Trumpet Sounds - December 2020
A note from Anne Winn...
President’s Report - December

2020 has been a very unusual year for all of us. I often hear in the media, and by friends, and family who say they can’t wait to get back to NORMAL. What is normal? Do you think back to “your” good ole days? Life is not about looking backward to “those times”. In fact in scripture, God warns us not to look back: Think about Lot’s wife, or the Hebrews as they were complaining to Moses about the hardships they were facing and wanting to turn back to Egypt. There is a quote that says, “Don’t look back because yesterday is gone, don’t look to the future because it is not a certainty for you. Look (and live) in the present. Make the most of TODAY.

The Holidays will be different this year. Many of us will not travel to be with family, shopping will be different—maybe online rather than going out to shops and stores. Many of us will still be worshiping online throughout Advent and Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. How will we celebrate the New Year? Our new normal is: No matter how you celebrate the season—Be safe for yourself and others. Wear a mask, socially distance yourself and wash/disinfect your hands!

So, it appears that our “New Normal” will continue into 2021. All of us need to think of ways to share “Cheer” to family, friends, teachers, nurses, Doctors, Policemen and women, and with those who are less fortunate than we are.

As always, let’s turn to scripture for wisdom: 

Isaiah 40:31  “…but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Blessing to all, Anne

Vice President’s Report:
Highlights of September and October 2020
Anne Winn (interim Vice President)

The Mission Study September 17 and 24. 2020

We had two zoom meetings for our Mission u study Finding Peace in an Anxious World. If we could have had an in-person meeting, we would have completed the study in a four hour time frame, had a brunch and possibly a bag lunch. But that was then and Zoom meetings are now! The Zoom meetings were approximately 2 hours long. We had 45 women attending. The study book has 4 chapters and we covered 2 chapters the first night and 2 chapters the second night. We utilized large group and breakout groups to promote participation. Our guiding scriptures were Serenity Pray and selective verses from Proverbs. If you missed this event there will be other opportunities to participate in a Cluster Group Mission Study. Attending this event can be a check mark on the Mission Studies Report 2021 (5 members attending) and a check mark on the Mission Today Annual Report (2 members attending) 2021 .

The East Central District Annual Meeting October 17, 2020
The Annual District Meeting began with the Purpose followed by the Prayer Calendar presented by Marguerite Overs. This meeting was a Zoom meeting. We had approximately 51 women attending. This year we did not have a guest speaker, we did a Spiritual activity instead. Our theme for the meeting was For a Time as This. The Leadership team read portions of the story of Joseph and each participant was send a personal scripture. Both scriptures were explored for commonalities and then applied to the United Methodist Women’s motto: Faith, Hope, Love in Action during a pandemic. Many great comment and recommendations on this activity.

We had the traditions Recognition's: Five Star Units, Rainbow Givers, Mission Studies Complete, and Mission Today Units. This year there was a Presidential Award which went to Janet Blume.

The Memorial was presented by Phoebe Luster

There was a Surprise Drawing (Wheel of Fortune style) where there were 3 winners. 

The Business Meeting
  • At the Business Meeting we affirmed the ground rule and approved the Standing Rules.
  • Mary Ann Murray presented the 2021 Budget.
  • Ladye Cox presented the report from the Committee on Nominations. The Slate was approved. The Installation of the Officers was done by our honored guest the Fairy Godmother (Ladye Cox).
Announcement on East Central District Meetings 2021

Look for the NEW ways to attend the
East Central District United Methodist Women Meetings

All meetings will be a Zoom Meeting for 2 hours (10 am – 12 noon) until we have the approval to meet in larger groups

Officer Training & Advanced Training on using the 2020-2021 Program book Knitted Together for God’s Good Work (beginner knitting or crocheting lesson may be presented) will be done in cluster groups. Our District will be divided into 3 Clusters and the dates for the training are as follows:
  • Cluster 1 will be on January 16, 2021 
  • Cluster 2 will be on January 23, 2021
  • Cluster 3 will be on January 30, 2021

