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When it comes to air and fluid flow measurement, you can count on the industry leaders. 
With the right solutions in place, you can significantly reduce operating costs in your building by monitoring and controlling outside air. You can also rest easy knowing that you’re receiving more accurate measurements and simplifying operations and maintenance. 

EBTRON’s innovative measurement solutions have made them one of the most trusted and respected manufacturers in the industry. The GTx116e-P+ is their top-of-the-line solution for accurate and repeatable measurement in ducts and plenums and is ideal for outdoor air delivery monitoring and airflow tracking applications. Click here.
GTx116e-P+ features include: 

● Thermal dispersion technology 
● +/- 3% of reading accuracy 
● The ability to read low airflows 
● Plug and play operation 
● BACnet capabilities 
● The ability to send air flow and temperature 
● The capability to add a humidity sensor into the probe — *new feature 
Badger Meter has numerous flexible solutions for measuring fluids including water, steam and air/gasses. From Ultrasonic to Differential Pressure, Badger Meter has the right solution for any application. Click here.
Find the right technology for any medium:  

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