"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."- Corrie ten Boom


Did you ever as a child, stand at the end of the diving board ready to jump into the water? It looked like it was so far, so deep, so unforgiving. Then you slowly walked to the end of the board as it bounced beneath your weight. You walked with all the confidence of a soldier. But all along, your knees were shaking and your palms were sweating. Your mind was racing, "I can't do it, I'm going to drown, and It's going to hurt ... hurt real bad!" But then in an instant, this rush of freedom, courage, or sheer determination overwhelms your thoughts of peril and you JUMP! As your body strikes the water and your senses realize you're not on dry land, you're awakened by a sense of calm, a sense that it is ok; actually it was great. Nothing bad has happened and you are wonderfully excited! These were some of the feelings I've had this first year of ministry at The Meadow! It was a year which began by me leaving what I had done for over 40 years, the ministry of YFC. I loved serving with YFC very deeply but now I was about to step out and make a life-changing decision to pursue my dreams of The Meadow Ministry.


I'd like to reminisce about our first year at The Meadow. First, I was never alone. When I took that leap of faith so many of my friends supported my efforts. I knew what it took to build a ministry but I didn't know what was about to happen was a blossoming community! My purpose for The Meadow was simple. "Inspire people to experience the expansive love of God and grow a desire, a deep longing for spiritual transformation in others that there is more! Much more! God is knocking and He desires an intimate relationship with His beloved!"


A year has passed and I have collected some of the thoughts that participants of the Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum have shared. The Spiritual Development Forum is a two year commitment, filled with small group activities, drama, teachings, media, and times of reflection. The forum began in October and will continue in February. We'll begin with 4 classes based on understanding your personality type, a system called the Enneagram. This will give us each a framework for who we are before God. Here is just one of the many shared thoughts from a SDF participant. "My walk with Jesus reached a whole new inspirational level this summer.  I was eager to be surrounded by new Christian faces and educated by people who love the Lord and understand how much Jesus loves us.  The Spiritual Forum has provided me with a richer understanding of God's love for me.  I truly look forward to continue the forum in 2015!" 

The Meadow could not have come true without your support! You have been generous in your giving and prayers for this ministry and we are so excited to share that we have been given a matching gift campaign of $50,000. Here are 3 ways we can reach our financial goal.


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Once again thank you so much for being a part of The Meadow Community. You have continued to be an inspirational blessing to me and to the purpose of The Meadow. But most of all, I give my deepest gratitude to the Lord that loves me, the God who always takes care of His beloved, in all times of growth and change!


Blessings, Love, and Grace, in this Beautiful Season of Christmas!

Bob Arnold