Breakfast at church begins Oct. 31 in Drowota Hall

Beginning on Halloween, we are going to try something new! Because a lot of us haven't seen each other in awhile, we will be offering free breakfast in the gym from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM four Sundays in a row after fall break.
Trunk or Treat is Friday, Oct. 29, at 5:00 PM

Our annual Trunk or Treat is Friday, Oct. 29 at 5:00 PM in the front parking lot. This is a churchwide event for "kids" of all ages. Park your car, bring your candy, and dress up for a fun time!
Father-Son Campfire is Sunday, Nov. 14, at 4:00 PM

Join us on Sunday, November 14, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM for a little campfire with other dads and sons. We'll roast hot dogs, makes s'mores, and play games. Bundle up!
Child dedication
Caroline Harmata, daughter of Emily & Drew Harmata
Sunday, Oct. 10
Can Christianity Rebound in America?
by Clay Stauffer
When we look back on 2020 and 2021, we will remember a time of reshuffling and significant transition in American Christianity and church life. Sadly, it will also be viewed as a time of expedited secularization in our culture, a trend that was already well underway pre-pandemic. What we first believed would be a three to six month disruption in life has now turned into twenty months and counting. Trends were getting better this summer until the delta variant hit and set everything back again. Many Christians are out of the habit of going to church and others have grown very comfortable worshipping online.

All ministers and faith leaders are asking a similar question: “Is this still about fear of Covid or a major change in behavioral patterns?” The longer this goes on, I tend to lean towards the latter. What we cannot underestimate is the amount of pain, trauma, and stress our society has been through. Churches must acknowledge and be very intentional about providing support and healing for all people. Grief is real. Addiction is real. Marriages are strained. Families are tired. Arguments over vaccines divide friendship and families. However, the larger “Church” has survived many other trials throughout the ages and will certainly survive this.

Certain individual churches may not recover from this pandemic. Many have already closed. This is becoming a time of reckoning for Christians who believe in church life and community. A church is not a place or building, but its people coming together to live together in community. What should churches be doing at this time?

First, reach out to those you have not seen and let them know they are missed. Many are wondering if anybody notices that they haven’t been around. It does matter. Elders and lay leaders should be part of this. It cannot just be the minister or priest's responsibility.

Secondly, accept the fact that church shopping will happen. Covid has given people an opportunity to explore other churches and traditions, and they will. At the same time, new people will arrive who are looking to get involved. Covid has led to many changes in life.

Third, churches should use this time to reinforce the importance of small groups. That is where relationships are formed and spiritual growth happens. Those who are active in small groups are much more likely to return to church life.

Fourth, make the decision to stop doing things that didn’t work before. Churches are infamous for keeping things alive that simply need to be let go. We cannot live in the past, but only look to the future. Everything in life changes, especially during a time like this.

Lastly, churches must continue to embrace technology and live stream options. This is a big part of the future that cannot be ignored. Websites, livestreams, podcasts, youtube, and social media are not going anywhere. At the same time, we should recognize these things cannot fully replace face-to-face interaction and worship.

Christianity in America will survive but it already looks very different. Churches should focus less on politics and other divisive issues and more on Christ and the hope, love, and healing that he provides. Christians must also answer the question in the coming weeks, “Does my church community matter in my life?” And if it does, make an effort to recommit and get back into the rhythm of worship, spiritual growth, and service. No matter what, we cannot lose hope that God will do new things, provide healing, and bring good out of what has been a very painful period in history.
Welcome new members!
Brent & Lacey Keally with Jackson
Joined Oct. 3
"Why Are You Sleeping?" this Sunday, Oct. 17

