Trumpet Sounds - August 2021
A note from Anne Winn...
President’s Report - August

I hope that everyone is having a great and “safe” summer. While it might appear that the East Central District United Methodist Women have been dormant for a while, that is NOT the case. There has been lots of activities and work (behind the scenes) going on. I will highlight what we have been doing and what is coming up in the near future:
1.  The third Cluster Group had a Zoom Mission Study based on Mission Study “What About Our Money. It was presented by the United Methodist Women at First United Church in Clermont.

2.  In May we had a Zoom District Event on the Charter for Racial Justice presented by the Atlantic Central District.

3.  In June I was a co-presenter at the Virtual Mission u Pushout Study. I was very pleased to see so many ECD UMW were in attendance. Mission u offered two studies this year: Pushout and Bearing Witness to the Kin-dom of God. Both studies will be offered as four hour Mission Studies for the Cluster groups. 

4.  In July Mission u was presented two ways; in-person and virtually at the Warren Willis Conference Center. Janet Blume was the Technical Director for both Mission u events. We ECD was well represented at the July event. Thank you, ladies!

5.  Behind the scenes our Nominating Committee have been hard at work as they have been “filling the Slate of Officers” for 2022. If you are sitting on the fence about being a District officer, contact any current board member and ask them about their experiences. For me, it’s a privilege to be on the board. It is a way to serve God and share opportunities with women in leadership positions. Also, our meeting will always be run by Zoom (no driving, no dress code, and you know that the maximum times set for meeting will be two hours!).

6.  In September the Florida Conference United Methodist Women will have their Spiritual Enrichment Retreat which has recently changed to a virtual event. See more information in this Trumpet Sound or go to the conference website. Registration is required.

7.  The ECD board are working on our final District Meeting for 2021, the Annual Meeting (October 9, 2021). This will be a Zoom meeting. Our ultimate goal for the future is to return to in-person meeting but at this time it is safer to commit to the virtual presentation. We do have a guest speaker. She hasn’t given us the final “yes”, but I am confident that she will.
8.   In September, the United Methodist Women’s early registration for Assembly 2022 will open up. Registration is online (go to the National UMW website). Everyone should know that this event is in Orlando Florida. Our Conference UMW needs 600 UMW volunteers for this event! NO PRESSURE. Contact Judi Levine at Remember, “many hands make light work”.

9.  The Conference Annual Meeting is on November 6, 2021 in-person at First UMC Lakeland. You will be able to register online soon for this event at the Florida Conference website.

10. The District Book Club is continuing to meet monthly on the second Tuesday at 7 pm. To attend, register on our website ( Each month we read a book from the United Methodist Women’s Reading List. Lively discussions are always a part of our meetings.

Helpful Resource Reminders
Are you overwhelmed by the multiple problems going on in our country, our state, our world? Do you feel hopeless to be a part of the solutions to these problems. Here’s some helpful resources:
1.    Go to the National Website ( When the homepage come up on your screen, you will see multiple boxes to click. Keep searching the pages, what you will notice is that you will see solutions to any concern that you have. (The following is just a small portion of the information contained in this website).
Latest News and Resources

7/16/2021: "We must fulfill our moral obligation to leave a habitable world for future generations." Read the Op-ed from Elizabeth Bailes, United Methodist Women Social Action Coordinator for the West Virginia Conference.

7/14/2021: The largest study of women’s representation in global news launches July 14.

7/14/2021: Read the story by United Methodist Women board governance chair Daryl Junes Joe at

7/9/2021: The Rev. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai, Chief Connectional Ministries Officer for the Connectional Table, interviews Harriett Jane Olson, Chief Executive Officer of United Methodist Women. They talk about the mission work of United Methodist Women, UMW's response to COVID-19 and racism, and the work of the church moving forward.

7/6/2021: Mission u has served the members of United Methodist Women and the church for the past 120 years. Learning together, the call to mission and the call to action. This is Mission u.

7/2/2021: United Methodist Women members call on their legislators to enact legislation that prioritizes climate justice.

7/2/2021: United Methodist Women pilots first Soul Care retreat, a new membership growth initiative.
2.    Subscribe to response Magazine (online or printed version). It is provides personal experiences and helpful solutions.

