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March 14 MCU-SE meeting is moved to the Troy Community Center to support Act For America, Secure Michigan and SEMI Tea Party to view Hate Spaces, a film on hate and intolerance on Campus. 7PM ($5 donation)
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 "if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people,  under 
the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy."   Thomas Jefferson   
A Declaration...To Secure there Rights... Video

Conservatives Are Invited to strategize and network at MiCPAC 2017

MiCPAC 2017 - Holt, MI.
VIP Reception 4/28/2017 networking with key speakers and Michigan conservative leadership, supporting and enabling the grass roots!
Entertainment will include MCU member
and Vegas singer Michail Carluccio  Sample
Conference 4/29/2017 with major National and Michigan speakers, elected officials and group leaders from across the state. 
Sponsorships, Program advertising and tables available; email    (subject to approval)

March 13, 2017
Spring is 7 days away! 
 We d idn't see the wind this week, but we sure saw the results of it.
Faith is also like that! 

As utilities clean up the power losses, let's clean up governments.
Is YOUR community TOST? Does your health department control your
ability to sell or transfer your property?  Is this more Agenda 21? See the Michigan
section in this Newsletter and be fully briefed at MiCPAC!
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Would YOU have the courage to have coffee with someone who seriously differed
from your Worldview? An evangelist with a lesbian leader? Video (Thanks, Foster)

++ America Under Siege Civil War 2017 - Anti-Trump Agenda- destroy America, make America a socialist country - The strategy is to bring chaos - hate and derision against those with whom you disagree - demonize the opposition. Connect the dots - J-20 movement, the World Workers (Communist) Party, Russia's Anti Globalization (American) Movement, Freedom Road Socialist Organization - funded by the Putin regime? When does legitimate dissent cross over into active collusion with a foreign government? When does it become subversion, sedition and conspiracy? - Hidden cameras - See them conspiring!   22 Minute Film
Trevor Loudon from Christchurch, New Zeeland:"if your country goes down, so does mine" - Trevor is scheduled to appear at MiCPAC 2017.
NOTE: Dad used to say people are often guilty of that they accuse you of. In the face of all the accusations of Trump and/or Sessions and alleged collusion with Russia we find the truth is the Russian Ambassador and others have been given free rein to meet with all sorts of American politicians including Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and other Democrat leaders. See the hand over here, while the other hand picks our pocket. See more below including the Pelosi picture.

++  GOP Leadership "Obamacare 2.0" greatly disappoints Conservatives - The Republican Study Committee, a group of 150-plus conservative House members, sent out a memo Monday night raising serious concerns with the bill, which would roll back major parts of the healthcare law, but not as quickly or as fully as many members would prefer.
It appears that although the American people elected them again and again on the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, Republicans are doing the Republican thing and completely losing their nerve. They're making the sort of weak kneed compromises Democrats never do, and adopting the Democratic talking point that true market based reforms are the equivalent of leaving people to die in the streets. Their solution, like so many bad, large Republican bills of yesteryear, amounts to polishing and gold plating a turd."  More

++ RyanCare = ObamaCare lite? Ryan warns: if we don't pass my bill. "the system is going to collapse.
   "Understand the speaker's plan doesn't repeal ObamaCare," a member of the House Republicans' Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), said Sunday. "Even Charles Krauthammer said that, called it ObamaCare Lite, as you said earlier. It doesn't bring down premiums and it doesn't unite Republicans. So, why not do what we all voted for just 15 months ago, clean repeal, and then get focused and build some momentum to actually replace ObamaCare with something that's going to bring down costs?"
   Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is another Republican critic of Ryan's handling of ObamaCare's repeal. He says Ryan's bill makes the current problems in ObamaCare even worse, and is calling to slow down the process. More    (Thanks, Bob)
OPINION: Early indications are that President Trump may double down on Ryan's bill, indicating that there are two more phases in the works. We have often seen that subsequent phases never happen. As McConnell states the Senate will not get the tax cuts done by August as Trump requested, it is apparent the promises that they were working together were overstated. Conservatives must be prepared to push back when we see Republicans acting like Democrats.
++ Trump battles the "shadow government" - the leak of a phone call between a top Administration official and a foreign diplomat is more serious that the alleged impropriety of the call. If you believe the reports Obama salted the entire Federal government with traps and defaults, spies and bureaucrats loyal to Obama and his goal to fundamentally change America,  to undermine his successor. Leaking classified information and internal working information will undermine any government in a very serious way.  Read more Here

 Don't miss MiCPAC, Holt, Mi. 4/29.2007!

