March 2021
Not the kind of trust you set up for the tax benefits, but the kind where people believe you because you are honest and keep your word.

Since I’ve been in business for 40+ years, I’ve tried just about everything regarding advertising and marketing to enhance business.

A Boom in Cottage Industries
Cottage industries (goods produced on a very small scale and usually in a home) began before the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s, and is experiencing a resurgence as their benefits seem to fit in with our current economic and unemployment challenges.
we get many requests for printed items that are beyond the standard brochures, postcards, stationery, and business cards?
With the resurgence of "cottage industries" more people are becoming solopreneurs, and of course, want THEIR product or service to really stand out from their competitors - and that's where we enter the picture. People are coming to us to assist with unique solutions and packaging of their products that are being displayed or marketed in brick-and-mortar locations.

Here are a few examples:

  • Specialized Invites for Fund Raisers
  • Custom Wine Labels
  • Belly Bands for Boxes
  • Header Cards for Display Purposes
  • Unique Hang Tags
  • Labels for Food Products
  • Containers for CBD Oils
  • Neckers (that hang on bottles)
  • Museum Projects for Kids
  • Marijuana Boxes (Yes, it's legal!)

Visual applications that make them attractive and distinctive:

  • Shiny or Matte Foils
  • Unique Embossing Solutions
  • Unusual Die Cut Shapes
  • Specialized Custom Papers
  • Various Textures and Coatings
  • Tactile Finishes
  • Scratch-offs (Yes, scratch-offs!)
  • Unusual Fold Solutions

Feel free to make an appointment to view some unique samples. We can work together to create the custom look for YOUR product or service!

If the idea of becoming a solopreneur sounds intriguing, take a look at my LinkedIn article this week.
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