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Well hello there! Long time no talk - sorry! We've been renovating our offices which is why you haven't received a newsletter from us in a while. But, we've also been "renovating" our newsletters to help you get from our newsletters to your favourite stores a lot quicker.

Give our new links a try! Simply click on one of the store logos below to see just how easy it is now to get to your favourite online store.
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Q: Other than these new special links in this newsletter, why do I normally have to log in to ShopandShare.ca before heading over to my favourite online stores?

A: Our retail partners track where shoppers come from and pay ShopandShare.ca a sales commission when you use our links and make a purchase. We keep 1/2 of the commissions to maintain our site and donate 1/2 to your chosen non-profit. Your unique ID# is embedded into our links so we can process the donations correctly.

Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre 
Kingston Pregnancy Care Centre is a non-profit agency that provides confidential services free of charge. We support women of all ages facing an unplanned or stressful pregnancy.   
Donation Amount: 10%
Donation Amount: *1 - 5%

Donation Amount: *0.5-2% (excl. gift cards)



Donation Amount: *0.5 - 2.5%
Donation Amount: *5% (excl. giftcards)
Donation Amount: *1 - 3%
Donation Amount: *2%
Donation Amount: 6%


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ShopandShare.ca Intro Video



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so they can help generate automatic donations for their favorite non-profit when they shop online, too.

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