++ Pelosi Lies - AGAIN! -  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's claim she never met with Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak was contradicted Friday when an unearthed 2010 photo showed her sitting in a group meeting with him.    Article
++ Hypocrisy - Democrats accuse Attorney General Jeff Sessions of improper collaboration for a less entangled event - Sessions had just spoke at the Republican National Convention and was greeted off stage in a reception attended by two dozen foreign diplomats, including the Russian Ambassador.  Perhaps a public exchange of courtesies, but no private talk or meeting like Pelosi's.  

++ Obama to Russia - after this election I will have more flexibility: Video
++ Did Obama order or allow illegal wire tapping of Trump? Article
++ Is Obama organizing and leading a coup? Article  (Thanks, Bob)

++ MAXINE WATERS: Obama's Left A "very, very powerful" database in place..."Will have information about EVERYTHING...on EVERY INDIVIDUAL in ways that it's never been done before"  Article   (Thanks, Ruth)

+ + It took three cops and a chemical spray to subdue the youngest son of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's 2016 running mate, Saturday after he was identified as one of the counter-protesters who allegedly used fireworks to disrupt a rally in support of President Donald Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol. More

++ Outed - Long term mayor who pushed refugees - The people of Rutland, Vermont, have gained a measure of revenge against former President Obama's forced influx of Syrian refugees, voting out the five-term mayor who helped negotiate the controversial resettlements with a federal contractor.

++ Smart meters are a scam that "overcharge consumers by up to 582%" while at the same time collecting owner's data which is then sold to third parties for further profit, according to the first major university study into the controversial technology.
   The benefits to consumers have been less notable, including interference with some home routers, as well as the fact that a number of models have been shown to be relatively easily hacked. The right to privacy in your own home - not to mention fair energy consumption bills - is currently being fought.   Article   (Thanks, Michelle)
See the Michigan section for a legislative update!

Trump Rallies; Lansing event controlled by "green" Atlanta "tea party"
The Lansing rally was marred with controversy as scheduled speakers were barred and censored by a "newbie" who pulled the permit.
Protestors in disguise as anti-Trump radicals took over the Capitol front steps. The far leftists  issued a barrage of insults and threats.
++ THE TEN WORST CASES OF 'VERY FAKE NEWS' - A lying press is the enemy of the people. Link 

 Free Markets
++ Question: Bernie Sanders has gained traction among millennials. Why are developing minds especially charmed by socialism?
Answer - Lawrence Reed, Foundation for Economic Education:  Socialism offers what appears to be a magical quick fix, an illusion of security, a sense of power, the allure of authority. To developing minds, it has a sort of bumper sticker attraction. But the more thorough and logically one thinks, the more one realizes that decrees and mandates and good intentions are child's play, not the stuff of responsible adults who understand the way the world really works.
    A free society requires so much more of us than socialism does, which simply demands that we cough up our taxes and leave the state alone to plan our lives. A free society means you can't slough off your responsibilities onto somebody else or demand what doesn't belong to you or what others are unwilling to provide. A free society means you have to be honest, humble, patient, responsible, and respectful of the lives and property of other people. That requires character; socialism just demands your obedience. (Thanks, Nick)
++ Off FB
Dave Agema OPINION - Draining the swamp in Washington and Michigan will be difficult. Both parties desire to be in power and they will support their bad politicians because they are THEIR politicians. The two party's desire to stay in the majority has become more important than the people they represent. Both DNC and GOP Chairs in Washington and in the individual states job is to raise money to get their people elected- even the bad ones. It's about maintaining majority at all cost. Party grassroot members are expected to tow the line and support their party's elected officials no matter what and if they don't, they are labeled trouble makers or "wackos" and are cast out by all nefarious means possible.
   You can't drain the swamp unless and until the grassroots rise up and demand their party clean house. In effect, Trump has started a new party within the GOP, but he can expect much opposition. They don't want to be drained. They want their jobs, benefits and retirements. They want to operate as they always have. They like it that way. For our sake, Trump must succeed.
   Government is out of control and one of the reasons is blind obedience to their party of choice. If you can't identify and remove the bad actors, you will only get more of the same which IS exactly what we now have. Trump needs our support to drain the swamp and the grassroots must vote out the bad actors and not blindly elect the same people because they are told to by their party's leaders.
   The desire for money, majority, power and position has given us a rancid swamp and the means behind it is a blind allegiance to a party over principle and their constituents. Demand better. You can't drain a swamp if you can't get on the property to do so. The property is the party that demands protection and constructive criticism Is NOT allowed.   
   The majority has become their god! That god has not served us well. Party over principle is bad and does not serve the people but only the parties and their insatiable desire for majority and power. Vote wisely!

