Hello Kathryn,


As I look around, I see that we are in a change of seasons. Fall is here and the leaves are changing. In my opinion, fall is one of the greatest transformations of nature. In fall, all the leaves change and we see beautiful colors. We really see what lies underneath the leaf when the leaf begins to die and fall to the ground.

Right now, I am living in a season of tremendous change. Through much prayer, I can say that a lot of this change is God ordained. But just because I know it is from God, it does not mean that my heart welcomes all this change.

Change can be stressful, especially when we don’t know the reason behind the change or believe that it is necessary. Sometimes we like to hold on to the present way even if the present way is dysfunctional. We like to hold on to things or seasons because they are familiar. When things are familiar, we feel a sense of control. No matter how bad or hurtful those familiar things are, the fear of the unknown can have more power over us than our present pain or dysfunction.

Over the past few months, my life has been one change after another and I feel like I am gripping the steering wheel and saying Lord not another curve in the road. But in the times when my faith is weak and I am looking for the exit ramp, the Holy Spirit whispers to me to say “I got this. You put your faith in me.” I am reminded it is not the size of my faith, the temperature of my faith, or the depth of my faith that matters. It is the object of my faith.

Jesus Christ is the object of my faith and because of that, I can have peace in the middle of all this change. Malachi tells us, “I am the Lord and I do not change; as I am, so I shall be and have always been; even from everlasting to everlasting.”

I can trust in a God that never changes. That means that He will always be. There has never been a time when He has not been. God is an ever-present help in times of trouble. Where else would I go but to the Lord who is a consistent peaceful presence in the midst of my turmoil?

Hallelujah for a God that never changes and never loses sight of where I am. If you are in a season of change and feel anxiety overwhelming you, pray in the secret place. God will meet you right where you are. I pray that he showers you with His love and peace as only He can do.

Unit next time!

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Dr. Cheryl Davis is a conservative Christian, Bible-teacher, conference speaker, wife, mother, and Proverbs 31 Woman.


Dr. Davis is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Truth Project, a 501(c)(3), non-profit last days Christian ministry located in St. Paul’s, NC that she and her husband Thad Davis lead.


Dr. Davis is the CEO of Primary Health Choice, an I/DD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) behavioral health company in North Carolina. She is a graduate of the School of Medicine at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

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