MAY 2020
The Transparency Trail for Dietary Supplements
TTC Founder  Scott Steinford  writes about The Transparency Trail for Dietary Supplements and why it's critical for natural retailers. Get the edge
The Analyst's Take: 36% of US consumers report increases supplement use during pandemic
NBJ's Claire Morton Reynolds shares the scoop on consumer supplement shopping habits and if they're sustainable. Get the edge
Defending Vitamins: What’s wrong with the science?
Why is supplement research treated the same as drug research when supplements aren't drugs? Get the edge
Finding Value and Trust in Branded Ingredients
Branded ingredients were a relatively new concept 20 odd years ago, but now they are a prevalent part of our industry, although often misunderstood and undervalued by both brands and retailers . Get the edge
Under the Ingredient Transparency Center, Trust Transparency Center Establishes the Collagen Stewardship Alliance
TTC announces the formation of the Collagen Stewardship Alliance (CSA). Under the direction of TTC's new Scientific & Technical Director Nathan Gray, CSA will steward the global collagen category, bring transparency to source/origin, mitigate marketplace confusion, identify and promote product quality parameters, engage surrounding sustainability, and protect ingredient and product integrity. Get the edge>>
Navigating Contract Manufacturing Relationships in 2020
Sandy Almendarez interviews contract manufacturing leaders to discuss challenges in the wake of COVID-19 and contract manufacturing in general Get the edge>>
Which Covid-19 Data Can You Trust?
There's no shortage of data on COVID-19, but how do you know what to trust. This article from Harvard Business Review provides some good guidelines for what's real Get the edge
ICYMI: Recent TTC Articles
What immune ingredients do shoppers want right now?
What’s Wrong with this Picture? Focus on Contract Manufacturing

Crisis makes the mind go stronger

Want to learn more? TTC CEO Len Monheit wrote short piece on what sets this event apart in A New Virtual Reality. Read it here .
Under the Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC), TTC tracks the latest news and science on hot ingredients and will share those each month in this section. If there's a category you want tracked or if you want to learn more about what we're doing at ITC, please email

{Curcumin} Curcumin supply escapes worst of coronavirus supply disruptions | Nutraingredients Read it>>
{Curcumin} Yep, Turmeric Can Benefit Your Cycling Performance and Muscle Recovery | Bicycling Read it>>
{Prebiotics} European Commission opinion deems HMO safe to place on market as Novel Food | Nutraingredients Read it>>
{Prebiotics} Dietary prebiotics alter novel microbial dependent fecal metabolites that improve sleep | Nature Read it>>
{Prebiotics} Prebiotics group signs powerhouse new member as interest in ingredients spikes | Nutraingredients Read it>>
{Coconut} 13 Studies on Coconut Oil and Its Health Effects | Healthline Read it>>
{Coconut} Coconut classification leads to allergen confusion | Food & Beverage Insider Read it>>
{Collagen} Collagen peptides are some of the growing ingredients in the functional ingredient space | Food Navigator USA Read it>>
{Collagen} BioCell dietary matrix of collagen and hyaluronic acid reduces visible skin damage. Nutraingredients Read it>>
{Mushroom} Forget CBD. Mushrooms Are the Beauty and Wellness Superfood You Need Right Now | Robb Report Read it>>
{CoQ10} Coenzyme Q10: Clinical Applications in Cardiovascular Diseases | Antioxidants Read it>>
{CoQ10} Q10 Bioavailability Enhancement | 2Q2Q Read it>>
{Vitamin K2) Preliminary research links low vitamin K status to worse outcomes for COVID-19 patients | Nutraingredients Read it>>
  • MAY 14: CCA Coladas & Conversation | Click here to learn more.
  • MAY 15: The Prebiotic Market: Emerging Science,Trends and Opportunities during the Vitafoods Digital Week Gut balance and immune health session | Click here to learn more.

  • MAY 15: Ric Scalzo Institute for Botanical Research: Advances in Evidence-Based Botanical Medicine Virtual Research Night. | Click here to learn more.

  • MAY 19: Prebiotics & Immunity: Your Guide to the Science and NPD Process Webinar | Click here to learn more.
  • MAY 20: Hemp Collective Virtual Summit | Click here to learn more.