 April 29, 2017 MiCPAC Conference in Holt, Michigan.
This is Michigan's foremost annual gathering of conservative leaders from all branches of the movement. Cost $50 (MCU Members $40; Tables of 8 $ 350). Limited capacity. Book today! Please put in on your calendar. 
Among confirmed speakers are authors Lee Edwards (Heritage), Gov. Jim Gilmore, John Anthony, - President at Sustainable Freedom Lab (Obama wraps HUD in climate change Link); New Zealand's Patriot Trevor Louden, and several Michigan conservative leaders, Richard Thompson, William Wagner, Dave Agema, Norm Hughes and others.   Please join HERE!

Michigan News and Views
++ Michigan march draws hundreds of Trump fans: 'We stand behind him' - Rallies in support of President Donald Trump drew crowds Saturday to Sterling Heights, Lansing and other communities around the state as part of a broad national effort dubbed "March4Trump."  "These rallies are here to show him that the American people believe in him, and that the American people know that he represents us and that we want him to succeed," said Joseph Bernert, 26, a volunteer worker at a noon rally at Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights. "We stand behind him."  Freep Article  (Thanks Joann)   See photos above.
++ Brief Video at Lansing Trump rally (Thanks, Mark)

++ All House Democrats except one joined 12 Republicans to defeat a bill that would have slightly lowered Michigan's income tax rate.   A review of their campaign record shows that most of the GOP members ran on a record of lower taxes and a smaller state government.
  The "temporary" tax hike in 2007 was never rolled back as promised. Instead of allowing the tax to be repealed by 2015, Republicans voted to cancel the rollback after allowing the rate to decline to 4.25 percent.
  Since 2010, Michigan's state budget   increased by nearly $6 billion  - more than twice the rate of inflation. The growth is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The tax cut was projected to cut $195 million from this increasing budget in year one and about $800 million per year over the next few years. Michigan's budget today is at an all-time high. Read More HERE
    If you do not have integrity in politics there is not much to work with.
When you see them, ask for an explanation!
Jason Sheppard On the campaign trail:
" I will never be in favor of a tax increase. When the state is looking to balance a budget, it is time to rein in spending instead of taxing the citizens more to do it." Chris Afendoulis, Julie Calley, K athy Crawford, Daniela Garcia, Jim Lilly, Larry Inman, Dave Maturen, Michael McCready, Dave Pagel, Brett Roberts, Scott VanSingel all mislead voters, as we see it.

++ Business look at the late night attempt when House leadership was unable to muster the votes needed to pass HB 4001 that would roll back the state Income Tax to 3.9%. House leadership closed the voting board and put 12 House Republicans on record as not supporting the tax cut. Link

++ We call BS! Four students at Grand Rapids Christian High School were suspended for two days after holding signs supporting President Donald Trump's immigration policies. The students who were disciplined made signs that read "Trump" and "Build the Wall".  Video the 13 Watchdog team obtained shows the teenagers attempting to pose for pictures in front of a banner "Immigrants are a Blessing Not a Burden."  The video shows a teacher rushing over to stop them after each pulled a piece of paper out of their pockets intending to be signs.
   Grand Rapids Christian School Superintendent Thomas DeJonge wrote a note to parents this week indicating the incident happened Friday, March 3, as other students were nearby. DeJonge said the high school's social justice group "Love Thy Neighbor" was gathering stories about the positive impact immigrants have had on the lives of fellow students when the students wanted to show the pro-Trump signs. Article & Video
  THE VIDEO SHOWS FOUR STUDENTS RESPECTFULLY TRYING TO KNEEL AND SHOW HAND MADE SIGNS. They were prohibited from expressing their views and PC BS reigns!

