August 2015
Trump and Amazon: Are We Losing With All Our "Winning?"
Images courtesy of The Trump Organization & Amazon
Like many of you, I have been trying to make sense of candidate Trump.  But dismissing him as "not serious," or merely describing the "what" in colorful language (megalomaniac, narcissist), fails to explain the "why." 
Why such an unseemly candidate is so popular right now is baffling to me as it is to many.  If it's just "anger at Washington," or, as the Wall Street Journal suggested, "attitude," logic would favor a Cruz or maybe a Christie.  But Trump?
In a recent column Maureen Dowd quotes Trump as saying: "I am a man of great achievement.  I win, Maureen, I always win...It's what I do.  I beat people.  I win."
When interpreted through the "money equals success" cultural narrative lens that has overtaken our nation of late, his "I'm a winner" self-assessment makes some sense, even if the delivery makes one cringe.  His talents include a remarkable ability to manipulate us and gain our attention, aided and abetted by an obliging, ratings obsessed ("money equals success") media.  A political organization to support a serious Trump run can be organized with money; we dismiss him at our peril.
So we must ask:   Why Trump?  Why now?  
FTT is in the News Again
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As the 2016 presidential campaign heats up, the proposed financial transaction tax (FTT) is again making headlines.  (See both Jared Bernstein's and Ezra Klein's recent pieces in the New York Times and Vox). Capital Institute has long supported this tax on securities transactions. We believe it will significantly curb certain speculative behavior, encourage longer-term investment, and provide much-needed tax revenue that can be directed toward strategic infrastructure projects. We will be traveling to Washington, D.C. for meetings on Capital Hill to speak up for the FTT. We will be joined there by the Institute for Policy Studies, a longtime and leading FTT advocate. 
Look back on our FTT coverage .

Latest Field Guide News--Viroqua Food Coop & Driftless, Wisconsin Stories

Images courtesy of our Field Guide partners

We like to think of our Field Guide storytelling as the process of weaving a tapestry that, over time, reveals the increasingly rich and intricate patterns of the emerging Regenerative Economy. We've often been fortunate to discover that those patterns clarify themselves as one story spontaneously merges into another. Three recent stories are illustrative. Speaking with Aaron Reser, national director of the P6 Cooperative Trade Movement, for our story about how this growing network of retail and producer food cooperatives works to support a more just and healthier food system, she suggested we talk to a P6 member to understand exactly how that plays out in a real food coop.

She introduced us to Bjorn Bergman, outreach coordinator for the Viroqua Food Cooperative, who described VFC's P6 membership as an ongoing conversation with its customers about ways they can support businesses that represent an alternative to the industrial and corporate food system. Along the way Bjorn talked about how he came to live in the Driftless region of Wisconsin, which he calls "an amazing enigma of a place." He also described how the topography of the Driftless has nurtured a remarkable, cooperative economy. We knew there was a regenerative story to be found there! What we also discovered in researching our story was a unique community of farmers, musicians, artists, and writers who have found both refuge, inspiration, and renewal in this unusually rugged midwestern landscape that mysteriously escaped the glacial drift of the last Ice Age. We invite you to immerse yourself in the music, art, and language of the Driftless, and perhaps add it to your summer vacation itinerary.
Regenerative Capitalism  Speaking Engagements

* August 21
Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University 

John Fullerton to keynote sustainability training for faculty and area CEOs.

September 9
Ellen MacArthur Foundation 

John Fullerton to host a webinar for Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship students.

September 10
Toniic (global action community for impact investors)

John Fullerton to speak at their annual gathering.

* September 18 
FHI 360 

Science Advisor Dr. Sally Goerner & John Fullerton to keynote and deliver the closing plenary at their Challenge Conference.

* September 29 
Notre Dame 

John Fullerton to participate in a plenary session at their Climate Investing Conference.

* October 7

For more information about the above events and other places you can find us on the road this fall, please visit here.
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* "The New Economics of Climate Change," The New Yorker


* "Regenerating Capitalism for a Healthy Economy," 

Correction to Recent Blog Post
In response to John's recent blog post ("Is There Anyone's Money Harvard Would Not Take?"), he received a thoughtful and edifying note from David Beck at Self-Help Credit Union. David referred to the negative reference to their policy affiliate, Center for Responsible Lending.  (Read more)
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"It may be that when we no longer know which way to go that we have come to our real journey. The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings."
- Wendell Berry

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