There is no substitute for regular open hearted communication for maintaining fulfilling relationships. I have found a a particular couples communication exercise to be of great service for maintaining ongoing understanding and growth...
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Try this Couples Communication Exercise
Try This Couples Communication Exercise
Try This Couples Communication Exercise
There is no substitute for regular open hearted communication for maintaining fulfilling relationships.This takes work and commitment. I have found a particular couples communication exercise to be of great service for maintaining ongoing understanding and growth. I call this the:  Maintenance Couples Communication Exercise. In this video I share ways you can do this exercise with a partner as well as alone to enhance your empathy and effectiveness in reaching mutual satisfaction. This and many other insights and tools are offered in the 9 class video course: Being and Living the Love You Are now online.

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In this groundbreaking book, clinical psychologist, Jim Morningstar, PhD, shows how to achieve remarkable breakthroughs using the power of Therapeutic Breathwork. 
Unlike the more commonly known mindfulness breathwork techniques-which typically only involve slower-than-normal breathing-Therapeutic Breathwork is designed to also include faster-than-normal breathing  to enervate the sympathetic nervous system. This is especially useful in dealing with releasing blocks that arise while working through difficult emotional issues, including PTSD, addiction, depression, and anxiety.
Break Through with Breathwork is an accessible and thorough introduction to one of the most powerful tools in supporting health and wellbeing, reducing stress, and stimulating deep emotional and spiritual growth. 
This book will be of special interest to:
  • counselors and practitioners in the healing arts
  • anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma who has not gotten relief from                     traditional therapeutic approaches
  • agencies and organizations addressing chronic health and behavioral issues

It is a joy to share this material that I have lived and taught for 40 years: 
  • How breath awareness and modulation can give you mental and              emotional self control, 
  • How human consciousness has evolved and with it systems of therapy and breath mastery that fit each stage of this evolution,
  • How trauma is embedded in the nervous system of everyone to some degree and how faster than normal breathing can promote healing, along with 13 integrating techniques and 9 experiential exercises,
  • How we all develop body themes that graphically display our                   strengths and weaknesses and can be built on to our advantage,
  • How breathwork has helped countless people dramatically break through limiting patterns personally and professionally, 
  •  35 life-changing personal accounts included.
        - Jim Morningstar

Jim Morningstar
Jim Morningstar, PhD
is the originator of Therapeutic BreathworkTM, director of one of the longest-standing breathwork training centers in the world, and co-director and founder of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, which sets ethical and training standards for the  field of dyadic breathwork.

Praise for  Break Through with Breathwork

"Jim Morningstar has written a heartfelt masterwork of breath-centered therapeutic support. He draws on an expansive knowledge of multicultural breath practices throughout history and many years of his own deep personal work and professional practice. The result is a valuable contribution at the growing edge of modern therapy, and a revolutionary blueprint combining mind/body healing and the latest findings in brain research."  -Tav Sparks, author of The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm ; and director of Grof Transpersonal Training
"Jim Morningstar is a wise and visionary healer, who knows the ways of the body and the heart. His work opens from trauma to well-being, from past to radiant present." -Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher and author of The Roots of Buddhist Psychology
"A profound and comprehensive book based on extensive experience as therapist and trainer, including new scientific research and informative models from biology and sociology, thus underlining the central role of conscious breathing in daily life and healing work. A must-read for therapists in any area of personal development and healthcare." -Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann, international trainer in integrative breathwork and author of Manual of Breath Therapy and Coherent Breathing: Aligning Breath and Heart
"Dr. Jim Morningstar is one of the real pioneers in breathwork. In his new book he offers a good illustration of how Therapeutic Breathwork represents a new form of interactive healing that benefits both client and therapist. With its comprehensive theory and overview of breathwork, it is an essential contribution for breathwork as a whole." -Gunnel Minett, psychologist and author of Exhale: An Overview of Breathwork and How to Grow a Healthy Mind
"A pioneer in breathwork and energetics,   Jim   Morningstar   inspires the respect and admiration of practitioners   in the field. His work with integrative techniques and his insights has encouraged my personal and professional growth." -Dr. Belisa Vranich, clinical psychologist, media personality, and author of Breathe
"Throughout Break Through with Breathwork, Jim Morningstar presents actual case studies that add a wonderful human touch, as well as an explanation based on neuroscience for the changes that Dr. Morningstar has seen in clients during his experience as a breathwork practitioner. This book is one of the few books of its kind that demonstrates the safe and effective usage of faster than normal breathing in professional practice. Break Through with Breathwork should be read by anyone interested in evolving modern counseling techniques to keep pace with the growing need to help people face the challenges of life today. Both professionals and nonprofessionals alike will be struck by Jim Morningstar's clarity, involvement, and attention to detail, which is such an integral part of healing. A must-read! I highly recommend it." -Shirley Telles, MBBS, MPhil, PhD (neurophysiology), DSc (yoga); director of Patanjali Research Foundation in Haridwar, India
"Jim Morningstar was one of the first therapists in America to understand and explore the connection between mind, body, breath, and emotions. His approach, called Therapeutic Breathwork, has proven to be extremely effective in the field of trauma recovery, especially in cases where prescription medications and talk therapy have failed. His model of the six major breathing patterns and their link to basic body themes is truly unique and nothing short of brilliant. This chapter alone makes his newest book Break Through with Breathwork a must-read for every breathworker and all healthcare practitioners. And it offers invaluable support and genuine inspiration to all of us on the path of personal growth and spiritual development."  -Dan BrulĂ©, author of Just Breathe: Master Breathwork for Success in Life, Love, Business and Beyond
"Jim has created a wonderful guide to help empower practitioners from all walks to add breathwork to their toolbox. This type of breathing breaks through old, no longer useful patterns while helping the practitioner and client create a healthy new vibrant way of life. Jim instills the confidence and knowledge to begin this great life adventure of breathwork personally and professionally."   -Lauren Cafritz, breath facilitator, lecturer, and teacher