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How to Build Trust

According to the Pew Research Center, public trust in government is in decline (Survey of US Adults April 25-May 1, 2022). Americans trust local government more than state or federal government, yet local government officials struggle to foster trust.

Here's a link to a video (with transcript) I made from the Maine State House on the importance of alignment between words and deeds; a simple way to build trust.

Here's a link to a handout adapted from a workshop I recently conducted for the Greater Portland Council of Governments. It's called:

Gender Pronouns Free Training
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Join me for tips on how to navigate this new world where you can't assume someone's gender just by their looks.

Honoring people's choices for their pronouns helps them feel included. It helps build trust. Yet it can be a challenge to get them right, especially tricky in public settings, like, you know, meetings!
After some basic training about group decision-making in general and about gender pronouns specifically, we will have a little talk show with some special guests.

And of course I will take your questions about all aspects of meeting facilitation and how to call on they like to be called.

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Gender Bias
at the Davos Economic Summit

Professional facilitation colleague and panel discussion expert Kristin Arnold recently published an article on how NOT to call on people in public.

She points out how the moderator of a panel discussion called on the men by their official titles and called on the women by their first names. Not okay. Kristin's article is here.
"Lack of trust is your biggest expense in business and life."

This quote is from another professional colleague, trust expert David Horsager. I've seen David speak more than once and his messages are fantastic. And very practical. In this article and companion video, David explains how trust is the leading indicator of success.

Of course my book has a section about trust. If you already own a copy, check out page 122. If you don't have a copy, you can buy it at your local bookstore or any online retailer.

TOGETHER WE DECIDE has been an Amazon Top 10 Bestseller in several categories. It's An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions.

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