Trust and Structure Are Keys to Newhouse Education Program
Attending to the needs of the youngest victims of domestic abuse is crucial in helping kids heal from trauma and develop their own life skills. Newhouse has made this is a priority, specifically, because it is home to a Kansas City, Missouri Certified Public School for K-6 th grade. By allowing parents to send their kids to school in-house, those students encounter a stable learning environment. How does Erin Wilson, Education Manager & School Teacher (pictured above on right), educate kids who are in her school temporarily?

“We do a lot of rapport building, because they’ve got to trust me first,” she says. “And then [we do] assessment. I assess to see where they’re at right now… And then I literally meet them where they’re at. If they are 2 to 3 grades behind, I let them know, and that is the level we begin at together. It’s been a very positive thing, they receive that well. They like to know that if they don’t know their multiplication tables (and 90% of them don’t) they are going to get the time to learn it.” 
Newhouse also has the advantage of providing in-house children’s therapy. Having a children’s therapist steps away from the school is truly beneficial because “there is so much trauma,” Erin says. “Sometimes [the kids] say stuff in a lesson” and it’s clear that they need help with the issues that are coming up for them.
Expanding the Early Childhood Program is a priority at Newhouse, providing kids stability that they may have not experienced at home. Malikia McCartey (pictured above left), Early Childhood Teacher, says she is using a structured schedule with an open-ended curriculum. The tools to create and explore are provided—like craft projects and sensorial materials-- but the structured schedule in the early c hildhood room is key, “because some of the families we have are not used to this.” When kids get used to a schedule, they feel safe in its predictability. Further, having a schedule and understanding expectations prepares children for school and life.
“We have breakfast, rug time… we do different subjects like language arts, science projects, sensory… a lot of songs.” The children respond well to the rhythm of the day.
Important to Malikia’s role as adult in the classroom is parallel talk. “If they do something nice, I’ll say, ‘Oh, you put the toys away.’ We want them to hear what we’re praising, so they’ll understand, ‘Oh, I’m doing something nice, I’m being big,’” she said. Erin chimed in: “The Early Childhood [focus] is so important because I was getting Kindergartners who had never held scissors, who had never even used a pencil.”

The educational experience that children receive at Newhouse is supportive, structured and caring. As these children transition from Newhouse to a new life free from abuse, they will take these life skills with them and be better equipped to find future success! Thanks to the generous support of our donors, we are able to provide a healthy educational environment as we work to end the cycle of domestic violence. 
Newhouse provides 3 meal each day & snacks to hungry, growing children
208 Children & 288 adults lived at Newhouse in 2017
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