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The Terrorist from Within: Grover Norquist
Obama & Dems Fail to Champion a Champion (Again)
Will You Be the New American Exceptionalism?
To Catch a Schmuck: Good Advice from... Jack Abramoff?!
Ugly America

Supreme Court justices are not bound by the same ethics canons that govern the conduct of other federal judges. 
Maybe that's why Justices Scalia and Thomas engaged in another episode shockingly bad judgment and were the featured speakers at a lawyers organization dinner which had guests and sponsors who will be representing the opposition to health care reform.  
Ask Chief Justice Roberts to make the court abide by the canons of ethics and ask Scalia and Thomas to recuse themselves on the health care review.  

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Brian RossGreetings!

This is the first monthly digest that we've published in two months. When we said that we weren't going to bug you much, we really weren't kidding. 

One of our aims at t2P is to take you to the points of origin of the people and events that make up your daily news. The Tea Party, the Occupy Movement, and much of our political gridlock trace themselves back to a handful of very rich people who formed a group called the John Birch Society decades ago, who then tried to turn themselves into a political party, the Libertarians.  After 30 years, they've co-opted the Republican party and are destroying your government far more effectively than even Bin Laden or the Soviets could... from inside.  

Read the stories here, but particularly take a moment to read about Grover Norquist, their spear carrier. It's not just about the "tax pledge."   Also, sign our petition to get the Supreme Court to follow federal judicial ethics canons.

Merry Christmas and let's hope 2012 is a better year!

Brian Ross
Managing Editor 
I Pledge Allegiance to Grover Norquist 

I Pledge Allegiance to Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist's infamous "tax pledge" gridlocking government is only the tip of a 30 year iceberg.  Norquist is a New Deal hating Libertarian jihadi bent on the destruction of the United States government from within.  He has spent decades rebuilding the Republican Party from the ground up in colleges and the grass roots, installing people who killed the Republican Party and moved it to the far Right.  From Iran Contra to the scandals that brought down House speakers Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay to the pledge, Norquist has been the epicenter of the devolution that we face today.  A must read if you want to save this country from returning to the days of the robber barons and Social Darwinism where the rich are really rich and the poor have no social safety net.  Where there is no justice for women and minorities other than what a few powerful white families have to say about it.  Meet the spear carrier of the Dead Billionaires Club: Grover Norquist.


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t2P Activism

 It's time for a new concept in jobs: ON-SHORING.  If we can send them off, then we can bring them back.  Customer Service is an easy win. Tell Amazon that it's time for them to show that, along with taking from the communities around the United States, it is time to give a little back and HIRE AMERICANs to do their customer service jobs. Join us on Facebook and email Amazon!
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Getting Schooled on the Economy Economy 101
Most of us don't know squat about the forces pulling on our economy.  Economics are drier than the Sahara desert. Until now. A couple of new humorous rap music videos lay it all out for you. Also, the video which finally exposes the GOP desire to prolong your economic misery for political gain. [Click Here.]

Obama & Dems Fail to
Champion a Champion (Again)
Obama and Dems Fail to Champion a Champion (Again)

First it was Elizabeth Warren. Now Dr. Donald Berwick, the interim appointee who was the point man for the health care reform law. finds himself without backing from the Obama Administration and is forced to step down. His crime? Suggesting that he admired the British system of health care which the Republicans in the House seized upon as a way of shutting down Berwick, who was investigating how to save you money and improve your health by coming up with better standards to help doctors pick the right medicines and machines and reduce waste and fraud.  Dr. Deborah Shlian weighs in.

Will You Be the New American Exceptionalism?
I will be the New American Exceptionalism


Education is not just a cornerstone of Democracy: It is our foundation, our bedrock. It is crumbling beneath our feet because the 1% who hold power know that education means real democracy,  and with it expansions of economic and social power to a wider population. It threatens their age-old dominance and the massively inequitable distribution of wealth which they enjoy by stacking the deck.
The Occupy Movement is just the beginning of the reaction to 30 years of the far Right's push to return us to the dark days of Social Darwinism.  The new "greatest generation" will have to combat fascism not abroad, but from the Libertarian army dismantling government from within.
Are you ready to be the new American exceptionalism?
To Catch a Schmuck: Good Advice from... 
Jack Abramoff?!
To Catch A Schmuck: Good Advice From... Jack Abramoff?!
Jack Abramoff is a bad man. A convicted federal felon, he's making his fortune back on his book and hitting the rubber chicken circuit for big bucks.  

That being said, some of his advice for how to break the triangle between the corporate world, K Street lobbying and Capitol Hill ain't half bad...

Ugly America

Ugly America
That we have the kind of crass, horrific incivility in our polarized politics, and our Right-intimidated media, is not surprising. 

What is sad, shocking, and somber, is the conduct of thousands, perhaps millions of Americans who do the bidding of the 1% even when it contradicts their own self-interest and their personal moral compass.