You will receive more information about this event plus the information for joining the Zoom meeting in January

Mission Studies will also be done by Cluster Groups. The Mission study book will be Finding Peace in an Anxious World. These Studies will be 4 one hour events
  • Cluster 3 will begin on February 13, 2021
  • Cluster 1 will begin on March 20, 2021
  • Cluster 2 will begin on May 15, 2021

Additional information will be sent closer to the event plus the information for joining the Zoom meet
The Spring Spiritual Retreat will be on April 17, 2021. It will be done by Zoom or hopefully in a setting where we can all meet together. There will be a speaker and some breakout sessions. More information will be sent to as details are hammer out!

The District Annual Meeting is October 9, 2021. Hopefully, we will be able to meet in-person. More details will be coming as the plans are in the process development.

Cluster Group Assignment

Upcoming Events
2021 Calendar (updated)

January - Officer Training & Advanced Training
Cluster 1 will be on January 16, 2021 
Cluster 2 will be on January 23, 2021
Cluster 3 will be on January 30, 2021

You will receive more information about this event
plus the information for joining the Zoom meeting in January

February - Mission Studies
Cluster 3 will begin on February 13, 2021
Cluster 1 will begin on March 20, 2021
Cluster 2 will begin on May 15, 2021

Additional information will be sent closer to the event
plus the information for joining the Zoom meeting in February

April 17, 2021
Spring Spiritual Retreat
TBD - Zoom or In Person Setting

October 9, 2021
The District Annual Meeting
TBD - Zoom or In Person Setting

May 20-22, 2022
Orlando, FL

If you are interested in receiving the latest event updates in the East Central District, please sign up at 

To register for events, go to

Janet Blume, United Methodist Women East Central District Secretary

By now, all unit President’s should have received a letter to update your unit’s contact information. So as your unit elects new officers for 2021, do not forget to forward that information to the District Secretary, Janet Blume. We need name, office, mailing address, email address and phone numbers to update the 2021 Directory. Please submit your updates to or Janet Blume; 4414 Erie St.; Clermont FL 34714. The deadline to submit your update is December 10, 2020!

Did you know that the Florida East Central District United Methodist Women (FLECDUMW) has their own email address? So if you have a question to ask or information to send to the District but you’re not sure who handles that topic, just send it to All messages that come in on the District email will be opened by the District Secretary and forwarded to the appropriate District Officer(s). Of course, you can still email all District officers directly. Their emails are available in the Directory or on our website at All future emails from the District website will come from Please add us to your favorites so our emails and reminders will not go to “SPAM” or “bulk mail!”

We invite you to view the website now: Either copy this link into your browser:
Ladye Cox
Adhoc Chair

Greetings, dear ladies of the East Central District United Methodist Women!!! It was my privilege and honor to serve on this ad hoc committee, along with five other dedicated members of the District. The six of us humbly served you as we find nominees for the newly formed Committee on Nominations, Vice President and an appointee for the Chair of Membership, Nurture and Outreach.

When I was 38 years old, the Committee on Nominations of the former Orlando District asked me to serve as President of the District. I had served four years as the Spiritual Growth Coordinator with the previous Leadership Team. Did I feel I was qualified with 5 years as a member of the United Methodist Women, 4 years as a unit President? I was a little leery about my “qualifications” and unsure if I could handle a part time job, 2 small children, a live-in mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law and a husband who worked an hour away.

The moment that I accepted the nomination of Spiritual Growth, I never looked back. Taking the position of President was life-changing for me. I had the most fantastic leadership training from the Conference and Women’s Division, the support of my mother-in-law, the women of Grace UMC in Pine Hills and a District Team that was probably the youngest and best Leadership Team in the Conference at the time. I am 76 and absolutely out of tenure. Now, my responsibility is to encourage all of you to serve beyond your local unit.

