Trumpet Sounds - May 2021
A note from Anne Winn...
President’s Report - May

Today is the last day of April and what a busy month it has been. I have participated in 18 zoom meetings this month (this does not reflect the number of hours). While I love the convenience of “meeting without driving” long distances, I don’t love the long hours staring at a screen. My husband thinks I stay in my office just to avoid helping him with the yard work or working on the van conversion.

I will be teaching at Mission u in June. I was required to attend 2 full days of virtual training. The training was presented by National UMW personnel. It was an excellent learning experience. Hopefully, many of you have registered to attend either the virtual Mission u in June or the in-person Mission u at the Warren Willis Camp and Conference Center in July. I’ve shared with many of you how much I love Mission u. It’s my #1 favorite Conference event. This year we will celebrate the 75th anniversary Mission u in the Florida Conference. It’s the 120th anniversary for National UMW. For detailed information on Mission u, see registration link below or go to

The most exciting news on our horizon is that Assembly registration is coming up. As you recall, Assembly will be in Orlando Fl. The dates are May 20-22, 2022. Early registration begins in September 1, 2021 (discounted pricing).

Go the Conference web site for detailed information.

Early Registration fee: Other costs
$330 (available Sept. 1–Nov. 30, 2021, which includes lunch on Friday and Saturday)

+ Travel expenses

+ Hotel expenses:
$158–$203 per night for up to four people (double/double room)
+ Meal expenses
Friday and Saturday—breakfast and dinner

I have been to Assembly one time (8 years ago) and thought it was the most fabulous experience ever! Thousands of women—all United Methodist Women in one place. The large group worship and programs we electrifying. The work shops were by top-notch teachers. If you can only go one time—go this year! It’s in our backyard!!
Upcoming Events
2021 Calendar

To register for events, go to

May 15th and 22nd
9:45am - 12:15pm
Cluster Mission Study
"Finding Peace in an Anxious World"

Virtual : June 19 and 26, 2021
On-Site @ Warren Willis: July 15 - 17
Mission U
Virtual or In-Person
(see flyer and links below to register by May 15th!)

July 15-17, 2021
Mission U
On-site at Life Enrichment Center - Fruitland Park

September 10-11
Conference Spiritual Retreat
Life Enrichment Center - Fruitland Park

October 9, 2021
The District Annual Meeting
TBD - Zoom or In Person Setting

November 6, 2021
Annual Conference Meeting
Location TBD

May 20-22, 2022
Orlando, FL

If you are interested in receiving the latest event updates in the East Central District, please sign up at 

To register for events, go to

Mission u 2021
There's Far More Here Than Meets The Eye
Register by May 15th!

Charter for Racial Justice District wide Event
Presented by Linda Cook and Jeanine Christian
Atlantic Central District Officers
May 1, 2021 

Thank you to Linda Cook and Jeanine Christian! It was a great way to start and have conversations, but also understanding that United Methodist Women are deeply committed.

If you have missed it, you can find the slides via the East Central District Website

Racial Justice: Advocacy and Education
Because We Believe…

United Methodist Women is deeply committed to the ongoing work of racial justice. We seek to be in right relationship with one another. We work together for the transformation of church and world, following the teaching and example of Jesus Christ. To learn more about our racial just work:

The following information may also be found at the National United Methodist Women website: Click Here for Charter of Racial Justice

Contact the office of Racial Justice
Emily Jones:
Executive for Racial Justice
phone: 212-870-3773
Updates from around the district....
The First United Methodist Church, Clermont
Answer to Prayer
Submitted by: Evelyn Rose

Days for Girls make sustainable menstrual kits for girls in many countries throughout the world. Without these supplies the girls would miss school during their monthly periods.
 Many members from Clermont’s United Methodist Women work with the Clermont chapter of Days for Girls sewing and making the kits. Each kit is in a draw-string bag and includes reusable cloth menstrual pads made up of colorful shields and liners, panties, a washcloth and soap. Some of the Circles have helped to purchase the panties and washcloths. The Clermont Days for Girls meets the third Thursday every month to trace, cut, and sew the items needed. Many women sew at home, especially during this past year when gathering together was not always able to happen.

By April there were enough item made and the kits ready to be assembled for packing. Over 80 kits were made and ready to be shipped. One mission in Texas had inquired about getting kits to help with immigrant population, but plans hadn’t been finalized. It wasn’t clear where these kits were going to go but God knew.