++ Schools' Double Whammy: Declining Enrollment, Soaring Pension Expense - Decades of state pension underfunding may have cost each Holly teacher $8,450 last year. The state's largest teachers union recently published a story about teachers titled, "The Disappearing Educator." The item used selected anecdotes to paint a picture of decline, but failed to give the full context of the stories it told. More  (Thanks, Barry) 
    NOTE: While we do not fully agree with this article it raises important points. The purpose of public education is to teach kids, not to assure every teacher - good or bad - automatic raises and forever "Cadillac" parks. There must be accountability and incentives to assure quality education, something that is lacking and en endemic flaw in the education union collectives.

++ Michigan drivers pay the third highest auto insurance premiums in the nation. While the national average premium increased by about 8 percent from 2010 to 2014, premiums in Michigan increased by more than 24 percent. Michigan's average premium was $1,351, which was roughly $370 more than the national average of $982 and nearly double the premiums paid by drivers in Indiana.  (Thanks, Sen. John Proos for the information)
   NOTE: Medical fraud and the most liberal benefits in the Country have driven up Michigan auto insurance. In many instances drivers are paying twice for the same coverage. Change is needed!

++ TOST? does your health department control your property? The Time Of Sale or Transfer (TOST) program is used for evaluation and maintenance of on -site water wells and on -site sewage systems. Before you sell or transfer a property served by an on-site well or on-site sewage system, you are first required to have an authorization for transfer issued by the Health Department. Both residential and non-residential parcels with on-site systems are evaluated. See the Barry & Eaton County brochure HERE 
   If you call for an inspection you will be required to: 1) pay fees, and 2) do any work they order, even if you decide you will not sell the property. It becomes a lien that encumbers your property and could cause it to be condemned. This is happening in several other communities and counties in Michigan. This is one of many property rights abuses State, county and local governments can and are imposing.
   One professional planner hired to advise communities told a state planning conference of local officials that the property is all owned by the government, that it is "rented" to people through their property taxes. Therefore,  local planners have every right to control how you use your property, or so he said. Knowledge is Power . Michigan's Citizens Property Rights Task Force will report its first phase findings at MiCPAC 2017.

Please Join MCU-SE as we support 

Legislative Accountability!
It is OUR responsibility to know the issues and the players, and to inform others so that we Change Policies by changing public opinions!       Start HERE!

++ HB 4192  Repeal Common Core - 2nd HEARING WEDNESDAY 3/15/17 12 NOON, MICHIGAN COMPETITIVENESS COMMITTEE at the House Anderson Office Building 5th floor.. This bill requires implementation of certain curriculum standards and assessments. It contains crucial elements such as protecting our children from data collection and reducing the impact of high stakes testing. Authored by House Rep Gary Glenn the bill already has 29 sponsoring. Link to The Bill   (Thanks, Nikki)       Video - Testimony given 2/15/2017 Here
    If you are able to attend, that would be wonderful.  Phone calls are also greatly appreciated.
Please consider calling the chair of the Michigan Competitiveness Committee, Representative Lee Chatfield's office 
(517-373-2629) to express your support for HB 4192.  (Thanks, Melanie) 
   Please call your own Representative and Senator. Here are the committee members and their phone numbers you can also call.  Don't assume anyone has decided to vote yes.
- Erika Geiss   517-373-0852  
- Abdullah Hammound   517-373-0847  
- Sheldon Neeley   517-373-8808  
- Henry Vaupel   517-373-8835  
- Jim Lilly   517-373-0838  
- Jason Wentworth   517-231-2479  
- Rendone Daire   231-421-4720  
- Triston Cole   517-373-0829
++ HB 4220 To Stop Extra Fees RE: "Smart Meters."  Link to Bill

++ House Bill 4251: Repeal vehicle registration tax hike  - Introduced by Democrat Rep. Scott Dianda, one of the more conservative members of the Legislature.  H.B. 4251  to repeal GOP   4251 would repeal a 20 percent increase in license plate fees that was approved in 2015. Dianda voted against that tax increase in 2015, along with eight Republicans. The tax increase narrowly passed 54-53 in the Michigan House, and then was signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder.  (Thanks MCPP)   2015 Law

++ House Bill 4264: Increase income tax personal exemption - Introduced by Democrat leader Rep. Tim Greimel (D) on February 23, 2017 To increase the state income tax personal exemption from $4,000 to $6,000. It is noted a Republican bill is pending that would increase the exemption to $ 4,400, a (insulting) maximum savings of about $18 a year.
++ House Bill 4253: Accelerate vehicle trade-in "use tax on the difference" Introduced by Rep. Michael Webber (R)  To accelerate the 24-year phase-in of a 2013 law that exempted from use (and sales) tax the value of a trade-in when buying a motor vehicle, titled watercraft or recreational vehicle.

