Truitt Tower- Mogul
Truitt Tower is located in the heart of Downtown and shares striking architectural design with its darker sister skyscraper - Skyspire. These two towers are built like a series of mini-towers raised out of the ground into one massive spire. They are stunning to look at, and also make great access for super jumping Titans trying to climb to the heights of Downtown!
The twin towers of Truitt and Skyspire not only share architectural design, but are connected by Downtown's famous sky bridges, built to create an aerial city that is it's own environment up in the sky.
The sky bridges are accessible to the public, but Truitt also has two private entrances above the bridges. One entrance faces into Downtown:
The other opens towards Old Bradford. Both entrances are private opening to verandas that are only accessible from inside, or by flight.
When visiting Downtown and its neighborhood sky bridges, make sure to take a stop at Truitt Tower, the bright tower at the center of it all. It's an inspiring structure that's very worth the visit!