It was the Court of Public Opinion that convicted the three Puna men, long before they went to trial; they never had a chance. It will be the Court of Public Opinion that exonerates these three innocent men - Frank Pauline, Jr., Albert Ian Schweitzer and Shawn Schweitzer.

Our documentary "Who Killed Dana Ireland?" tells the truth about the case. (See ) But the truth cannot help unless people hear it. So we tell people how they can view the video. We do this by newspaper ads, Bar magazine ad, posters on community billboards in Puna, promotions on Facebook and soon we hope to be on Twitter. 

The target audience of the Court of Public Opinion is the Puna and Hilo Districts on the Big Island. Second, it is the entire State of Hawai'i. 

We released on Youtube our video, "Who Killed Dana Ireland?" on March 28, 2018, three and one-half months ago. 

Here is some data from Youtube:

a. 4/19/18                 712 views
b. 6/1/18                1,837 views 
c. 6/20/18               3,016 views   
d. 7/9/18                4,571 views

The average length of a person's view is 18 minutes. We know from our marketing plan and reports from Youtube the approximate break-down of who has watched the video to be: 

1. Puna and Hilo Districts about 3,000 views.
2. Hawai'i legal community about 1,000 views. 
3. Mainland is about 500 views.

Anecdotally there is a great deal of "buzz" in in the Hilo/Puna Districts, exactly what we are trying to create. Good things are happening, the good people of Puna and Hilo are hearing the truth. And just maybe (see "Who Killed Dana Ireland?) the real killer is identified and apprehended. We shall see ... 

Judge Michael Heavey (Ret.)
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"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth."

The Buddha