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April 28, 2020
Trustee's Office 

We thank everyone for their cooperation during this crisis in our attempts to protect you and our employees. Our team has remained available during regular office hours every day and will continue to do so. We implemented some changes which will remain in place through at least Friday, May 15th, subject to extension, including limited public access to our offices on the upper floors at 157 Poplar. We encourage you to do business with us through our smartphone app at PayIt901, through the mail, or online , and our staff is available by phone at 222-0200. Please mail us a money order or check rather than bringing cash. Mailed payments are good for the date of the postmark and if you request a receipt, one will be sent to you. You can also print tax receipts from our website.
If you have been financially impacted by this crisis and are unable to pay your property taxes, please contact our office at 222-0200 about a payment plan. Our team will try to help.
NOTE: The deadlines for applications for tax relief and tax freeze were extended to July 1st. If you've never had time to see if you qualify, maybe now is the time! Go here and find out:
If you do come to our building, you'll be greeted in the lobby by our virtual assistant - via video-chat. He or she can determine your needs and if necessary, an elevator will be unlocked for you to come up to our offices. There's also a drop box in the lobby.
Your payments and correspondence will continue to be processed, and our staff is available to discuss your other needs. Over 85% of our employees are working remotely and we have only a skeleton crew in the office, so we appreciate your patience.
All the best to each of you and we hope you stay safe and healthy!
Regina Morrison Newman
Shelby County Trustee

Virtual Assistant Available to Help Taxpayers

The Trustee's Office will continue to assist taxpayers in the 1st floor lobby of 157 Poplar with a Virtual Assistant.
Shelby County Trustee | 901-222-0200 | P.O. Box 2751 | Memphis, TN 38101