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We all get knocked down. It's when, not if, my friend. In my life (and probably yours) there's been abandonment, betrayal, loss, illness, disappointment, with each event threatening to extinguish my light, forever. There have been some close calls.
The Resilience Roller Coaster never ends. Just since deciding the theme of this newsletter a few weeks ago, the funding for my work was threatened (and then restored), the contract was not renewed (until the 11th hour), a severance letter was received (and then rescinded), and I'm still waiting to return to work.
This TYJ is about how you get back up...
Get up and move forward...
Get up, move forward, and be an even better version of you.
This is an issue you might want to save until you need it. Cuz that's a when, not an if.
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Resilience & The Opposite of Burnout

It can be hard to see ourselves start to slip down Burnout's slippery slope. Do you see any of these signs in yourself or a loved one? Please, please, please take steps to reverse the slide. True You is too precious to lose!
  1. The Compulsion to Prove Yourself - this looks like strong ambition
  2. Working Harder - doubling down to prove your value
  3. Neglecting Your Needs - work comes before eating, sleeping, and socializing
  4. Displacement of Conflicts - becoming aware that there is a problem, and blaming it on others
  5. Revision of Values - increasing isolation, conflict avoidance and denial of needs because the job is now the top priority
  6. Denial of Emerging Problems - marked by intolerance, aggression, sarcasm and avoidance of social contact
  7. Withdrawal - efforts to minimize contact, possible increase in drugs or alcohol, feelings of hopelessness
  8. Obvious Behavioral Changes - people are noticing and commenting on the ways you've changed
  9. Depersonalization - life becomes a series of mechanical functions with no thoughts, hopes or specific plans for the future
  10. Inner Emptiness - a gnawing sense of emptiness causes you to seek overeating, sex, alcohol, or drugs
  11. Depression - signs of clinical depression include exhaustion, hopelessness, indifference and, possibly, suicidal thoughts
  12. Full Burnout Syndrome - physical and mental collapse necessitating immediate medical attention.
Willpower is not enough--you need tools. Get  The Opposite of Burnout - 5 Career Strategies to Feel Valued, Be Heard and Make a Difference for  strategies to build your capacity for resilience.
Building Resilience

Imagine you are preparing for a car journey. You would fill your tank BEFORE you set out, right? Resilience is the same way. Keep your tank full with the ideas and practices provided below.

I wish to thank my excellent teacher, Catherine Morisset,
PCC,, for these resources.

Let me know how it goes for you-- email me! I love to hear your experiences.
One Major Resilience Myth
Get Clear on This

Resilience is often confused with bouncing back, as if you return to your original shape after trauma. 
The fact is, experience forever changes you.
Humans don't go back. Once we are changed, the only place to go is forward.
Human resilience is defined as the ability to move forward from a major event. It involves a change in outlook, skills, expectations and capacity.
Oh, and one more fact: Resilience is A SKILL--not a gift--and you can learn it.
Two Types of Resilience
You Need Both

Primary (Type 1) is building capacity to avoid or minimize trauma in advance. It is the ability to change without having to experience a crisis, without the accompanying trauma.

Secondary (Type 2) is recovering after experiencing a crisis; persisting in the face of a threat (a.k.a tenacity); surviving trauma and moving forward.
Three Dimensions of Self Leadership
Include in Daily To Do's

The skills you need to lead and support resilience, every day, every step of the way, fall into t hree distinct dimensions:
  • Priorities: knowing what is (reality) and what truly matters (priorities).
  • Intent: focusing on what matters most, to support and to lead your life.
  • Action: practicing new skills until they become part of who you are.
Four Components of Resilience
Strategically Build These

Reserves: more energy, less stress to fuel & maintain life

Preparation: learn and practice life skills

Vision: so you can clarify your life's big picture and priorities

Triageto protect life priorities, continually let go of what matters less.
Five Energies of Personal Resilience
Keep Your Levels High

Physical Energy : Sleep, nutrition, movement, daylight, breathing air

Emotional energy: quality of feelings (positive/negative); fun and inspiring moments; focus on positive; decreasing internal and external stress; self-acceptance; adequate self-expression

Mental energy: think creatively; reflect; focus and connect; decide and plan; learn to evolve and change

Spiritual energy: connection to life purpose and meaning; motivates and moves us further. Mindfulness, meditation, walking in nature, journaling, religious practice, appreciative moments, connecting with nature, gratitude practice, learning about self as a spiritual being

Relational and social energy: feeling connected in a meaningful way with someone; feeling validated as a person and cared for; being fully present with/for someone by connecting in conversation or common endeavor; not to be confused with social media