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Demystifying Declination Angle
B.J. Chang PhD

Many clinicians contact us asking us to help evaluate their posture. They have been told their loupes ergonomic and have large declination angles. If that's the case, how can they still be suffering the same pain?

This issue will answer that question.

Note: Please share this article with anyone looking for loupes. This information may make the diļ¬€erence between buying a pair of ergonomic loupes and buying a pair only labeled ergonomic!

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White Paper from the Archive:
July 2013: How SurgiTel Alleviated My Neck Pain

Four years ago we interviewed Dr. Hongsuk Sue. He used to wear a neck brace during surgery to keep his head upright. He suffered from pain and discomfort for 35 years before discovering SurgiTel loupes later in his career. That's when the neck pain stopped.

If by sharing this newsletter with someone you could change their life that way... would you?

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