++ House Bill 4266: Exempt home use and de minimis farm sales - Introduced by Rep. Tim Kelly (R) on February 23, 2017 To exempt production of farm products on a family's homestead for consumption, trading or farm-stand sale in small quantities from licensure mandates or other state government restrictions. (Long overdue!). HB4266

We thank Mackinac Center for Public Policy for alerts on bills!  

++ Less than half "pass": Why Michigan M-STEP results are cause for concern -  Link
++ Average SAT score for Michigan students: 1001 out of 1600  In reading and writing, the average score statewide was 507.5; the math score was 493.7. The College Board, which produces the SAT, considers 480 in reading and writing and 530 in math to be the minimum necessary for a student to be considered college or career ready. Article
++ Find the scores in  Your School  
++ bill package (HB 4148 - 4157) will make the executive branch subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and create a similar records disclosure system for the state House and Senate called the Legislative Open Records Act (LORA). The package is similar to legislation that was put forth by House members in 2016 that did not have the opportunity to reach the Governor's desk before the conclusion of the 2015-16 legislative session. (Thanks, Martin)

++ Rep. Gary Glenn asks for our support on this bill to end "smart meter " fees - HB 4220 - in the House Energy Policy Committee
  Michigan homeowners could reject the installation of 'smart meters' with no charge under bipartisan legislation introduced this week by Rep. Gary Glenn, R-Midland. Among the 17 co-sponsors are four Democrats, including Rep. Rose Mary Robinson of Detroit.
   "Republicans and Democrats alike agree it's all about individual freedom of choice and homeowners' private property rights," Glenn said. "Homeowners should have the ultimate authority to decide what technology is installed in their homes - not utilities whose government-protected monopoly prevents homeowners from choosing a competing electricity provider."
   The bill would support Attorney General Bill Schuette's court brief saying utility officials have no authority to charge fees to customers who wish to opt out of advanced metering technology. The fees were allowed by the Michigan Public Service Commission.
   Glenn's bill would ban utilities from charging homeowners fees if they don't want smart meters. Some reject the new technology, with reasons varying from cost to privacy concerns to property rights. Concerns include the potential to track energy usage patterns to determine when homes are empty or how many people live at a particular address through data transmitted by smart meters.
   "It's a cyber-security concern," Glenn said. "We live in a wired world. We need to safeguard homeowners' privacy and private property rights so people have the option to limit these intrusions and threats to exposure of their private information."  More

An Invitation - A lot has transpired in the last year! Although we never thought we lost it, We have our groove back! We have renewed hope for America returning to its greatness and to traditional values. Thank YOU! Now for Michigan.... Will we work together. or be plowed under? 
    MiCPAC 2017 is provisionally titled: "Conservative Governance - our next steps." We have had MANY successful campaigns, giving us many elected officials in the legislature, county, township, school boards and city/village offices. Some officials we helped elect are doing great things. Lower ing taxes, increasing transparency, improving governance. We will meet some of them and hear some of their stories. We will discuss ethics in office and politics, and how to stay true in the face of so much temptation and pressure. We will discuss a conservative agenda in the legislature and our fundamental programs - Operation Watchdog, Projects Kirk and Friedman, and how they are designed to assure conservative governance. We will have at least one presentation on pressures the Federal government is putting on Michigan, probably the forced settlement of unvetted aliens and refugees. We have a lot to be proud of. Let's learn from it and grow!
   We are pleased to add Richard Thompson, Esq., head of the Thomas More Law Center to the speakers for MiCPAC in Holt, MI   April 29 . Richard is former Oakland County Prosecutor, succeeding L. Brooks Patterson. The Thomas More Law Center has been at the forefront of defending America against radical Islam. Among their notable successes was defending the preacher who protested the stoning of Christians at a Muslim festival in Dearborn.  Link
   Renowned as a national nonprofit public interest law firm, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The mission of the Thomas More Law Center is to: Preserve America's Judeo-Christian heritage; Defend the religious freedom of Christians; Restore time-honored moral and family values; Protect the sanctity of human life; Promote a strong national defense and a free and sovereign United States of America.  The Law Center accomplishes its mission through litigation, education, and related activities.   Web Site
   Also confirmed is Professor William Wagner, Esq., head of Salt & Light Global who will speak of ethics and politics, and apologetics. William was head of the Appellate Division in the Reagan Department of Justice, a Federal Prosecutor and Judge, then a college professor of law and the Constiution.   All will be able to discuss SCOTUS and tchang with a Justice Neil Gorcush. 