Visiting the team that day was Evelyn Rose, a member of Lunch Bunch Circle from Clermont United Methodist Women. She is from St. Vincent and still calls it home with family and friends living there. St. Vincent has experienced a continuing series of huge eruptions of its volcano, La Soufriere, since April 9th. Over 15,000 people have been relocated to shelters in other parts of the island. These shelters are mainly in schools and churches, some of which are Methodist. A significant number of those evacuated are women and girls. The island is blanketed in ash fall which as well as hampering visibility, destroying buildings and agriculture, will cause immediate and long-term breathing problems. There is no timeline as to how long this will go on.

Evelyn had been praying for a way to do more than sending money donations. She is working with the relief effort and felt that the Days for Girls kits would be extremely helpful and asked if some kits could be donated. All the kits packed that day were given to her. An answer to her prayer.

Evelyn packed the kits in bins, including a note saying we were praying for them. They were taken to a drop-off location in Orlando. The coordinator said the kits will be distributed among the centers housing teenage girls and young ladies who have been hit hardest by the displacement. One center, House of Hope, houses teenage moms. 
New Horizon Church, Haines City
Submitted by Julie A. Weed, Unit Secretary
The Haines City United Methodist Women's Unit continues to stay knitted together while observing Covid 19 restrictions. 

Our February program was "Knit Together Against Violence" learning about the structural sin of racism and how it affects young women and girls. We as United Methodist Women must continue to pray and take action against structures that trap women and girls, keeping them from living productive lives. 

Two of our members presented the "The Lords Prayer Drama" as our March Program and The Cross a "Symbol of Hope" as our April Program. 

We will meet again in May with our annual "Salad/Desserts" Luncheon and will resume our monthly meetings in September followed by our annual Rummage, Book and Bake Sale on Oct. 29th and Craft Fair Nov. 20th. 

This has been a difficult year for all of us with the Covid 19 Pandemic, other illnesses, some requiring moving to a local nursing home and the recent loss by death of women who were members of our Church and Unit. With God's help we will be strong and knitted together for God's good work.
Community of Faith Davenport
Ladies Tea
Submitted by: Diane Abresky

Myra Rose, President wasn't going to let the year pass without having the Women's Tea!

Several women joined virtually via Zoom with their hats on, tea setting and some even baked scones!

A few games with some beautiful tea themed prizes included knowing the proper tea etiquette and a scavenger hunt for several "tea" items in their homes!

Great fun and safe environment! If interested in additional details, please feel free to email

Thank you!

Great job and many thanks ladies for having completed "the United Methodist Women 2020 Unit Survey (formerly called the Census)''. We appreciate your prompt attention and taking the time to complete the survey for your UMW East Central District unit.

Reminder this is now a yearly requirement.
Blessings, Anne Winn, 
Phoebe Lustre, MaryAnn Murray and Doris Hatfield
Gillian Wolfe -

"Remember, it is a sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it."
James 4:17

    Do you think there will be gun violence in Heaven? Will there be racism, oppression, economic and creation exploitation? As women of faith, we know that these things are not what God teaches, intends or expects in His Kingdom, and yet, we see all of these sins running rampant in our society today. America is the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world but we are also one of the most violent and punitive. Why is that? How do we reconcile that fact in our churches? in our nation? in our own hearts today?

It isn't as if we do not know the solutions or the way forward. God is crystal clear on how we are to treat others, how we are to live as people of God, how we are to take care of His creation, and still, we choose to ignore those mandates time and time again by the choices we make and the options we reject.

In 1952 The Women's Division adopted the Charter of Racial Policies for the Woman's Division of Christian Service (later to become the UMW), policies that were adopted by General Conference as policy for the whole church. The UMC Book of Discipline also states that all people are made in the image of God and are equally valuable in His sight. There are proven strategies that can significantly reduce gun violence in the U.S. and yet those programs are not financially funded. (Dr. Antonio Cediel). It seems we would rather see over 115,000 people of all ages shot every year. It isn't as if we don't know the solutions or the way forward, it's a question of obedience and willingness to do the hard work.

Apathy and indifference are not of God's Spirit. We need to raise our voices, take a stand, share our stories and work together to make real and lasting changes because to do nothing is not a faithful response. If we choose to spin our wheels and continue to "pray for a return of the good old days" and reinforce the policies of neglect and oppression then things will only get worse because when people lack hope and basic human needs, they cry out for justice and grow increasingly frustrated, angry and desperate. 

