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June 2014
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Trust Issues
The Right Choice?
Moving foward
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My greatest joy with my work is seeing clients make breakthroughs and move forward in their life.    I love some of the stories that come out of my sessions and I thought I would share one with you. This is a story of Wendy, her name has been changed of course.   She has a high position job and good friends but lacked in feelings of being protected or supported.  She felt she always had to look over her shoulder and everything was a uphill battle.  Taking her back into a past life, I found a life in France, late 1700's, where she was a male that started an uprising against a local official that was raising taxes and taking land.  During the protest, a fight arose between himself and several soldiers but no one came to his aide and he was killed.  Wendy carried on the feeling of not feeling powerful enough to have a voice with those in authority and not being supported by those around her into the next life and then into this one.   Clearing the fragmentation and vortexes associated with defensiveness and memories of fighting for what she wanted we then began looking at the karmic lesson behind her journey. There were dual lessons of ruling with compassion and having faith within her community to be in alignment with her own desires.  She had put herself into a position of authority to experience having a voice with authority and also to have people follow behind her and trusting in her. 

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I have many clients just like yourself that are seeking to gain knowledge and wisdom of the journey they are on rather than just driving blindly through life.   If there is a subject that you would like to learn more about please let us know for future articles.  
The Right Choice?
In a world full of what if's we become so fearful of making the right choices when there are so many options in front of us.  We make decisions that are the reflection of  what we believe about ourselves subconsciously. When the outcome turns out to be different than our true desires, the outcome is the measure of our true belief that we need to learn from which is our pathway to moving forward.    Searching through past life subconscious memories we are able to uncover these limited beliefs.   

Moving Forward

I talk to so many clients who feel that they are stuck in life.  Feeling as if they are not moving forward as fast as they would like.   The feeling of not being satisfied or bored in life is the first step in the process.  It is our first awareness of no longer being in alignment with the energy that we were needing for old lessons and beginning the path towards new ones.  Change is nothing more than moving up the ladder, the more change you allow the faster the movement.  So when you are feeling bored and unsatisfied look for the opportunities for change, they are normally all around us when you take the time to look. 
Looking for Volunteers in the
 San Diego Area!

I am currently working on a project with thermal graphic imaging and past lives.  I am looking for those that suffer from disease or phobias and would like to participate.  This is for a publication and you must be willing to have your story printed.  Your name will be changed of course. If you are interested or know of any one that is interested please contact my office, there is no cost involved, just a chance to blossom.

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