3.    Subscribe to Action Alerts: United Methodist Women sends occasional e-mail alerts to take action on our four campaigns. Sign up now! Your contact information will never be published or shared with another organization. Register at the National Website--
Mission u Endorsements of the Two 2021 Mission Studies: Pushout and Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom of God
Pat Harrell on Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom of God:
Wow! What a privilege it was to attend Mission u in-person, and to study Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom in class with Deaconess Dr. Judith Pierre Okerson. We worked together as a whole group, collaboratively in small groups at our table, and individually. All humans have intrinsic worth; we went deeper into why. Actively listening is a skill we could all improve on in order to truly hear and validate others. We brainstormed practices that increase our empathy for others, and things which detract from that. Our discussion included some ugly moments in the Methodist Church, and that we must acknowledge those mistakes of the past in order to move forward into the future. By studying parables from the Bible, we shared how those look in today's culture and how relevant they still are. Using teachable moments, our facilitator taught us a bit about the Book of Discipline and the Book of Resolutions of our church that most were not familiar with. As we parted after the final session, we all felt Shalom (a key word for our salvation) with God, with others, and with ourselves.
Dottie Mathias on Pushout:
I did the Mission U study on Pushout virtually in June. It was a good mix of women that were able to express their thoughts and experiences. It was interesting that many of us had teaching careers. Some parents shared how their own children had experienced incidents in their school. We viewed the recent news report of a six-year-old black girl being taken out of school, handcuffed and put into a police car. We then talked about our emotions from watching this incident. School policies that I once viewed as helpful, like zero-tolerance, officers in schools, and dress codes have caused black students to lose educational opportunities. In one break out session we looked at induvial girl’s stories in the book and how they had been oppressed. Poverty, abuse, foster care, rape, sexual identity was some of their issues. They were oppressed by being made to feel not smart enough, for speaking up, not following dress codes, or being bullied. Yet, education was what the girls knew was important and would help them succeed. An interesting activity that we watched was called Say Her Name. The audience stood up, then a list of people’s names was read. If they had heard the name or knew something about them, they stayed standing. If they didn’t know them, they were to sit down. George Floyd, Tyrone Martin, and names of other black men that have been killed started the list. As more names were read few were left standing. It was brought out most people sat down when the names were of black women who had died. The important point was: If we can’t say a problem and can’t see a problem, we can’t solve a problem. Say Her Name, what is happening to black women is important. This Mission study help to see the problem that black girls have in our educational system. Teachers need more training on how to handle these issues. The book helped to say the problem - black girls are pushed out of the education system. Now that we see and say the problem we need to help solve it by working with the young girls in the schools. There is a need for mentors. The girls need and want to feel loved and supported.
Who’s #1

We are!! We registered the MOST units in the Florida Conference Survey Report!!

Mucho Thanks to the Ad Hoc Survey Committee whose dedication to reaching out to all our units resulted ECD being in FIRST PLACE. I bragged on you in the Conference Team Meeting!!

Thanks again!!

Doris Hatfield, Mary Ann Murray & Phoebe Lustra
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News from your District Leadership Team
Mary Ann Murray
For all who has called with your prayers and wonderful cards. I say a big Thank you. I am doing pretty good. It is in God's hands where it has always been. Cancer is for nobody, but with God I will get thru this. It is not easy.
Another Quarter has ended and very few Pledge reports have been sent in for the 1st or 2nd quarters. Is there a problem with your units? If there are churches that no longer have UMW units, please let me know?  I have called a few Churches and will be calling the remaining ones. Please send reports, even if you haven't met for the third and fourth quarters.
Have a wonderful rest of the summer. 
Blessings to all,
Mary Ann Murray
2936 Golden Birch Ln.
Longwood, Fl. 32750
Committee on Nominations
Phoebe Lustre - Email:
Committee on Nominations Chair

Our organization has survived because many before said: “YES, Here I AM, I will go!”

The members of the Committee on Nominations (CoN) have been meeting regularly as we work to fill the open positions on the Leadership Team of our East Central (EC) District. What a journey it has been and continues to be, as we reach out to the various units within our EC District.

We have encountered some really wonderful United Methodist Women and also made some new, and renewed some friendships all of which have been a bonus for the CoN team. Sadly, we are still looking for women to fill some of the top leadership positions on our District team. We need YOUR help to complete this slate of Officers. We need your help to complete the task of filling all the positions on the slate. We NEED YOU! Please say: “YES, Here I AM, I will go!”

It is not always easy to say yes to a new task which can, and often does, take us in a new direction. This requires change but this often comes with growth so the results can bring great new experiences.

A litany titled the “Beatitudes of a Leader”, author unknown, was recently shared by one of the members of the CON. Here is an excerpt from same.

