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Tucker House Happenings
Country Fun Nature Camp
Country Fun Nature Camp 2019 was a success! We hosted over 40 kids during our two weeks of camp this July. Campers had fun outdoors, learning about nature through a variety of different group activities.

Campers learned about our seed saving garden, toured the arboretum and went on an informative nature walk. We played endless games, sang fun songs & made some awesome crafts. They were also challenged during our camp wide games to work together as a team.

A special thank you to all who sent us donations! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to include more kids at camp and offer them a unique summer experience!

Check out our facebook page to see some awesome photos from camp this summer. See you next year CFNC campers!
Open House
Hosted July 28th, 2019

On July 28th, Tucker House hosted its annual Open House. We had the pleasure of meeting new neighbours, hosting return campers and reminiscing with retired staff. It was an opportunity for our community to learn more about Tucker House programming, meet other awesome organizations, enjoy good food, take a nature walk, explore the historic house and take a dip in our pool. Thank you to all those who came out to take part in the fun!

We also would like to extend a huge thank you to all our special guests including; Boisés Est , Ecology Ottawa , Bytown Paranormal & the Clarence-Rockland Ghostbusters . And a special thank you to our lovely neighbour, Marie, who shared her knowledge about the house’s history by guiding tours.
Mises à jour et mises à niveau de la propriété

Avec 33 acres de propriété, il y a toujours des projets et des améliorations à faire. Cette année avec l’aide financière de la Fondation Trillium de l’Ontario, nous avons pu transformer une ancienne grange inutilisable en un nouveau pavillon à usages multiples. Le pavillon est rapidement devenu un bâtiment important et a été utilisé pour organiser des pique-niques en famille, des réceptions de mariage, notre camp de jour et des programmes éducatifs. 

Nous avons également transformé un champ vide en un arboretum. Il compte maintenant plus de 80 arbres, toutes des espèces comestibles et indigènes à la région. Cet automne, nous avons utilisé l’arboretum comme espace d'enseignement pour enseigner aux élèves l’importance de la biodiversité.
Fall Events

We had a lovely time hosting Tucker House's 2nd meditation retreat earlier this fall. We had 10 participants who came from near and far to enjoy weekend of relaxation & self-reflection.

Together, we practiced yoga, meditation & mindfulness. New friends were made along the way too!

We would like to thank Sobina Yoga, Lor's Holistic Health Treatment & Myriam's Mindfulness for your expertise and leading our workshops.

Accommodation and meals were included and catering by Tucker House staff and Little Jo Berry's in Ottawa.

Fall Workshops
This fall we hosted a few new workshops which focused on community building and environmental learning.
Children's Clothing & Toy Exchange

In September, parents had the opportunity to exchange gently used clothes and toys to find “new-to-you” items. It was also a great way for parents to reduce their footprint and to meet others in their own community. If you would like to participate in future events like this, send an email to programs@maisontuckerhouse.ca
L’atelier de conservation des semences

En travaillant avec Nathalie Mathieu, notre experte en jardinage, nous avons appris l’importance de la conservation des semences, et on a pratiqué des techniques de conservation. Cherchez-vous des semences d'héritage pour l'année prochaine?
Contactez community@maisontuckerhouse.ca ou visitez maisontuckerhouse.ca/seeds.
Pie Making Workshop

We had a great night of pie making fun! Using local ingredients and producing minimal waste, participants were walked through tips and tricks to making the perfect pie just before Thanksgiving! If you would like to get involved or volunteer at an event like feel free to contact us by email at programs@maisontuckerhouse.ca.

Halloween Party/ La Fête d’Halloween

Notre gala annuel de bienfaisance était le 26 octobre. Le thème était l’Halloween! Les déguisements de nos invités ont été très créatifs. Mille mercis à nos partenaires communautaires qui ont fait don des prix pour la tombola. Les fonds reçus vont financer la programmation de la Maison Tucker qui comprend notre camp de jour annuel, les sorties scolaires environnementales, et une série d’apprentissage de cuisine abordable. Tous nos programmes bénéficient aux enfants, adolescents et adultes de notre communauté de Prescott-Russell et d’Ottawa.
November 8, 2019

On November 9th, the awesome team at Bytown Paranormal and Clarence-Rockland Ghostbusters conducted for the first time ever a paranormal investigation at Tucker House. Participants were taken through the home, reviewed previously filmed footage and had the opportunity to learn more about investigation tools and methods used. Bytown Paranormal and Clarence-Rockland Ghostbusters neither confirms nor denies the presence of anything paranormal, and all of the research and work they did help us to better understand our history and feel comforted by the overall positive energy associated with the house.

A huge thank you goes out to the Bytown Paranormal & Clarence-Rockland Ghostbusters teams! Thank you so much for continuously promoting and attending our community events, hosting the investigation, helping us foster a greater sense of community and your generous donation.

Supporting Tucker House
"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference." 
- Kathy Calvin  

As a registered charity, Tucker House Renewal Centre relies on financial and community support in order to hire staff, run programming and upkeep our property. As we look back over the year, our hearts are full from the support we received from local businesses, organizations, churches, neighbours, past staff and more. It is because of your generosity that our doors are open. 
We would like to acknowledge and thank our regular supporters.

