing visibility of Cody Consulting among its target publics by running a media relations program and providing communications consulting.