Mission of Divine Mercy
Faith, so that God May Act
 Monastery - Sanctuary - Retreat Center 
The Rosary Coast to Coast
Sunday, Oct.7

" A world wide effort to combat the Powers of Darkness --the Powers that seek to stifle the Light."

This Sunday, the Mission will offer the Rosary
at 10 AM* in St. Joseph Chapel. All are welcome.

For more information:

*People are encouraged to pray between the hours of 1-4 pm, but we will offer ours in the morning when the largest number of people can participate.


O my Jesus,
You know that I have gotten myself into
a lot of trouble for speaking out the truth.
O truth, so often oppressed,
you nearly always wear a crown of thorns!
O Eternal Truth, support me
that I may have the courage to speak the truth
even if it would come about
that I would pay for it with my life.
O Jesus, how hard it is to believe in this,
when one sees one thing taught
and something else lived.

From Divine Mercy in My Soul: the Diary of St. Faustina
St. Anne's Pavilion Blessed
St. Anne's Pavilion was built on Tepeyac Hill, adjacent to the Teocalli. It serves as a place of shelter and comfort for the elderly, ill or physically challenged who attend Mass at the outdoor sanctuary.

On Thursday, Sept, 27th ,
the pavilion was blessed in a
 small ceremony.

Mother Magdalene leads the gathering in a decade of the Rosary while Fr. John Mary blesses each structural support.
Andy and Linda Landrum admire the plaque in memory of his mother,
Mary Virginia Landrum.

Encounter With Jesus

Oct. 25-28 --Men (English)
Nov. 8-11 -- Women (English)

Men's (Spanish) retreat
is being rescheduled for the new year.
Fr. John Mary's Sunday Homily
Sept. 30, 2018

COR JESU retreats are for people who have already made an Encounter With Jesus retreat.

Men -English

For more information and to register please go to

OR call
Sarah and Mariano Granados

Heading Here

In response to requests that we make giving to the Mission easier for people who don't carry cash, we have initiated a new credit card kiosk. It is located at the foot of road to the Chapel.

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The Mission depends entirely on donations in order to carry out our ministry. We do not receive financial support from the Archdiocese.
Please pray to see if God wants you to help support His Mission of Divine Mercy.

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