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Welcome to the start of the academic year 2018-19! 

We have great news to start the year!
  • 100% pass the 10th Standard exam (O Levels)
  • 93% pass the 12th Standard (A Level). 
  • GVTC block, thanks to Mrs Pattu Ammal & Servion!
  • KPMG volunteers paint our classrooms.
  • Medical Camp with Dr Sheela!
  • Toast Masters start sessions at school.
  • Smart Classes thanks to MMLC4.
  • First Tailoring Batch earn their first income!
100% Pass the 10th Standard!

All pass in the 12th Standard, except one!

We are so proud of our children. And wish them the very best!

GVTC Tailoring Block opened thanks to Mrs Pattu Ammal and Servion Global Solutions Ltd.

The much awaited tailoring block was completed thanks to Mrs Pattu Ammal and Servion Global Solutions Ltd.

KPMG volunteers help paint the classrooms!

Dr Sheela conducts a medical camp.

Dr Sheela has been conducting medical camps every year for Gurukulam. Our loving thanks to her!

Toast Masters start sessions for our children

Smart Classes for our children - thanks to MMLC4


First income earned by our first batch of Tailoring Students

The first batch of our tailoring graduates stitched uniforms for our children to earn their first income.

More school activities

Starting school - Our new LKG batch



Our school is more colourful now!

Parents Teachers Meeting!

  Our loving thanks to you, for making all these beautiful memories possible!