Anton Ehret
Danielle Hriatyshyn
Kenneth Johnson
Sean Maw
Leslie-Anne Robert
Fran Nikkel
Anna Moon
Bethany Baptist Church
Bromley Road Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
McPhail Memorial Church
Pleasant Park Baptist Church

In Fond Memory of Faithful Donors

Isobel McGregor
Joan Fulthorp Jubb
Peter Kurdziel
Kenneth Dawson
Une tasse de thé

Avec l’aide de la Fondation Communautaire d’Ottawa, nous avons mis à l’essai un nouveau programme appelé Thé chez Tucker. Au cours des derniers mois, nous avons régulièrement accueilli des groupes d'aînés à la Maison Tucker. Au total, nous avons accueilli huit groupes différents d'environ vingt participants chacun. Les groupes ont reçu une visite guidée de la maison et de la propriété. Avec l’aide des historiens locaux, les participants ont découvert non seulement l’histoire de la maison, mais aussi de la communauté. Bien sûr, il restait plein de temps pour bien manger et savourer du thé illimité. 

Merci à la Fondation Communautaire d’Ottawa qui a rendu ce programme possible. Chaque groupe a apprécié la sortie, et nous pouvons dire que nous avons également aimé les accueillir. Nous avons été inspirés par leurs histoires et leurs paroles de sagesse.

Learning from Nature
Eco- Education Program

One of our long-standing commitments is to environmental education. On a 33 acre property, there is so much potential to use our natural setting to inspire sustainable living and environmental care. This spring, with financial and practical support from Tree Canada and TD Friends of the Environment, we had the opportunity to expand our outdoor education facilities. In one of our unused fields, we planted over 80 trees (10 different native & edible species).  

The continued support from TD Friends of the Environment allowed us to offer accessible and affordable educational sessions this year. The program is aimed at getting kids outdoors, moving and thinking about the environment. This fall, we had over 400 students from local primary schools participate in taking care of our arboretum. This new educational space is a great venue for visitors to learn about biodiversity, the important role of trees and our role in taking care of them. We are thankful for and excited about the new learning opportunities that the installation of an arboretum presents now and in the years to come as it continues to grow.

Tree Canada & TD Friends of the Environment!

Moving forward, Tucker House hopes to offer high-quality environmental education for children in our community. We need your support! With the help of volunteers we would be better equipped to form relationships with local schools and facilitate activities on-site. Continued financial support helps to sponsor a school trip or finance supplies needed to keep our trees healthy. If you are interested in supporting our environmental education program, either by giving time or money, please contact us by email at programs@maisontuckerhouse.ca for more details.
Upcoming Events
Volunteer with Us! / Les possibilités de faire du bénévolat!
Volunteer Orientation- Nov 13- 19h-21h

Interested in giving back to your community? Would you like to help inspire people to live more sustainably? Tucker House is hosting a volunteer orientation night. It will be a chance for you to hear more about our programs, their impact and potential ways to you can help increase our capacity. We’d also love to hear any ideas for environmental workshop or programs you would like to see happen at Maison Tucker House.

Join us on November 13 from 3 - 7pm and November 15 from 12 - 7pm for a volunteer day! We will be doing some fall-clean up and would appreciate any extra hands!

Le parcours d'intégration des bénévoles - Nov 13-19h-21h
Seriez-vous intéressé(e) à redonner à la communauté? Voulez-vous aider à inspirer les gens à vivre plus durablement? La Maison Tucker accueille les membres de notre communauté pour un parcours d'intégration des bénévoles. Ce serait l’occasion d’en apprendre plus sur nos programmes, leur impact et comment vous pouvez nous aider. On aimerait aussi connaître vos idées pour des ateliers ou programmes environnementaux que vous aimeriez voir à Maison Tucker. 

Les journées de bénévolat 
 Joignez-vous à nous pour une journée de bénévolat! Le 13 novembre de 3pm à 7pm et le 15 novembre de 12pm à 7pm nous allons faire du nettoyage autour de la propriété avant hiver et nous apprécierions de l’aide.
Christmas Celebration with Santa/ La fête de Noël avec le Pėre Noël

Let's celebrate the Christmas season together at Tucker House. Come on December 8th at 1-4pm for a fun-filled, festive afternoon! This will be a great family event. There will be Christmas crafts, environmental gift wrapping ideas and station, a hot chocolate bar and a chance to meet and take a photo with Santa himself!
Célébrons la saison de Noël ensemble chez la maison Tucker. Le 8 décembre de 1pm a 4pm, nous organisons un après-midi de fête amusante pour toute la famille. Il y aura du bricolage de Noël, un atelier d’emballage de cadeaux écologique, un bar de chocolat chaud et la possibilité d’prendre un photo avec le Pėre Noël.
150 Years of Tucker House/Notre Anniversaire de 150 ans

2020 marks the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Tucker House! We are busy planning a whole host of events that will help our bring the Rockland community together to celebrate the unique history of our property and historic home. Stay tuned!
L'année 2020 marquera le 150e anniversaire de l’établissement de la Maison Tucker! Nous sommes en train de planifier des évènements qui nous aideront à rassembler la communauté de Rockland pour célébrer l’histoire unique de notre propriété et de notre maison historique. Restez à l’écoute!