“Tough Questions of Faith” series
Rev. Chris Cox
Luke 22:45 & Romans 13:10-12 

The Gospelaires play this Sunday at the 9:15 service

·    9:15 AM Informal sanctuary worship & livestream
·    9:30 AM The Bridge worship outdoors at Campbell West
·    10:45 AM Traditional sanctuary worship & livestream
New sermon series "Philippians: Living with Joy" begins next Sunday, Oct. 24
This new series will focus on Paul’s short letter to the Philippians, written from jail. The stress of the past year and a half has made experiencing joy much more difficult and elusive. How can we get it back? How can we press forward with hope? How can we turn off the news and focus on the good in life? How can we live with gratitude? This sermon series will explore all of these questions and more!
Making a Difference
by Abby McLean
If you haven’t been down in the Kid’s Commons or the new Johnson Family Commons during the last couple of months, you might be surprised to know that we are back and running at full force. All 16 classes are open at the 9:15 AM hour! Our families are slowly coming back and recommitting to being here on Sunday mornings with their children and it brings me such joy to see them.

When I decided to resume all classes beginning on Promotion Sunday in August, most of our classes had a team of teachers committed and ready to go! But I am still lacking consistent teachers for two classes, one is a 2-year-old class, one is a 3-year-old class. This is not a lifelong commitment, but an opportunity to make a difference to children that are growing up in faith here at Woodmont. We have teams of teachers that only teach twice a month and that can be you. You do not need to be here every Sunday. And the curriculum is very simple! This is a great way to give back to Woodmont and if it sounds right up your alley, I’d encourage you to pray on it and reach out to me with any questions you may have (
Be A Neighbor in Waverly!
We plan to start rebuilding two homes in Waverly, TN. The current plan is to work Oct. 25 through Nov. 5, but may fluctuate a little.
Barry (pictured here with Molly) and his 82-year-old mother Sandra are sharing a home and providing much-needed care for each other. Barry truly loves his 'Momma' and wants her to be cared for. Sadly he has his own physical challenges and really needs some help!
Randy and his wife Joanne are still living in their gutted home. There is not a kitchen and only a makeshift bathroom.
We will be installing flooring, insulation, and drywall as well as adding the finishing touches to each home.
Please contact Steve LaForge (615-390-3458 / for more info!
Woodmont's Fall-Hamilton parking lot ministry is back

Prior to Covid, Woodmont members were helping Fall-Hamilton Elementary raise money on Nashville Flea Market weekends by volunteering in their parking lot (typically $4,000+ per day). This is important because the school does not have many opportunities to raise funds for things not covered in the MNPS budget (past money has helped fund such "luxuries" as textbooks). 

Now, we've gotten the OK to resume our parking lot ministry! This is a fun, 4-hour, socially distanced, outdoor way to serve others with fellow Woodmont members of all ages. Basically, it involves directing cars where to park on the Fall-Hamilton campus... and that's it!

If you can walk and wave, this volunteer opportunity was created for you. It's also a fun way for families to volunteer together (kids under 18 must have parents present, and kids must be age 12+, please). If it rains, we cancel.

All volunteers meet at the school, located at 510 Wedgewood Ave, Nashville, TN 37203. Park Owen and Allen McDonald are the main contacts at the parking lot. 

Our 2021 Fannie Battle Angel

Due to potential supply chain issues this holiday season, we've decided to launch our 2021 Angel Tree a month early! Click the button below to take an angel from the tree.
What’s Right/Needed with Church 
by Roy Stauffer
There are a lot of articles being written today about “Why So Many are Leaving Organized Religion,” or “Why Many Who Attended Church Before Covid Won’t Be Coming back After Covid,” or “Why the ‘Nones’ Are Growing,” etc. 

Now I would certainly say the church is not perfect and so many of the reasons people are “turned off” by Church turn me off as well: hypocrisy (people not practicing what they say they believe)... self-righteousness and judgmentalism (some acting like they are better than others, and negatively judging those who aren’t like them. That was a problem in Jesus’ time as well.)... too right fundamentalism and out-dated ideas about God... some churches are more like country clubs than the Body of Christ... priests abusing children... evangelical preachers having their private jets... front-page stories of preachers who have affairs... Christians divided over denominational creeds, doctrines, and theologies, etc. All that turns me off too. But, as Jesus said, “The sick are the ones who need a doctor.” (Matthew 9:12) 

In spite of its flaws and imperfections, the Church offers so much for people in the modern world that nothing else, and no place else, can equal. And I think it’s tragic that people take what the Church offers for granted, or listen to the negative voices rather than seeing the positive, or parents who don’t make sure their children are brought up under the influence and values of the Church.  

