Keep Aransas County Beautiful, Inc.
To All Aransas County
Fishing Guides and Friends!
Join Us for a Rewarding Day at Cove Harbor Wetlands
Tuesday, Oct. 30th - 8:00 a.m.

  • We've had one Air Boat person come forward and need a total of 4 to 6.

  • The KACB board has approved to pay a $250 stipend to the first 6 Air Boats to sign up and come out to offset the cost of your fuel and boat use.

  • All the boats that "come on board" will be recognized in our press releases, etc. and with local news affiliates covering the story.

  • We have our own liability insurance and will organize the program under our KACB organization's insurance umbrella with all participants signing waivers.

  • Our team has planned the event with the Navigation District, Dawson Recycling, Cove Harbor, etc. We have designed and implemented a tow system to easily and safely remove the debris over to Cove Harbor for them to pull out of the water and place in dumpsters.

  • Paradise Key - Catered lunch is included.

  • We are doing this on a Tuesday to not compete with high boat traffic.

  • Bring leather work gloves, fishing nets, wading boots and wear pants.

We plan on making it a fun and rewarding annual Fishing Guide and Friends event
the last Tuesday before Duck season starts each year.

- In short -
Waterway Needs:
We need volunteers with 4 to 6 air boats, a few bay boats, kayaks, a small barge, etc.

35 Business and Birding Area Needs:
We need volunteers to don waders, rain boots, etc., bring nets, and if you have them, kayaks to help us clean up 35 Business and the Birding area to the North of Cove Harbor.

**If needed, we will complete
the 35 Bus. Roadway and Birding site the Saturday, Nov. 3rd.

KACB - President D'Ann Williams 214-334-7959

Thank You to Our Sponsors, Thus Far:

Air Boats Signed Up, thus far:
Austin Nesloney

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