Don’t think you are too young (or too old) to serve on the District Team. Zoom meetings have made meetings simpler for many people to serve who can’t always travel or get away from other responsibilities. Dependent Care is available if needed.

If you would like to serve, you may reach out to Phoebe Lustre. If you are called by one of our Committee on Nomination members, answer the call. Someone thinks you are qualified and would like to have a member of your unit to be on the District Leadership Team or Committee on Nominations. You may reach Phoebe via phone 407-496-1339 or email

Ladye Cox, Ad hoc Chair  
Mary Ann Murray -

I want to thank all you that sent it your pledges. It has been a rough year for all of us that are not having face to face meeting. We are having our Zoom meetings and seeing each of us on the computer as some of us thought we could never do. Thank you for the leaders that have learned that technology. I personally am not that good on the computer and my computer is really old (almost 20 yr) the office supply told me as I have no paper work telling me how old it is. A new one is needed sometime in the future.  

It is that time again to send in your pledges. I have only received a couple of checks. Encourage your members to continue paying their pledges.  

Please address to:
Mary Ann Murray, Treasurer United Methodist Women
2936 Golden Birch Lane
Longwood, FL 32750

Blessings to ALL stay safe.
Mary Ann Murray
Gillian Wolfe -

In the last couple of days, I've listened to two different talks about how we can begin the hard work of building a just American society. One of the speakers was on an NPR discussion and another was from the Wednesday Night Bible study with Bishop Ken Carter chatting with Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson. One was a secular perspective and the other was a Christian point of view but both emphasized that we have a lot of work to do.

What is your concept of a just society? What is your understanding of God's Kingdom? I see God's plan for his kingdom on earth with no one hungry or homeless, no one unable to pay for medical treatment that they need, no one made to feel worthless or unwanted or unwelcome, no one without clean air or water, and everyone able to live abundant, healthy and productive lives without fear or lack of their basic needs and education. It's sad to say that for large groups of people those are all things that are lacking in our culture today.

Of course, we can talk about all of those things that are needed, we can pray about it, write about it, plan for it, and attempt to raise all the money needed, but if we don't actually do the necessary work then it won't happen. It is going to take hard work, time, sacrifice and a commitment to work together. Each of us has a role to play in building this kind of society, this kind of America. God has gifted each one of us with the gifts, talents and resources that are needed now. God's work is a team effort and what better team is there to be on?

Isn't it amazing that God invites all of us to partner with him? This is our time and our opportunity to do the work to further God's Kingdom right here and right now. There are many issues to learn about and get involved with and make a positive difference and we will discuss some of those issues in greater detail in upcoming articles. Check out our United Methodist Women's website for suggestions and ways to get involved. November is Social Justice month so there is no better time. Are you ready?     

Blessings and Peace
Gillian Wolfe 
Patricia Harrell -
Program Resources Coordinator

“Why should I do the Reading Program? 
I don’t need/want a certificate nor a check mark in a box.”

Yes, we’ve heard that. The recognition is nice, however, that is NOT the purpose of the Reading Program. While delving into these books you just might learn something you didn’t know or never heard of, or things that never even crossed your mind. You might change your thinking about an issue, or not. You might agree with every word. And you might not! It’s all good.

“The reading program is designed to help us better understand and participate in God’s mission today, to increase sensitivity to all human beings, to explore contemporary issues, and to enhance and act on self-knowledge.” …Andris Salter Knowledge leads to action.
Note: The Faith Talks monthly podcast conversations with UMW explore themes and resources that empower us to put faith, hope, and love into action. They also count as a Bonus Book in the Spiritual Growth Category.


There has been a little bit of confusion for some of us with the new 2021-22 Reading Program Catalog verbiage. I hope this clears everything up for you. This is straight from Andris Salter:

  • The catalog will come out every year.

  • We did the 2021-2022 because COVID-19 delayed several processes including, naming and training the Reading Program Committee as well as the difficulty we've had getting books out to be evaluated.

