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When You Truly Need an Expert 
January 2017  
When You Truly Need an Expert

Not every purchase requires top-level service and top quality. But when isthe top necessary?

Writing for highly regulated industries makes that list. Stepping off the prescribed path-forgetting a warning or a consumer information paragraph, using language that is difficult for non-experts to comprehend-can have big consequences like lawsuits or consumer injuries.

If the original texts are that exacting, so much more is the translation of those texts.

According to researchers at George Mason University, pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing are-unsurprisingly-among the ten most highly regulated industries in the US. The report is called the McLaughlin-Sherouse Report after the authors.

Does it matter to you that Tembua's Biomedical Division is staffed with linguists who specialize in medical and scientific texts, the combination that is often required for biomedical device translations?

Why should you care that they have advanced training and extensive experience?

Should it be important to you that we have an extensive list of subject matter expert reviewers-MDs and PhDs who review the translations for current vocabulary they hear in the lab or clinic?

We think so. At Tembua, we believe that clear communication is vital for today's world. Your texts must move precisely from one language to another.
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Patricia May

Louisiana: More than their share of natural disasters

The mission of the Disaster Recovery Unit within the Louisiana Division of Administration's Office of Community Development is to help citizens recover from hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, and Isaac.

They have a large and complex job to do, and they do it well.

With help from federal disaster grants, they are helping people rebuild and prepare for the next hurricane.

Tembua has worked with the LDRU since early 2009, providing translations in the native languages of a portion of the population.

We have been fortunate
enough to read the plans and proposals that will help repair, rebuild, and refurbish homes to withstand nature's next onslaught. You can read them

The staff members we have worked with are truly dedicated to this mission, and we look forward to supporting them in any way possible!

In This Issue
Repeal of the Medical Device Tax
Part of the Affordable Care Act, the 2.3% medical device excise tax has been labeled a "significant drag on medical innovation" (AdaMed president Scott Whitaker). This also surely creates a drag on job creation.

Currently suspended through 2017, the tax will go back into effect in 2018 unless Congress takes action.

Tembua suggests that companies in this industry begin planning now for the expansion a repeal will allow. Moving into Europe, South America, and Asia will take American medical products to people who truly need them.
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Tembua's CEO honored

Tembua's CEO was featured in the January issue of Minnesota Business.

This week, she and the other business leaders honored in the article were celebrated at a reception at the James J. Hill Library in St. Paul.

Included was a panel moderated by Terry Krivosha of Maslon LLP and featuring Nancy Lyons, CEO of Clockwork, and Camille Thomas, President/CEO of JMC Retail Group.

The panelists told funny stories about their entrepreneurial roots and offered unusual advice for the honorees based on their views of the future.

The strength of this business community is an excellent resource, and Tembua is proud to contribute to it!

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