I share all of this, not to make you feel guilty or hopeless, but to encourage you to get involved and actively work to bring God's Kingdom to our corners of the world. There are a lot of good, effective community-based organizations that can use our help - financially as well as with our time, talents and prayers.
Here are just a few that I know:

House Blest - 114 S 2nd Street in Haines City, 33844
the Hope Center - 2198 Four Winds Blvd. in Kissimmee 34746
The Way Center - 20 North 6th Street in Haines City, 33845
or get involved with the
Live Free Campaign at
What other organizations can you tell us about? How is your UMW, or your church involved in the work of reconciliation and restoration? Now is the time to put our faith, hope and love into action!

I conclude with the prayer that we finished our ECD study on Racial Justice event with:

God of Justice and Peace,
mold our consciences according to justice, and shape our hearts according to peace, to secure the rights of the poor, the oppressed, the elderly, children and the marginalized.
God, we are your children. Grant us the courage and strength to work for justice, equality and freedom.
And in this way, live out our call to work for the common good for all your people.

We have work to do! Let's go and be a blessing, a voice of hope today.

Blessings and Peace
Gillian Wolfe 
Committee on Nominations
Phoebe Lustre - Email:
Committee on Nominations Chair

Member of the unit at “Anywhere United Methodist Church”
  • Secretary: Oh my goodness, here comes this email from that lady from the Committee on Nominations

  • Mary: What does it say?

  • Secretary: She is asking if we can recommend someone to serve on the District Leadership Team

  • Joan: Is it that time already? Doesn’t that happen in October?

  • Susan: I thought so too….guess they want to get a head start

  • Jane: Where would we get persons to help them; we can hardly fill our unit spots

  • Mary: Don’t you have to be an officer already serving in your unit?

  • Jane:  I am not sure how that really works

  • Susan:  I don’t know who we can suggest, our unit is so small, and any name we suggest is one less person to serve in our unit

  • Secretary:         What should I write back and say to her? We don’t even understand how this process works...

Wait! No! Let us help!

This dialogue from an imaginary unit is one that has sometimes been shared as we struggle to recruit United Methodist Women to serve in their local, District of Conference levels. It is however very necessary for us to fill these leadership roles. The legacy of our organization depends on each of us stepping up to share the gifts that we have.

Some facts -
  • Training is provided at both the District and Conference levels to help you understand what your specific role requires.
  • You do not have to be currently serving as an officer in your unit to serve at the District level
  • Yes, the new team is selected at District Annual meeting, however the work of the committee is ongoing – we are always reaching out and searching for new leaders.
  • One great joy is the friendships which are formed with a new team of sisters with whom you have a great time of fellowship learning, growing and serving together.

Your job right now? Well, would you prayerfully consider at least thinking about serving when a member of the Committee on Nominations contacts you?

Ask her questions, many questions; they are ready to do the hard work. 

Our organization has survived because many before said, Yes. “Here I AM, I will go! You have many gifts and untapped skills, we are asking you to please consider sharing them. We are looking forward to our conversations with you.

Be blessed as together we put Hope, Faith and Love in Action!
Patricia Harrell -
Program Resources Coordinator


At your circle meetings please remind members that Reading Program Reports are due to your unit Program Resources Coordinator at the end of June.

Unit reports are due to the District PRC at the end of July.
  • A new reading program year begins July 1.
  • New this year, these movies count as one book: Just Mercy, The Hate You Give, and Pushout
  • Also new this year, the Faith Talks Podcasts count for the reading program in the category of Spiritual Growth. Two podcasts count as one book. Three podcasts count as one bonus book (two books).
  • The UMW Mission Studies are bonus books (count as two books).
  • Certificates will be awarded at our annual meeting.


Our United Methodist Women East Central District book club meets the second Tues. evening of every month from 7pm until 8:30. Please join us if you have finished the book or not. We always have lively discussions. Some books we like; some we don’t. It’s all good. All opinions are welcome. 

Register on our District webpage to get the zoom link

Here’s what we are reading for next few months.

  • May 12, Sleep, Pray, Heal, by Donna Fado Ivery, Spiritual Growth
  • June 8, Girl Gone Missing, by Marcie R. Rendon, Social Action
  • July 13, A House in the Sky, by Amanda Lindhout, Education for Mission

If you have any questions regarding Program Resources, or would like training for Program Resources Coordinators, please just email me at:

I hope you’ll join us!

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