Here are some of the reasons I believe the Church is so important and vitally needed by people in the 21st Century: 
  • You will never make better life-long friends than in the Church 

  • When the church is like Jesus intended it to be, it is a genuinely caring, sharing, helping, encouraging community. When people go through hard times – sickness, death, tragedy, sorrow – the Church supports them and helps them get through it. How often I have heard people say, “What do people do without the Church?” 
  • In a world where the number one problem people face is loneliness, nobody who is a part of the Church will ever be alone. 

  • The outreach and mission of the Church has created more good things than any other single organization – schools, hospitals, orphanages, retirement homes, feeding the hungry, caring for the homeless, prison ministries, working for peace and justice, striving to unite people and nations in a world that divides. 
  • The Church alone teaches unchanging truths in a “relative” world. When people say, “It’s all relative,” the church says, “No, there are absolutes.” In fact, there would be no basis for morality – what's right and wrong at all times and in all situations – if there were no absolute truths. And that’s what God is all about. 

  • If parents don’t see that their children are taught this when they are young, they will have no moral basis for life as they grow older. 

  • The Church is a center for healing – spiritually, as well as mentally and physically. 

  • The Church is a center of support for parents as they raise children in a complex and changing world. 

  • And certainly not least of all, attending worship and Sunday School or small group classes on a weekly basis gives us a regular reminder of what is really most important in life – values that the secular world so quickly tries to crowd out. 
I’ve always felt the Church was so important and so needed all my life, and all my 50 plus years of ministry, but I’ve never felt it to be any more true than it is today in this 21st century. TGFW – Thank God For Woodmont! 
DivorceCare session "Fears & Anxiety" tomorrow at 5:30 PM in the Bay Room

Fear and anxiety can be paralyzing and prevent participants from moving forward. During this session, group members will learn how to stop worrying so much and face the future with confidence and hope.

DivorceCare at Woodmont is a series of one-hour small group sessions in the Bay Room with Rev. Anne Stauffer and Janet Wall in a safe, confidential, supportive, healing environment. Video format and workbook are available online. Please email Amber Moss if interested at
Youth activities

Red heart-shaped fans have been printed for the #withyouTallu campaign. Tallu’s smiling face is featured on one side of the fan along with Hebrews 6:19, “Hope is a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.” On the back of the fan is an encouraging prayer by Farrell Mason along with additional scriptures.

The campaign concept is a call to action. We can take a Tallu fan with us during our day-to-day journeys—on hikes in the woods, at the farmer’s market, at Bible study or book club, at pumpkin patches, or having dinner with family or friends. We’ll take selfies holding up her fan and then post the photos on Facebook, Instagram (#withyouTallu), and She’ll be able to see where she’s traveled without leaving home—the outpouring of posts will be a sign of our love—providing reassurance that we are with her in God’s world!

Pick up a red Tallu fan at any Woodmont church service, Wednesday night dinners, or at the church office. A PDF of the fan is also available if you want to make your own at home. For the next month, everyone is invited to post selfies to the ends of the social media earth.
Virtual vespers with The Bridge 6:30 PM Thursdays

Gather with Andra Moran & friends from The Bridge for virtual vespers on Thursday evenings at 6:30 PM on Zoom.

Zoom link: 

Password: together
Book Club update

The Woodmont Book Club will follow the following schedule until the end of this year. All meetings will be in the Bay Room on the third Tuesday at 10:30 AM.

Oct. 19: Dream With Little Angels by Michael Hiebert; discussion leader Denise Smith
Nov. 16: Tending Roses by Lisa Wingate; discussion leader Judy Davis
Dec. 2: "Sweet & Swap": bring a wrapped book for Dirty Santa and a plate of your favorite goodies to share.
All 2nd-5th graders are invited to be acolytes!

