Outdoor Movie Night This Sunday
To kick-off Youth Week 2020, the youth department is hosting a drive-in movie in the back parking lot of the Wesley Center. Members of the church are invited to join the youth and their families. The movie will be projected on a big screen on the loading dock of the Wesley Center and sound will be transmitted through an FM station. Family and church participants will enjoy the movie from the comfort of their own cars. There will be a “Youth Only” section located up front.

Space is limited and you must RSVP to participate! Please contact Chris Moss at cmoss@tfumc.org with questions or to reserve your spot. Parking opens at 7:30 pm; movie starts at 8:30 pm!
Tucker First UMC News
July 26, 2020
" Help For Our Weaknesses "

Rev.Gerald Varner, preaching
Sunday, July 26 @ 11:00 am

Join us online at tuckerfirst.org

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the Weekly Spotlight

Where is the weekly church bulletin insert, The Spotlight? You can access a pdf version of the Spotlight clicking on the spotlight image on the right. Then once you are on the web page, click the Spotlight download file.
Connect With Your Church Online
Online Opportunities For You to Stay Connected
Whether it is a word from our pastors, a Sunday morning worship service, a children's Sunday School lesson, or an online meet-up with our youth, you can find connections and inspiration online for these troubled times. Go to www.tuckerfirst.org and see all the opportunities available.
Each Tuesday at noon, Pastor Gerald will provide a devotion as well as general church information, prayer, and in-home activities suggestions.
You do not have to be a member of Facebook or the church Facebook page to view the Facebook Live event each Thursday at noon.
News and Notes
Preschool Enrolling for Pre-K
To meet the needs in the community, the Tucker First Weekday Preschool is now enrolling Pre-K students for the 2020-2021 school year.

School begins on Monday August 17. The preschool will be adhering to health and wellness guidelines. For questions or to enroll, please email Marti Coleman at preschool@tfumc.org .
Tucker First Regathering Plan
The Tucker First Regathering Plan is posted on our website. It will be updated on a weekly basis on Tuesdays. This data is being used to consider reopening as well as a phased plan for reopening. You can view the plan by clicking on the photo. This page will be updated weekly as new data is received.
Meal Train for Dave Deaton
As many of you know, Dave Deaton is a blind member of our congregation. Recently he was doing yard work, fell and broke his hip. While he does have roommates, Dave is on his own in terms of taking care of himself. He is on a very limited fixed income and needs all the support and love we can extend him! Please consider signing up to bring him a meal and/or donating to help with medical costs and other needs. You can sign up by clicking on the logo.
Opportunities to Volunteer
Where Are the Volunteer and
Service Opportunities?
The needs of our community and the activities of the mission committee are vast and due to the number of ads and stories, we have once again moved the mission messages to a separate email.

Our mission team has many opportunities for you to volunteer through donations or in-person assistance. Whether you are staying at home or are comfortable getting out, there is an opportunity for you.

Can't wait? Check out the volunteer needs for missions by going to:

What Can We Do About Racism?
We recognize racism as a sin.

We commit to challenging unjust systems of power and access.

We will work for equal and equitable opportunities in employment and promotion, education and training; in voting, access to public accommodations, and housing; to credit, loans, venture capital, and insurance; to positions of leadership and power in all elements of our life together; and to full participation in the Church and society.

What can we do?

Educate Ourselves- Resources can be found at NGUMC.org . and UMC.org. You can also click on the logo.

Watch the video series by the UMC General Commission on Race and Religion and read a follow up discussion from Bishop Lawson Bryan from the South Georgia Annual Conference. Act!-Give your time and money towards organizations working for racial justice.

Become an advocate for justice through the General Board of Church and Society ( www.umcjustice.org )

Connect with the United Methodist Women in their work for racial justice.

Use this Breath Prayer Exercise from Bishop Ken Carter of Florida.
From the Church Staff
Do You Know These Members?
The church office has received returned mail from several members and we are looking to update their contact information. We hope you can help. Please review this list and email Stephanie Shanholtzer at sshanholtzer@tfumc.org with any address or email updates.
Combating Anxiety During the Pandemic
In Paul’s writing in Philippians, he says “Do not be anxious about anything”. That’s hard, especially during these times.

Click on the image for an article that addresses fear and provides tips to for combating anxiety.
Are you celebrating a milestone birthday, anniversary or other life event during this time of quarantine?

Though we cannot celebrate with you in person, we want to send you a virtual hug or high-five and share your good news with the congregation in upcoming editions of the digital Spotlight.

Please send us your good news by leaving a message with the church office at 770-938-3030 or emailing Stephanie Shanholtzer at sshanholtzer@tfumc.org.
Simplify Your Summer
Giving by Going Electronic!
You are doing a great job of being faithful in your giving to Tucker First. Thank you!

This summer, please remember to not let your church offering slip. Here is how you can give online and also setup reminders for your giving.

On the web: Use this link to get started

The Give+ app on your phone or other mobile device . Look for it in the App Store or Google Play. Setting up and making payments are quick and easy.

Text-to-Give at 833-488-6350 . Simply type in the amount you would like to give and you will be prompted on how to complete the donation.

Remember - you can always drop your offering in the secure mailbox in front of the church.
Follow Us on Social Media
We have a church twitter account - #TuckerFirstUMC

Check out these Facebook pages.


Additionally, the websites of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church ( ngumc.org ) and the United Methodist Church ( umc.org ) are great resources for messages and stories of hope.
Prayer Requests
How Can We Pray For You?
Our prayer ministry lifts your concerns in prayer. You can now submit prayer requests online at www.tuckerfirst.org or you may contact the church office at 770-938-3030 with your prayer request.
Prayer Requests for First Line Responders
Are you or someone you love working as a first line responder during this health crisis? Our prayer team would like to pray for you and your loved ones by name. Please send us these names by leaving a message with the church office (770-938-3030) or send an email to sshanholtzer@tfumc.org .
Tucker First UMC
5095 LaVista Road, Tucker, GA 30084
In the wake of the pandemic, the church office is closed. If you need to drop your tithe off at the church, please use the locked mailbox in the front of the church. It is checked daily. All church staff receive an email notification when a voicemail is left on their office phone extensions, and they will still be available to the congregation by email. If you need their email addresses, you can find them on the church website at www.tuckerfirst.org .
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