Try 5 for $50!! 
We love seeing lots of new names sign up for our e-blast so we want to thank you for connecting with us by offering you a sweaty good deal! Try any 5 of our mid-morning classes on our schedule for $50! That's right, new clients can snag our Try 5 for $50 (retail is $80) offer and enjoy sampling our mid-morning weekly classes: Toned to the Core, Barre, Bootcamps, POUND, and more! 

Please visit Sweat Pricing to purchase this deal before it ends! You have 1 week to purchase!! *Deal good for any mid-morning classes Monday-Saturday.
Mid-Morning Classes moving to 9am
WHEN: starts week of 10/5
Based on feedback from clients, we are moving all of our mid-morning classes Monday through Friday to 9am. We heard 8:45 was cutting it close for some and that 9:45am is too late so hopefully 9am will be just right! We appreciate your feedback and are here to offer the most CONVENIENT schedule for our clients!

Please visit our online schedule for the complete listing of current class offerings. 

Visit our online schedule to reserve a spot in classes:

Coming Soon!!
Youth & Adult
Hip-Hop Classes

Male & Female Youth Strength Programs

Both will be added to our weekend studio schedule in October. Email for more info!