Heaven & Nature Store
Saguaro Window and Bloom

New Treasures

from the Tucson Gem Show
Have Arrived!

Warm Your Spirit Here! 
Suguaro New treasures from the TUCSON GEM SHOW have been arriving every day for the past month!  We are overflowing with new crystals and jewelry that we can't wait for you to see!  It's amazing how we fit so much cool stuff into one little store
.  (Scroll down for photos of just a sampling of the treasures that await you at Heaven & Nature Store.)  Please come see what's new! 

We are hiring!  Please see below for an application. 
  • More than 1000 new rings!
  • Hundreds and hundreds of new necklaces, pendants and bracelets.
  • Fabulous new designs and settings!
  • Amazing selection of gemstones. 
  • Hundreds of crystal point pendants.
Thousands of new crystals! Come feel the good energy!
  • Tumbled stones, points, spheres, eggs, clusters, geodes, towers, lamps, pyramids, palm size, rough/natural pieces, rare specimens, natural points, small flat discs, polished free forms, hearts, word stones, carved animals, merkabas, skulls, slabs, candle holders, and massage wands.
  • We now have more than 600 different kinds of tumbled stones!
Crystal and gemstone lovers rejoice!! So many new and exciting stones to choose from plus more of all your favorites!  
Giant quartz point at the show

Now Open Till 8 PM!    
Spring Store Hours:      
Monday - Saturday:
10 am - 8 pm!

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Rock Hounds and Crystal Lovers Rejoice!
Hundreds of new rings!  (seven more trays!)  
Gorgeous & Unique New Jewelry! 
ALL Clothing 
Now 50% OFF!!
EXPIRES: April 25, 2019     
Crystal Pendant   
with purchases of $50   
($11.99 value!)

No need to print this coupon.  Just tell us you got the TUCSON GEM SHOW email.      

EXPIRES: April 25, 2019 

Heaven & Nature Store is Hiring!  
We are looking for a bright and beautiful spirit with a flexible schedule.

Please click below for an application or stop in the store to fill one out. 
Hours needed - Mondays and Tuesdays 12:00 - 3:00, Fridays 9:30 - 2:00 and various shifts on Saturdays.  Looking for someone with a flexible schedule who can also fill in for other shifts - day or evening, when needed.

Heaven & Nature Store Application 

Heaven & Nature Store
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Now open till 8 PM!


Monday - Saturday:  10 am - 8 pm!