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Trusting Your Feelings
-Connect with Your Larger Self-

by Selacia

Being alive now can inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and to expand our view of how we serve in the world. To manifest our inspirations into physical reality, we must trust our inner wisdom, then take steps to transform ourselves. Sounds easy. In practice, it can be challenging. Continue reading to know how to navigate this conundrum.


We are naturally intuitive beings from birth. As children, and even in the womb, we can sense our environment and intuit things. We house within ourselves both a divine feminine and divine masculine. It is the feminine aspect we tap for flashes of insight and a knowing of how to proceed in life. That feminine side of us is always there, regardless of whether we are female or male.

However, for millennia the feminine has had a backseat role in society. Intuition, nurturing, and inner listening have been devalued. Dream interpretation and sharing of intuitive insights--involving no linear basis of proof--are still in humanity's dark closet of suspicion. This dynamic has been harmful to humanity's evolution.

Women historically tended to be more tangibly in touch with intuition and a simple knowing of how to nurture and provide care. Yet even women--due to societal conditioning discounting intuitive gifts--learned to doubt or devalue what they knew. Women in general felt more comfortable sharing such things with other women.

While the mothering instinct to nurture a child today is strong--even a survival skill--the act of female self-care is often sidelined. Side-by-side with this dynamic, many women today struggle with their feelings and intuitive nature. Learned distrust of self-generated intuitive insights can cause women to doubt themselves.

Feelings and the Moon

The Moon is associated with feelings, nurturing, and intuition. In my book The Spiritual Compass I devote a chapter to helping you understand moon energy in your life.

This week we have an auspicious Moon! On July 9-10 the Moon is in the sign of Cancer. With that placement comes a focus on self-care, nurturing, and giving to others. Cancer, ruled by the Moon and connected to the element of water, can elevate feelings--including those involving nurturing, helping others in need, and intuiting optimal self-care needed now. This placement is also focused on the home and home base, whatever that may be for you. In some cases, early life themes and people from your past may come into the picture.

It's not uncommon for intense feelings and mood swings to arise during a week like this. Allow for these as you make decisions and interact with others. When such feelings surface, intentionally tap into them for increased self-awareness. If you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings, take a time-out to reflect on their meaning.

Here's another way to work with this week's potent Moon. Use this time to purposefully deepen your trust in the subtle whispers of your intuition.

These whispers come in unlimited forms: dreams, a knowing right after asking a question within your own mind, insights during a connection with a nonphysical spiritual guide during a meditation like we will do July 10 for Cosmic Connections.

Stay mindful of the fact that it is your feminine aspect that can help you connect with your larger self--the part of you that is quantum, cosmic, vast, and eternal. This feminine aspect is a direct line to your inner wisdom!

I wrote this recently on my Facebook page:
"Beyond the mist of our conditioned unknowing lies the brilliance emanating from our inner wisdom that knows all things."

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.

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Other Offerings by Selacia
Private Virtual Sessions With Selacia
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Sessions - General Information
Self-awareness and the ability to go within for understanding are key to our personal and spiritual growth. Each of us alive now is in a process of spiritual unfolding and becoming more of who we really are. In that process, we must face our own shadow and look deeply at conditioning that keeps us stuck in a linear limited existence.

The purpose of 1-1 sessions is to have an experienced neutral guide - helping you to uncover and bring to light what's in the way of your joy and inner peace. The process involves a series of sessions over time, helping you to see a larger picture and heal what's blocking your ability to thrive. Sometimes sessions involve a DNA-level pattern you've been carrying from your ancestors. Other times, sessions help you understand more optimal ways to lead others, run your business, or navigate relationships. In the process, healing happens for you and the circle of others you energetically touch in everyday life.

Self-Awareness & Self-Empowerment
The purpose of private sessions is to empower you, assisting you with self-discovery that comes more quickly when you have the support of an experienced trusted guide. As part of the spiritual path, increasing levels of self-awareness are needed. This accelerates the journey by leaps and bounds, for you are able to discern more quickly what's blocking your progress and to connect the dots regarding things outside your awareness. Becoming more empowered, you begin to make different and better choices - in the moment - rather than discovering months or years later the healthier choices you could have made.

Accessing Energy Field Around the DNA
During DNA healing, Selacia is able to intuitively see and connect with the field around the DNA. This field contains a person’s entire akashic map–not only related to this life but beyond. Within that field she is able to discern patterns and beliefs that keep people stuck-–stemming from this life, ancestors, and other lifetimes. The healing work sometimes involves clearing things like ancestral imprints in the DNA. Other times what is seen in the DNA field helps Selacia guide clients in their relationships, and to change their life or work in ways that serve their highest good.

There is a synergy involved in combining DNA healing and astrology. Your astrology will indicate your soul's path and dominant energies revealing potentials for your creative expression. This big picture adds depth and context to healing work.

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