Mission of Divine Mercy
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Truly He Is Risen!

Mother Magdalene reminds us each year that while Lent lasts for 40 days,
the blessings of Easter tide lasts for 50 ! ---from Easter to Pentecost.
So even though Easter Sunday was three weeks ago, and the stores have put away their Easter decorations, 
Christians continue to benefit from the special blessings of this holy season.
God wants to rain down His Blessings & Mercies upon us! 

All kinds of blessings!
Perhaps He wants to help restore peace among your family members.
Maybe He wants to help you battle a particular vice that you keep falling prey to.
Perhaps He wants to make Scripture come alive for you,
Or make a Holy Hour of Adoration seem like an instant.
Maybe He wants to resolve a difficult situation with your co-worker,
or with your spouse .
Maybe He wants to draw your children back to the Faith.
Maybe He wants to deepen yours.
Maybe He wants to do all of the above!

Ask God to help you to be open to all the blessings and mercies
that He has put aside just for you.
Bow your head.  Open your heart!

Jesus, We trust in You!

Mary Watches Over Tepeyac Hill Progress
          The crowd for Divine Mercy Sunday Mass was our largest ever ---  nearly 600 people received Communion! Seven priests heard Confessions for four hours. We had tents on either side of the Chapel to accommodate the overflow crowd, but even those were stretched to their limit.

  Each year, thanks be to God, the crowd grows larger.   We have been praying about the best way to handle larger gatherings.  We don’t feel able to build a larger Church just yet, so instead we decided to clear a hillside!  We have named the hill "Tepeyac" after the hillside where Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego.

  Our current plan is to build a simple, open-sided sanctuary where we can say Mass, and have other events, with people gathered on the hillside below.  We have already cleared quite a lot of cedar from the hillside. 

We are also improving the roads so that large numbers of people and golf carts can reach the area more easily. 

   Eventually, we also hope to erect a nice pavilion where the sick and the elderly will be more comfortable.  

We will try to keep you informed on what is happening with weekly updates.  If you want to go over there and see what is being done, you are welcome to do so.

  Also, like everything else here at the Mission, we are undertaking this project, strictly through the support of donations. If you are able to help us financially, we would be very grateful.    And you can join us in praying each day “Holy Angels…Help this Mission.”  

Fr. John Mary's Homily
Sunday, April, 30
"Stay With Us!"



Click on the link below to listen to Mother Magdalene and Fr. Ed Hauf discuss Divine Mercy on the radio.

A few topics:
  • all roads lead to Calvary
  • the Mass in Miniature
  • for victims of suicide

Ministering to the Mission

The Mission depends entirely on donations in order to carry out our ministry. We do not receive financial support from the Archdiocese.
Please pray to see if God wants you to help support  His Mission of Divine Mercy.
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