March 2020 Edition
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At Tucson we debuted a brand new faceting machine - the VL Classic

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Views from the TGMS Main Show
Once again the TGMS 'main show' was the place to be in Tucson this year! The VL Classic Machine, introduced at the Tucson show, drew a lot of interest at our booth. People lined up to “play” with the recently-announced “affordable” addition to the ULTRA TEC line.  

Feedback that we’ve received from early purchasers has all been positive and complimentary , particular ly in appreciation of the VL’s accuracy (we told them it was good).  One user, commenting on the VL’s sturdiness, said “…this thing is built like a tank !” Well yes, that’s intended too -- it’s sturdy all right.

Dave Richardson (pictured above)was at at the booth in Tucson. Dave is an Instructor at the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club (OLPC).   He’s testing the Analog VL (the VL is also available in a digital version). Yes, we know he’s sitting behind the machine in this picture – don’t underestimate the tricks that Dave can do.

Congratulations are due to (among others) Nadine Marshell and Tom Ross who both won awards at the OLPC Hob Nob. Pictures below!

Look forward to Seeing You in Tucson Next Year!

VL Classic Faceting Machine
The New Member of the Faceting Team!
ULTRA TEC is proud to introduce the VL Classic Faceting Machine.

VL incorporates both brand new and classic features and is sturdy and responsive. VL is designed for both new and experienced cutters -who may well appreciate VL’s quality build and ease-of-use.

A special introductory offer means that full VL machine packages start from only US$3,495.

Set to become a ‘new classic’, VL is available with the Analog Angle Dial and Dial Indicator Readout (Standard), or upgraded with the Digital Angle Display (DAD), which replaces the Analog Angle Dial & Dial Indicator.
VL Classic Review
by Mark Oros
Mark Oros of Hashnu Stones & Gems was kind enough to take time and review his new VL Classic Faceting Machine. Please click for the document.
in Rock & Gem Magazine

Still Available!
The "Tools of The Trade"

The February 2020 issue of Rock & Gem Magazine featured a section on ULTRA TEC users and their experiences with our equipment.

Thanks to John Dyer, Mark Oros, Robert Lyttle, and Scott Sucher for sharing your words of wisdom!

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