Sign your child up by clicking the button below.

If you can't come on the day your child is signed up, please contact Renee Lewis or Beth Johnson so they can find a sub.
Watch Hunter Mobley "Enneagram, Marriage, & Relationships" part 1 - Sept. 29
Watch Hunter Mobley "Enneagram, Marriage, & Relationships" part 2 - Oct. 6
Watch latest sermon "Simon, Do You Love Me?" by Clay Stauffer
Church calendar
Click here for a full listing of all events on Woodmont's campus

Sunday, Oct. 17
9:15 AM Disciples Class, Room 105
9:15 AM Challenge Class, Room 200
10:45 AM Pathways Class, Boardroom
10:45 AM Points of View Class, Room 105
10:45 AM Reflections Class, Room 200
4:00 PM Jubilation Rehearsal, Choir Room
5:00 PM Youth Group, Youth Wing

Monday, Oct.18
11:30 AM Visitation Group, The Bay Room
3:00 PM "Geezers," Boardroom
6:00 PM Leadership Woodmont, Carpenter Chapel
6:00 PM CWF Circle #5, Room 105

Tuesday, Oct. 19
9:00 AM Women's Prayer Group, Boardroom
10:30 AM Book Club, The Bay Room

10:30 AM Women's Bible Study, Campbell West
6:30 PM Alateen (ages 12-19), South Hall
6:30 PM Parents AL-ANON Group, Room 105
8:00 PM AA Meeting, South Hall

Wednesday, Oct. 20
6:15 AM Men's Small Group, Room 107
7:00 AM Younger Men's Bible Study, Boardroom
8:00 AM "Original" Men's Bible Study, Room 105
12:00 PM Stuart Gordon Class, Room 100
5:30 PM DivorceCare, The Bay Room
6:15 PM Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary

Thursday, Oct. 21
10:00 AM Sit & Stich, Gathering Hall
5:30 PM Handbells Rehearsal, Choir Room
6:30 PM Naranon, Room 105
6:30 PM Virtual Vespers with The Bridge, Zoom
8:00 PM AA Meeting, South Hall

Saturday, Oct. 23
10:00 AM Al-Anon, Drowota Hall
Prayers for our church family

  • Robby & Aimee Davis on the birth of their daughter, Peyton Marie Davis, on Oct. 4. 
  • Corinne & Kevin Mattern on the birth of their daughter, Sloane Annsley Mattern, on Oct. 4 in Knoxville. Grandparents are Mary Overstreet and John Hartong, great-grandmother is Joan Daughtery, and cousins are the Ramsey clan.

  • Bill & Robin Heyne on the death of Bill’s mother, Edie Heyne Holstrom, on Oct. 7.
  • Kristen & Nick Holsher on the death of Kristen’s dad, Dwight (Pat) Bradley.

  • Sarah Woods - recovering from gallbladder removal
  • Linda Collins - extensive dental work

  • Heather Dwyer - Centennial Hospital, leg infection


  • Christy Brown's mother, Patricia - at home with Hospice
  • Dr. David Moore (former Woodmont minister) and wife, Jean - both transferred to care facility in Jamestown, TN (COVID unit). Address for cards: 217 Fairview Ln Livingston, TN 38570-8212 
  • Hannah Jacques, daughter-in-law of Pete and Sandra Kyne - at home
  • Rita Baldwin's daughter, Debbie McPherson in Houston, TX 
Our elders invite you to join them in prayer

  1. That we provide the ministry of presence to those who are lonely or shut in by COVID or otherwise;
  2. That our ministers and staff be able to find rest and refill their cups so that they may fill our cups in turn;
  3. That we exhibit patience in the midst of all of life’s inevitable difficulties;
  4. That we humbly seek to discern God’s will for our lives.
Sept. 19: $33,627
Sept. 26: $54,984
Oct. 3: $63,064
Oct. 10: $21,388
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