Blessed is the Leader:

“Who loves people, enjoys growing through discussion and has a sense of humour. This leader listens, tries to involve all others, can plan ahead but is flexible. This leader is not judgemental and understands the importance of being different and shares this with love.”

As United Methodist Women, it is always our desire to serve the Lord by serving our children, youth and women. Our roles have always been to be advocates of peace and justice; leading the way with enthusiasm, joy, and a desire to do what is right for all people. We are dedicated people and our intentions are to carry the banner of Faith, Hope and Love with pride.

Do you recognize any of these traits in yourself or another United Methodist Woman, perhaps a member of your unit? If you know of someone who possesses one or more of these, then blessed is that Leader and we would love to hear from you and or them. It is a fact that when God calls us to serve, He does equip us; either way before, by fine tuning us via various life experiences and, sometimes on the job, either way, you are not left alone. The same is true of the leadership role in United Methodist Women, you will be provided with help and encouragement.

So, as you read this, you are encouraged to prayerfully consider serving in a way in which your gifts and skills can be used to help with the continued growth of our organization.

Our organization needs YOU, and YOU and YOU today right in this small corner of the vineyard to cement the work which is ongoing throughout the world.

YOU are a United Methodist Woman, and the call is going out to YOU today! Be blessed.
With grace and peace from the members of the Committee on Nominations:

Phoebe, Dottie, Doris & Tracey
Gillian Wolfe -

Recently I listened to an advocacy summit to end child hunger hosted by a faith-based organization called Bread for the World. Malnutrition is on the rise worldwide with long term consequences for all. How many people do you think experience food insecurity right here in Florida? It is estimated that over 2 million people, mostly women and children, suffer from stress and health issues because they do not have access to, or cannot afford to buy, healthy nutritious food. The pandemic has only intensified the inequalities and inadequacies of our food systems.
In Mark 6:37 when the disciples were looking for a quick fix for a hungry people problem, Jesus said, "You feed them". God has provided all the resources we need to feed everyone healthy nutritious food, and it's up to us to plant, harvest and share what we have with others, for God is still saying to us, "You feed them."
One of the long-term solutions is locally grown gardens - or community gardens. There are over 1,300 community gardens in the United States, but Florida is down near the bottom of that list. Churches can be a great place to begin such a life changing project. But of course, with any new project there are always challenges to overcome. 
For example, at my home church we have been trying to get a community garden started for years. There have been issues with a water source, placement of the garden, volunteers, materials and leadership. We worked around those issues by having our UMW plant and harvest produce at our own homes and taking it to the Hope Center in Kissimmee for distribution. But we never gave up the initial plan of having a garden at the church for the local community to enjoy. We seemed to have everything lined up this year, when there was another objection to our plan to use donated paving bricks for the garden because they could be used to "throw through a church window". So...we are planning to use recycled tires instead - painted tires with plants in each one to grow vegetables and herbs for our hungry neighbors. We are resourceful! We are persistent! We are women of faith who follow the ways of Jesus who fed people when they were hungry! 
The fall is a good time to plant a garden in Florida and there is a lot of information on the website to help you get started. Another resource is Start a Community Food Garden - The Essential Handbook by LaManda Joy. How are you feeding the hungry people in your church? in your community? in your world? A community garden is just one way and it would be great to share our ideas, our experiences and our advice to help us all because we are truly better together. Thank you for being women of prayer and action!

Four specific priority areas took shape during this National Seminar year. In 2015 we prepared to interrupt indifference toward four specific social issues.
With blessings of love, peace and joy as you garden
Blessings and Peace
Gillian Wolfe 
Patricia Harrell -
Program Resources Coordinator

I am pleased to announce that more books have been added to the reading program. Remember, last year a list was published for 2021 – 22, due to covid. However, the enthusiasm of readers, plus the number of books recommended, have caused the need for additions to be made. 

These new listings are part of the 21 – 22 list, and can be found at this link, beginning on page 53.
It’s certainly exciting to know that many of us read more than usual during covid lockdowns.

Reading Program Reports were due to your unit by July 1st, and to me, District PRC, by the end of July. Not to worry if you are running late. Please just get the information to me as soon as possible. My report is due to conference very soon. The certificates will be in the packet presidents receive at the time of our district annual meeting. Keep the forms the individuals turned in for your unit records. I just need a list of your unit name, each level and their names. You can email this information to me at:

Our District Book Club continues to meet the second Tuesday of the month. In August we will be discussing Not Your Indian Princess, by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Letherdale, Leadership Development. This book can be read in a day, and many public libraries carry it. In September we will talk about What Comes With the Dust by Gharbi M. Mustafa, Social Action.

