Tucker First has set aside this Sunday, April 25 as Mission Sunday. On that day, we will celebrate the missions of the church and highlight our accomplishments in missions in the past year. As part of the service, you will hear amazing testimonies from people who have benefited from the mission programs.

Becky Burnett, Chair of our "Mission Possible" Team, coined the phrase, "Mission Possible Team" last year when referring the persons currently serving on the mission committee.
Meet Our Tucker First UMC
"Mission Possible" Team
Leigh Andersen

Founder and co-director of the ESOL Program at Tucker First.

Advocating for people with needs is something I have always felt called to do. I love working in the ESOL program, because we are showing love to our neighbors who need to learn English in order to become fully incorporated into their new country. It is exciting to make these new friends, and to see them flourish as they become more confident with their language skills. We are all blessed by these relationships.
Evelyn Burkett

American Red Cross Blood Drive Coordinator

I coordinate the Red Cross Blood drives here at Tucker First. I also donate, literally sharing the life God has given me, as a way of thanking Him for my health. I always receive so much more than I give from working with our volunteers and meeting people in our community. I love our church's focus on missions. There truly is something for everyone. If you can't donate blood, you can hand out a snack. Volunteers make all of our missions possible!
Becky Burnett

Chair, "Mission Possible" Team, Trinity Table Kitchen coordinator, Trinity House T.E.A.M. dinner coordinator

I can’t think of a better way
to show Jesus that I love Him than by serving in missions. It gives me great joy and I feel closest to Him when I can be His hands and feet.
Rev. Anne Cumings

Associate Pastor,
Tucker First UMC

Missions is the active, lived out, embodiment of our faith. It is the place where we do as Jesus did. The missions committee at Tucker First is a thriving group of amazing people who really put their faith into action. It is a delight to be in ministry to all the world with this group.
Donna Davis 

Mission committee member and Tucker First representative on the N.E.T. Food Pantry Board of Directors

Every human being needs nutritional food. Reducing hunger in our community has been the basic mission since 1984 when the N.E.T. Food Pantry began in a space adjoining Jenkins Hall. That is why we continue to serve
Brian Friedman

Mission chair emeritus and volunteer for local and international projects and mission trips

I serve because Jesus calls us to be his hands and feet by serving the least among us, and in service I bring more joy and satisfaction into my own life by having a purpose that is greater than myself.
Kay Entrekin

Appalachian Service Project and Honduras mission trip coordinator

I love missions because, I wish I could say to fulfill the “Great Commission” (love God and love my neighbor) but I go to get God back into the "front and center" and to get love from my neighbor. My goals are purely selfish. The Holy Spirit reassures me that this is an acceptable use of the resources God has loaned me.
Ellen Griffith

Mission committee member

I am so very blessed and just appreciate the opportunity to help others. I'm fairly new to the area and continue to be impressed with all the mission work at Tucker First. I have been volunteering with NETWorks and look forward to serving in other capacities!
Katherine Griffith

Communications coordinator for missions and NETWorks volunteer

Missions is where you put the words you hear in worship Sunday to the hands and feet of service the rest of the week. Through communications, I love to tell the church’s story through words and pictures – especially its mission story. By telling the story, it makes a mission, “come alive” and encourages others to participate in that mission. 
Amy Keown
Mission committee member

Missions at Tucker First provides a place for me to be God's hands and feet in the community, nationally and internationally. There is always something that you can do to help spread God's love to others. I receive more from doing mission work than the people we are helping. I am blessed to be a part of the Tucker First Mission committee and am excited to see what the next year brings. 
Chris Moss

Director of Youth and College Ministries for
Tucker First

Three short reasons I believe mission work at Tucker First is important for us all, but more specifically our youth. First, it broadens our perspective, it helps us understand that the world is larger than our daily lives would have us believe. Second, it gets us out of our comfort zone. Mission trips have the unique ability to challenge our comfortable perceptions of God and the world. Third, and more specifically for our youth… It empowers our youth; mission work helps teenagers see what they are capable of achieving.
Vivien Nickelsen

Mission committee member

As a member of the mission committee, I have a special interest in being involved with “The Ends of the Earth” section, but I have also worked with many other parts of missions and am thankful to work with these gracious people. As individuals, God has put us on this earth to serve Him and His great command is to love one another. What better way to serve than being a member of the Tucker First mission committee. Being a part of the committee has made me more aware of the myriad ways we can serve God. It has made me more conscious of following God’s command and has opened my eyes to the many ways that we can be servants for our Lord.
Bill Penkava

Volunteer with Trinity House, Trinity Table, and the Cold Weather Shelter

Tucker First missions is important to me because I believe that we are all connected. We are one people and we need to treat each other like the brothers and sisters we are. We are called to love our neighbor. And, at the end of the day/mission, I believe that I am more fulfilled and more blessed than any brothers or sisters that I set out to "help".

Serve? If that is the word then I "serve" because I am called...because there is so much need for help and love in the world. Ya gotta get in the game!
Robin Pounds

Children First mission chair

God has blessed my life beyond measure. Sharing my resources and compassion serving children in need in our community is a way to express my gratitude and give back.
Gerald Varner

Senior Pastor, Tucker First UMC and Honduras mission team member.

As God's choice, holy and loved, put on compassion, kindness ... and patience. Be tolerant with each other ... Whatever you do, whether in speech or action, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, and give thanks to God.

Colossians 3:12-13,17
Ed Wheeler

Finance director for Tucker First mission committee, volunteer with Cold Weather Shelter and with NETWorks.

I am unable to separate my participation in mission outreach at Tucker First from my other activities within that community and the larger Christian community. All are motivated by a profound sense of gratitude to God and my desire to use the gifts He has given me to help His Kingdom come.
Rev. Paul Yeun

Mission committee member

I’m interested in missions because I’m a product of missions. I’m a convert from Buddhism to Christianity. I was converted to Christianity thru the faithful witnesses of two American missionaries to Ecuador, one was a pastor the other a medical doctor. I met them when I was in Ecuador for seven years helping my grandfather in his business. Because missions is so important to me, I have participated and led ten medical missions to South American countries.
Where do you see yourself in mission?
Raye Varney

While Tucker First member, Raye Varney is not on the "Mission Possible" team, she is making missions possible as a Board member of NETWorks.Community Ministries.

I am grateful to serve on the Board of Directors of NETWorks Community Ministries because of its extraordinary impact on our community and our neighbors. I serve in missions at Tucker First not only because of the impact on others but also because it lets me develop sides of myself that the workplace does not. I learn new things and I use skills that are not called upon in other settings. It's a blessing.
Tucker First UMC
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