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Recently, little by little, a bunch of b.s. dribbled into my otherwise good job. You know the kind of stuff: contract issues, drama triangles, "water cooler" worries, uncertainty. As it began to dominate my daily experience, I started finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning. So I set a simple intention: I AM LOVING MY WORK. I wrote it in my planner and on my notes pages. I repeated in my head while walking on the job site. I spoke it like a prayer on my drive in. My filter started to shift immediately. I noticed the many kindnesses I receive all day. I appreciated the beautiful sunrises my job reveals. I saw the privilege of serving my coachees. I felt the love of my coworkers. My body relaxed. I exhaled. I knew everything was, is and always will be good, even when it's bad. The intention I set--and especially that verb, LOVE--created a filter and a focus point for my perceptions, revealing to me what was already there so I could experience more of it.
That's the power of intention, and it's already yours to claim.
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Yours in wellness, purpose and abundance,

  Liz Garrett
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The "-ology" of Intention

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer wrote, "Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change." Here's how it works...

Your life experiences have given you a certain set of expectations. Your expectations then color your view, becoming the filter through which you experience life. This is natural, but it actually blinds you to experiences that differ from your expectations, guaranteeing you will only see what you expect to see.

This happens to everyone. It's the way your brain is wired. Here's a trick to overcome it: your mind is always going to be doing something, why not have it work in auto-pilot for your benefit by programming it with positive intentions? An intention is just a sort of mental touchstone, something to return your thoughts to over and over again. Don't worry when your thoughts drift; it is actually the experience and effort of returning to your Intention that strengthens and reinforces it.
Living With Intention

It's so simple, yet so powerful. By building the habit of consciously choosing your intention, you can steadily change the course of your life. This is not an exaggeration--just ask anyone who has discovered this secret. 

My new book, " Intentionology: 365 Days of Living on Purpose ," shows you how to use intention to reprogram your brain. To ensure your success, it then gives you 365 intentions to make your own. The book comes out on Thursday, but you can get started now. 5 intentions are provided below. Start with the one that strikes you the deepest; write it in your own handwriting in a place you will see often. Watch for the ways your experience starts to shift. 
All that must get done, will get done. I do my part joyfully and easily.
I hold the image of my true self clearly in my mind, and the falsehoods fall away.
Knowing that the important things always get done, I make time this morning to make sure I know what's important.

Abundance comes with the support and resources needed to accommodate abundance! I gratefully receive abundance.

I am powerful. My power is NOW. I am present to my powerful self.

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