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Press Release: New Mexico Fashion Week 2016 Announces Trunk Shows 
Event: New Mexico Fashion Week Albuquerque 
Presented by: Albuquerque Apparel Center, LLC and The City of Albuquerque
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
April 13, 2016


New Mexico Fashion Week 2016 has announced its Trunk Shows for Wednesday April 13. Two separate showings will occur between 6:00 and 9:00pm at Zacatecas Tacos and Matanza Craft Beer Kitchen, both in Nob Hill, with the roster of featured designers split evenly between the two locations. NMFW runs April 13-17, including two Runways Shows on April 15 and 16 at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

In addition to the trunk shows, Heather Petrey, a popular fashion blogger, and Dr. Nick Gerlich,  Hickman Professor of Marketing at West Texas A&M University and a social media consultant, will speak at the two locations. Patrons will have sufficient time to mingle, peruse designer wares, indulge in cocktails, and listen to the speakers at each location.

Both locations feature an amazing array of New Mexican and Mexican food. Zacatecas has a well-stocked bar with something to please all tastes, while Matanza has 100 tap handles of only New Mexico craft beers (and plenty of wine as well!). Located only two blocks apart on the same side of Central in Nob Hill, patrons will be able to park once, and then walk freely between the two locations. "Our goal is to put the Nob Hill district in the spotlight before Albuquerque Rapid Transit construction begins tearing up the rich Route 66 culture along Central," Melissa Lea Beasley, Founder and Executive Director of NMFW, said.

Heather Petrey, inspired by her love of meeting new people and local designers, began blogging in November 2008. Her blog... LA Fashionsnob...covers local and national fashion events, product reviews, her style and lifestyle (local not-as-known hotels and restaurants). "I'm excited to share what I've learned throughout my blogging career with everyone!" Petrey said.
Gerlich will speak about the latest social media trends and applications, providing a brief but informative session on relevant marketing techniques for designers, retailers, and anyone else in business. "The paint never dries on the social graph," Gerlich said. "By the time you wake up tomorrow morning, something will have changed. I will address the very latest trends, offer insights for today, and show businesses how to stay on top of these changes."

"Our patrons will be able to meet our impressive roster of designers, as well as hear two highly qualified speakers," Beasley added. "It's a win for everyone, from Nob Hill to designers and fashion-minded people."







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