Dear Friends, 

The last few weeks, I have been busily decorating the office, to add a little holiday cheer and warmth. It turns out, I have discovered my inner Holiday fairy. My decorating philosophy is firmly planted in the belief that there can never be too many Christmas lights. I hope you enjoy the results on your next visit!

The theme of trust has been coming up recently, so I thought I would share a personal triumph and message on the topic.

This past week, I traveled to Phoenix to pick up my son from the airport. Being that we live in such a small community, when we make trips outside of the bubble, we do our best to make the most of it.
On this particular journey, we were inspired for a trip to the Roller Skating rink! None of us had been skating for several years and so it seemed like an excellent way to enjoy the afternoon.

But there was just one balance.

Many years ago, I experienced significant damage to my inner ear, which occurred almost overnight.
Suddenly, it was very difficult to walk without falling, running into things, or being able to see a doorway and actually hit my target without bouncing off things to get there, like a human ping pong ball. My body was working so hard to compensate all the time, I was exhausted after one hour every day.

I spent months in physical therapy, and with the magic of the elasticity of the brain and later with the help of Reiki, my brain completely RE-WIRED itself to compensate for this severe damage. I'm incredibly grateful that my healing progressed to the point that I rarely even remember that this exists and others don't know unless I share my healing story (an absolute miracle if you had seen me 11 years ago).

So, I rarely notice any differences these days (thanks to Reiki self-treatments). But as I laced up my skate and took my first strides, I was looking and feeling a lot like a fawn trying to take first steps. Shaky and my compensation having trouble keeping up, I started to wonder if I could even do this? With each roll, it seemed like it wasn't getting better and the internal feelings of panic hit. Uh oh, now what?

As I was taking some carpeted practice strides, I heard the voice of one of my Spirit Guides say, "Trust your body. Trust that your body knows what to do." And let's say he had to speak pretty loud to get through my nervousness and the loud music in the background! Immediately, I felt a calm come over me. My anxiety stilled and I could feel my breath. I realized how much my brain was trying to think it's way into being a good skater and it was failing big time. So, I surrendered. I let go. I trusted the wisdom and different perspective to trust my body.

The moment, I made this shift, I immediately went from shaky fawn legs (and someone's potential youtube video) to propelling forward! In a few practice laps I was out on the ring! It was a complete and total turn around.
When I let my body do what it needed to do without thinking about it, I was an epic skater :)

I was going lap after lap in gratitude for my healing and also the knowledge to trust and let go. I even out-skated the kids, I was so happy!

Sometimes, we just have to step out on our wobbly legs and let go - trusting our path and knowing that on a Soul level you wouldn't be there if you didn't have the strength and ability to get through it.
It was a good reminder for me and I hope for you too.

I hope this year has brought you many opportunities to triumph, and that you take the time to celebrate your successes and the guiding light within.
Happy Holidays!

Many Blessings, Love & Light, 
Christina Wooten

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