If you have questions concerning Program Resources or the Reading Program, I am always happy to help.

If you have any questions regarding Program Resources, or would like training for Program Resources Coordinators, please just email me at:

Unsung Heroines of the Faith
Needing always to serve the Lord
In home, in church, in all the world
To carry His message to all who will hear
Even to the ends of the earth
Daring to share His Love and Grace with all
Mission minded; local, national, global
Expanding, enriching, encouraging
Trying, teaching, training
Helping, healing, honoring
Open to new ideas, new projects, new programs
Dedicated, devoted, daring
Interested, inviting, innovative
Studying, sharing, spiritual
Trusting, truthful, thankful
Working, worshipful, winning
Optimistic, out-going, outstanding
Mothers, mentors, missionaries
Enthusiastic, energetic, ecumenical
Nice, neat and nurturing.

We are the United Methodist Women whose total program is:
Support for Mission:           
  • Through financial resources

Enrichment for Mission:      
  • Strengthening supportive community

Action for Mission:              
  • Performing service to people in need

Participation in Mission:  
  • Being informed and knowledgeable about the task of Mission for Today!

(6/95 SASCM)

Unit News...
The First United Methodist Church, Clermont
Holiday Bazaar
Submitted by: Dottie Mathias

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - these holidays will all will be here shortly. Now is the time to decorate and shop. United Methodist Women at First United Methodist Church, Clermont will hold their Holiday Bazaar on Saturday, October 30th from 8:00 to noon.

There will be beautiful seasonal floral arrangements, hand crafted items, jewelry, handbags, jams and other canned goods. Great prices! Come and buy a unique gift or something special for yourself. The money raised is used by Clermont United Methodist Women to support local agencies that help women and children. 
New Horizon Church, Haines City
Submitted by Julie A. Weed, Unit Secretary
Following our May meeting the United Methodist Women stay knitted together here in Haines City and will meet again as a Unit in September 2021.  For the time being, we continue to help with other programs here at the Church. Rocky Railway Vacation Bible School was held on a limited basis Monday, July 19-Wed. July 21st in the evening from 6:30PM-8:30PM. We continue providing resident birthday cupcakes on a monthly basis to the local Assisted Living Facility that we have adopted.  Preparations for our upcoming Rummage, Book and Bake Sale on October 23rd and the Craft Fair on November 20th are ongoing. Blessings to all...

You may be wondering how can you be a Five Star Unit?

Five Channels of Mission Giving

Through their generosity United Methodist Women members help empower and improve the lives of women, youth and children in the United States and around the world.
About 70 percent of Mission Giving funds from members go to programs and projects supporting women, children and youth. Around 20-30 percent stays with the local, district, and conference organizations of United Methodist Women for local mission. Only 9 percent covers administrative costs.

Pledge to Mission
An individual member's Pledge to Mission is the amount a woman gives to her local unit to help fulfill the Purpose of United Methodist Women.
The conference United Methodist Women pledges a specific amount to United Methodist Women's national office for mission with women, children and youth and retains a designated percent to be used for district and conference administration and membership development expenses.

Spontaneous additional gifts can be given out of gratitude for God's abundance and in celebration of the joys of life.
The World Thank Offering is an opportunity for individuals to respond to God's abundance and grace with spontaneous gifts of gratitude. The funds collected are used in the total program of mission carried on through United Methodist Women's national office in the United States and around the world.

Special Mission Recognition Pins and Certificates
These pins offer a meaningful way to honor members who have dedicated so much time and effort to service. Gift amounts range from $40 to $2,000. Pins are purchased through a treasurer.

Gift to Mission
Make a gift in honor of someone and send a card to the honoree. The following cards are available: Congratulations, Thank You, A Baby, In the Service of Christ, A Special Day, Thinking of You, Happy Birthday and assorted Christmas cards.

Gift in Memory
Give a gift in memory of a member, a friend or anyone, in any amount of $5 or more. Gift in Memory cards, available free, may be sent to the family of the deceased.

Articles for Next Trumpet Sounds

The Trumpet Sounds would like to request news updates from your units! Submit by Monday, November 15th, to be included for December.

If you have something news worthy here are a couple tips to be sure your article makes it in:

  • Short paragraph on event or update - a few sentences
  • A picture - please include a picture
  • News worthy - consider it something that another unit could also learn from.

Please send your articles to: using the Subject Line: Trumpet Sounds - November.

Submit by Monday, November 15th!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

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