April 29, 2017  MiCPAC Conference 
The location is Capitol City Baptist School
  5100 W Willoughby Rd, Holt, MI 48842

   Saturday's  agenda will include registration and continental breakfast staring at   8AM, program starting at   9AM  continuing to 5"30 PM. The conferecnce includes the Reagan Memorial Banquet lunch. There will be a VIP reception   Friday  night   4/28/2017
   This is Michigan's foremost annual gathering of conservative leaders from all branches of the movement. Cost $50.   MCU and MCU-SE Members get a 25% discount. 
   On October 24, 2015 MCU, UpRight Michigan PAC and Unique Strategies held Campaign toolkit, a candidate and campaign school. The result was a number of local candidates and legislative candidates who won seats   November 8. They are facing the pressures and temptations of serving. At MiCPAC we will learn what they have learned, and encourage them to stay true to conservative principles. What does it take? Should YOU run? What can we do ouitside a political Party to make a huge difference? Together we can! 
   The fight is far from over. Please take a few minutes and watch this  Video
Project Kirk is designed for us to better understand the true precepts of what he called "The Permanent Things." Russell was the writer that Reagan, Goldwater, Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. and so many others read and referred to as the founder of modern conservatism. Share his wisdom with others
++ Reagan: Conservatism is Less Government, get off my back, get out of my pocket, and let me have more control of my destiny Video

Kirk on The 10 Principles of Conservatism:  Link

Dr. Lee Edwards, a leading historian of American conservatism and the author or editor of 25 books, headlines MiCPAC 2017
   Dr. Lee Edwards on Dr. Russell Kirk: (Kirk's) 
  Kirk argued that conservatism as a philosophy is based on six canons, condensed here:
  1. A divine intent as well as personal conscience rules society, "forging an eternal chain of right and duty which links great and obscure, living and dead."
  2. Traditional life, as distinguished from "the narrowing uniformity and equalitarianism ... of most radical systems," is filled with variety and mystery.
  3. Civilized society requires orders and hierarchy-"if a people destroy natural distinctions among men, presently Buonaparte fills the vacuum."
  4. "Property and freedom are inseparably connected."
  5. "Man must put a control upon his will and his appetite," knowing that he is governed more by emotion than reason.
  6. "Society must alter ... but Providence is the proper instrument for change."  Read More 
Be sure you meet and hear Dr. Lee Edwards at MiCPAC 4/28-29/ 2017!

   NEW!    Excerpts for an interview of Ian Crowe is an associate professor of history and Edmund Burke Society director:  Prominent thought leaders such as  Winston Churchill and  Russell Kirk  were influenced by Edmund Burke's writings. What about this eighteenth-century British statesman captivates?
   I think we are back to language and imagination here: both Churchill and Kirk were craftsmen of imagination and great wordsmiths: they speak so as to hold in tension the conflicts and paradoxes of man's life in society. I think they can do this - and   Lincoln  achieved it, too - because they are able to use words and imagery that reveal the universal in the particular, and vice versa. That ability to reason and observe on two levels simultaneously, as it were, serves to rein in the impulsive energy of power, and this is why it is such an unwelcome facet of political thinking for those politicians who see short-term pragmatism on the one hand and, on the other hand, the pursuit of ideological goals (however humanitarian) as their main focus.
    To borrow from  The Enduring Edmund Burke , just how did Burke endure?  Precisely in his being an admonition to the exercise of power, while committed to political action as duty. This is the insider/outsider who, I believe, is caught so well in the writings of  David Bromwich  and Russell Kirk in particular. It echoes the inner check that civilizations require to progress or develop in a healthy way.  Interview  (Thanks, Nick)

See you at MiCPAC! Apply below or at MiCPAC 2017 or at Eventbrite (fees apply) 

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