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 March 2015 


Spring is just around the corner and will bring a welcome change to local weather. Spring also inspires us and brings a feeling of renewal as we witness new growth around us.   


This renewal can come from within us as well, if we practice a religion or engage in spiritual activities. Many of us do; some of us don't. Many in the West practice yoga just for the physical and health benefits, foregoing yoga's traditional Hindu roots. But there's a movement in India to reclaim yoga's spiritual and intellectual heritage and award it "brand" status. Which begs the questions: who owns yoga and can it be a brand?  

We have a few announcements about our yoga classes:  

  • A new Friday lunch hour class begins March 6, 12:10-12:50, led by Poonam Jain
  • The Wednesday 6-7pm class will have an emphasis on core strength and balance this month. It requires pre-registration.

         You can read about both classes below.  

  • Karma Yoga will be every second Saturday of the month. If you have a suggestion for an organization to support, send us an email.
  • Finally, yoga classes will be canceled March 7-8 for yoga teacher training.  

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We offer a wide variety of classes and times as well as services to give you a pick-me-up.  




Theresa Franklin, NCTMB, LMT, RYT, CMT
Olivia Kelly, NCTMB, LMT


Feature Article

workshopCan Yoga be a Brand?   

India Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently petitioned the United Nations for a "geographical indication" making yoga a brand belonging to India. This dovetailed with naming Shripad Yesso Naik "Minister of Yoga," who is promoting yoga, Ayurveda and other traditional teachings in schools, hospitals and government offices. The move appears to be an effort to reclaim yoga from the West.

But can yoga be a brand?

Bikram Choudhury's attempts to copyright his 26-asana sequence upset many people, agreeing with Deepak Chopra, who said, "Yoga belongs to the world."

If yoga is granted brand status for India, what would that mean to those in the West teaching and practicing yoga? You can read more about it here.
article3Two New Classes On the Schedule  
Lunch Hour Yoga with Poonam Jain

Take a mid-day break and get your weekend off to nulla great start with a 40-minute Lunch Hour yoga class. This all-levels class meets every Friday. You'll leave feeling refreshed for the rest of the day and ready for the weekend.

Class begins Friday, March 6, 12:10-12:50. 

Focus On: The Core for Strength and Balance - 4 Weeks to a Stronger Core

A well-developed core does more than give us that "6-pack abs" look. A strong core improves our balance and helps us hold postures longer so we can enjoy their full benefits. Off the mat, a stronger core equates to better functional fitness, helping us with daily tasks such as picking up a toddler or moving a piece of furniture.

This 4-week course will focus on the core muscles, what they are (there are more than you think), how they interact with each other and with the rest of our muscles, and how strengthening them benefits us.

Pre-registration is required. This encourages students to make a commitment. Consistent practice allows them to see progress over the four-week class. Space is limited to 10 so sign up today!

Call Be Well Now at 462-3900 to register for the Core Strength and Balance class or for more information on either of these new classes.

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9:00-10:00 am - Hatha
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9:00-10:00 am - Hatha
6:00-7:00 pm - Focus On: Core Strength & Balance 

6:00-7:00 pm - Vinyasa

12:10-12:50 pm - Lunch Hour Yoga 


10:30-11:30 am
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6:30-7:30 pm

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