February 2017

Trust Tips is a resource for members of the Trusts administered by the Florida League of Cities. Here you’ll find tips and other information from the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, Florida Municipal Investment Trust, Florida Municipal Loan Council and Florida Municipal Pension Trust Fund

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  In this issue: 
  • Save the Date for Our Human Resources and Risk Management Seminars
  • Resources Available: Medical Marijuana and Your City
  • Reach Your 2017 Risk Management Goals Through Training and Supervision
  • Loan Council  Accepting Applications for 26th Bond Series
  • Safety Committees: The Why and How
  • Is Your City Paying Too Much for Telecommunications Services?
  • Invest Your Reserve Funds with the Florida Municipal Investment Trust
Save the Date:
2017 Human Resources and Risk Management Seminars

Each seminar will be held from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m..
Offerings are for FMIT members, FREE and will cover a variety of timely topics. Lunch is provided.

SOUTH LOCATIONS: April 4 - Town of Southwest Ranches; April 6 - City of Palm Beach Gardens

WEST LOCATION: April 11 - City of Plant City

EAST LOCATION: April 13 - FLC University, Orlando

NORTHWEST LOCATION: April 18 - City of Panama City

NORTHEAST LOCATION: April 20 - City of Green Cove Springs

Resources Available:
Medical Marijuana and your City

Now that medical marijuana has been approved by both a constitutional amendment and statute, many cities are asking: What, if anything, should we do? The Florida League of Cities is here to help. After exploring the recently launched Medical Marijuana Resource Portal, join FLC staff and issue experts on Feb. 3 for a live Q&A. Click here to register now. Submit your questions in advance to Holly McPhail. 
Reach Your 2017 Risk Management Goals through Training and Supervision

What two vehicles provide the most impact in helping you reach your risk management goals for 2017? 

  • Training: Regular and ongoing training that is current and meets the requirements for every scope of work from office personnel to police and fire.
  • Supervision: Supervisors must understand their role in the risk management process.  If supervisors are not properly trained to lead and manage their team, the program falls short. They are the crucial link in any effective program and must ensure that safety policies are in full compliance.

Focusing on training and supervision is the key to success in reducing losses and premiums across all lines of service. Any risk management program that consistently keeps these two items as a priority will reduce injury, protect property and save money.

The Risk Control Department provides training and consulting to FMIT members that will assist in this process. Contact Apryl Cordell for more information.

Loan Council Accepting Applications
for 26th Bond Series  

The Florida Municipal Loan Council offers a fixed-rate bond program with a minimum loan size of $1 million and terms of repayment up to 30 years. The proceeds from this program can be used for a variety of purposes including capital improvements, renovations, fixed asset additions or refinancing of existing debt. In addition to the bond program, bank loan and equipment financing programs are also available.

To learn more or apply now, contact Molly Hall at 850-701-3681

Safety Committees: The Why and How

Safety committees provide an important communications link, allowing management, supervisors and employees to share information and concerns related to safety. They provide essential monitoring, educational, investigative and creative tests, as well as help to build and maintain safety awareness within the city. When done right, city safety committees can greatly influence city safety programs and be an effective focal point for all safety activities.

Every city should have a written safety program that addresses the full scope of work that the city performs. A safety committee is the lifeblood of such programs, with the unique power to truly make them come alive. Empowering and engaging members of the committee is key to its success. An active committee will be prepared to develop and make recommendations in a variety of areas. 

Read the full article in the current edition of Quality Cities magazine.

Our staff are experts in safety. FMIT members: for more information on how we can assist your city in reaching its safety goals, contact Ron Peters.

Is Your City Overpaying for Telecommunication Services?

The Florida League of Cities Telecom Cost Reduction Program may be able to save you money!

"In an effort to control our operating costs, the city contracted with the Florida League of Cities Telecom Team to evaluate the city’s phone lines and hopefully realize savings. We were NOT disappointed. The Telecom Team not only met, but exceeded our expectations. They thoroughly reviewed our entire network and then recommended changes. By implementing these changes, we are set to realize annual savings in excess of $100,000. I would recommend them to any city or government agency." 

- Adam Reichbach, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Margate

The FLC Telecom Cost Reduction Program team works with your city’s IT department to provide a complete review and analysis of its current telecom situation/network to identify cost-saving opportunities. Our team has worked with more than 40 municipalities, both large and small, resulting in significant refunds, lower monthly charges and contract renegotiation, while achieving substantial cost savings for cities. 

Contact Molly Hall at 850-701-3681 for more information.

Invest Your Reserve Funds
with the Florida Municipal Investment Trust

The Florida Municipal Investment Trust (FMIvT) was created in 1995 to give local governments an investment option for surplus/reserve funds. The FMIvT is an authorized investment under Florida Statute and can accommodate investments of all sizes. The 0-2 Year High Quality Bond Fund, the 1-3 Year High Quality Bond Fund and the Intermediate High Quality Bond Fund are designed to out-perform money market accounts over time. For the year ending December 31, 2016, the FMIvT funds did just that.  All three funds finished the year strong and outperformed their respective benchmarks and are a great option for diversification!

To learn more contact Jeff Blomeley at (850) 701-3614
Did You Know...

The FMIT provides local governments with with a complete employee health benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, life, disability and more?  Read more.

Through a partnership with Littler Mendelson, the largest law firm in the U.S. specializing in HR/employment practices law, the FMIT offers its members no-cost live and online access to Littler's legal experts? Read more.