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Special issue on Trump and Climate Change

Notes From Renee
There’s a four-letter word I am sick of hearing but I have to use it one last time. Donald J. Trump is the “hoax” perpetrated on the American people. Looking behind the denial, projection and deception of this Administration, everywhere we see evidence of chaos and destruction. It’s as if the failings of this administration have been exponentially growing just as much as Covid. 

Relying on the authoritarian tactic of division of groups, he continues to divide us wherever possible, but who would have guessed, the Masked and Unmasked would become the new fault line in a pandemic! While 131,000 souls are lost in this war, our Commander in Chief has bone spurs and had to limp away. Now we are #1 in a viral rate of infection that equals one Wuhan every day.

This week we have also been reminded that our national foreign policy is in tatters. Our allies are alienated and our Commander in Chief inexplicably continues to raise the white flag to Putin—emboldening him to not only interfere in our elections, but to put a bounty on the lives of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

The contrast in Presidential leadership couldn’t be more clear every time VP Joe Biden speaks. And it’s showing in the polls, nationally and in swing states. The Biden campaign is going to be well coordinated with the State Democratic Parties and with groups like Swing Left and Move On. Blue States are being organized to help Swing States. It’s not just a political campaign, it’s a deadly serious offensive to take back our democracy and install a new Commander in Chief. 

With 116 days left until Nov. 3rd, we have started enlisting volunteers in Marblehead. We need your help! Make time to join us and together we end this disastrous hoax.

Renee Ramirez Keaney, MDTC Chair


Trump & Climate Change
A “Cheat Sheet” to tell it like it is!

The Trump Administration has:

  • Pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, the landmark international treaty to address climate change.

  • Appointed Andrew R. Wheeler, a coal industry lobbyist and anti-EPA attorney, to run EPA.

  • Left climate change completely out of the proposed 2021 federal budget and called for steep cuts to environmental programs.

  • Proposed dropping standards to monitor and repair leaks of methane — a “super pollutant” vastly more potent than carbon dioxide in causing global warming.

  • Ignored scientific data about the risks of climate change and dissolved the federal government's science-based climate change advisory boards.

  • Reversed 100 environmental rules, many of which involved climate change.

  • Dismantled the Clean Power Plan, a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

  • Proposed cutting funding for the Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), a move that would undermine promising new clean-energy technologies.

  • Significantly weakened emissions standards that require automakers to produce more fuel-efficient and less polluting vehicles.

  • Proposed changes to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) so that agencies can ignore climate change as they measure environmental impacts of major infrastructure projects. 

  • Used the Covid-19 pandemic as a “rationale” to temporarily waive required environmental reviews of infrastructure projects—and permanently weaken clean air and climate change rules.

* Bibliography: Click here.

What You Can Do to Fight Climate Change
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Governor Baker, House Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Spilka stated, “There’s going to be a climate bill!” 

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