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LinkedIn Pro for Professional Services  
August 2016 
LinkedIn Pro for Professional Services

I've begun receiving email through LinkedIn's ProFinder service offering me the opportunity to submit a proposal for some of the services we provide, such as translation, interpreting, transcription, and voice-overs.

Because I know that the services of a professional agency aren't a good fit for everyone, I thought I might offer some advice to those using this feature.
  1. By all means list what you are willing to pay for the work, but have some idea of what the work is worth. For example, an English to German translator can comfortably translate about 2,000 words per week, depending on factors like how well the text is written and how common the topic is. If you have a 2,000-word document, you are asking for a week's work. Of course, today's computer support often makes the work go faster, and well-developed translation memories definitely can speed delivery.
  2. Do you want the work of one person or two? At Tembua, all work is done by a team of qualified linguists-translator + reviser/editor. But you may not need to have your work edited (for instance, if you only need to understand a document rather than send it to clients or investors). Then you should specify that a single translator is just fine.
  3. Do you need a native speaker, and how much experience do you require? If you don't care, you open yourself up to proposals from anyone who has taken a six-week language course. And that may be enough for your purposes.
  4. Is your work confidential? You may want to prepare a confidentiality agreement before you send your documents anywhere.
At Tembua, we know that not everyone is our client, any more than every clothes buyer needs Versace. For some purposes, good enough is good enough.

In fact, we don't want our clients to pay more than they need to, and we direct them to free online services when appropriate.

However, I am passionate about languages and our industry, and I want everyone to have a good experience. If you have questions about any of my suggestions, just shoot me an email.

Patricia May
President and CEO

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Tembua had a wonderful time at the General Motors Supplier Diversity event in Sterling Heights, MI this month.

There were many people to meet and we came away with smiles!

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During September Tembua will exhibit at 
MD&M Minneapolis
and the Great Lakes Women's Business Conference in Detroit. 

Stop by and visit our exhibit! Mention this article and we might have a small treat for you!


I enjoy these rhetorical devices which are also known as puns.

For example, calls the VW scandal "a sin of emission."  The pun turns on the word omission.

Tembua, like most responsible companies, carries E/O or errors and omissions insurance.

First, our work is produced by human beings and second, computers are not 100% error proof.

Although such insurance is very very rarely used, it's a necessity in today's litigious society.

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