  • The Reading Plans are the same.

  • Certificates should be given for each year.

Also, when your unit sends your reports to me in July, I only need a list of your readers for each plan. You can email that to me. Keep the Reading Program Report forms for your records.


Did you know we have a monthly ECD Book Club on Zoom? We meet on zoom every second Tuesday of the month, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. 

Upcoming books are:
  • December 8, Tilly and the Crazy Eights, by Monique Gray Smith, Nurturing for Community
  • Jan. 14, Bus to Corinth, by Ladine Householder, Spiritual Growth  
  • Feb. 11, Gum Moon, by Jeffrey L. Staley, Education for Mission   
  • March 10, The Bird Boys, by Lisa Sandlin, Nurturing for Community
  • April 14, Anxious to Talk About It, by Carolyn B Helsesl, Leadership Development
  • May 12, Sleep Pray Heal, by Donna Fado Ivery, Spiritual Growth
  • June 8, Girl Gone Missing: A Cash Blackbear Mystery, by Marcie R Rendon

I hope you’ll join us!

Book Review
Rise! From Caged Bird Poet of the People, Maya Angelou by Bethany Hegedus, Leadership Development 2021, Bonus Book (counts as two books).
Just wow! This is an amazing account of Maya Angelou’s life, authored by her niece. The illustrations are beautiful. Maya was a poet, a performer, a writer, an activist, and a humanitarian. Honestly, I had never heard of her before Bill Clinton’s inauguration. But there’s so much more to her before that. Now I’m wondering if I saw her in Porgy and Bess live theater in Chicago many years ago. 
“Maya Angelou’s life was defined by transformation and perseverance. From her early days as a passionate reader in Arkansas, through her work through her work as a freedom fighter with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, to her triumphant rise a poet of the people, Maya Angelou did more than survive. She thrived, and along the way she became an inspiration to millions.
In honor of the 50th anniversary of Angelou’s classic I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and with a foreword by her grandson Colin Johnson, Rise! Celebrates the luminous life, spirit, and legacy of a truly phenomenal woman.”
#NotYourIndianPrincess, Voices of Native American Women, Edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Letherdale, Leadership Development 2021.
Mesmerizing! Inspirational! This is a collection of writing and artwork by indigenous women that draws you in. So engaging.  
“What’s it like to be an indigenous woman or girl today? In this compelling collection, over fifty contemporary artists come together to shatter stereotypes, revealing hurt from the past and celebrating hope for the future. With striking honesty, #NotYourIndianPrincess showcases the extraordinary strength, diversity, and talent of Native American girls and women across North America.”

I checked this book out of the Lake County Public Library. 
Many of these books are in our public libraries.
PROGRAM BOOK 2020-2021

Knitted Together for God’s Work, our new program book is now available from UMW. This year we explore how we as children of God are joined and linked together into the whole body of Christ. Even at times when social distancing or other obstacles may keep us physically apart, we are knit together in community to transform the word.

Maybe you used to pick a program book up at district or conference events. This year they are all online, so you’ll need to order your copy.

New this year: To ensure that everyone can join together virtually for monthly study and bonding, instructions on how to use videoconferencing platforms are provide, along with suggestions on how to adjust program activities for these forums.


Do you like to have your own copy of the Prayer Calendar, the Program Book, and the Mission Study? If so, this is for you, or buy it for your circle and save money.

Subscribing to the sampler allows you to order five key resources just once a year and receive them as they become available. This money-saving packing includes five resources – all yours for $40 (a $4.00 savings) and you get free shipping.

The Annual Sampler includes:
  • 2021 Spiritual Growth study ($10)
  • 2021 Prayer Calendar ($14)
  • 2021-2022 Program Book ($10)
  • 2021-24 Quadrennial Calendar ($10)
Zoom Meeting Etiquette -

This was shared at the Florida United Methodist Women Conference Annual Meeting and sharing as it was a helpful reminder.
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