January 19, 2021

There are words that come to mind to describe my feelings about January 6 that I hope I never feel again regarding my country--horrified, shocked, disheartened, sad, ashamed, to name a few. What happened was so NOT the United States that I want to live in, nor believe I live in. I do think we have been working up to this over a number of years and my fervent prayer is that the shock of what happened will cause our leaders and citizens alike to be much more mindful of their words and any implications those words might have, that the political realm become one where disagreements can be shared with respect, courtesy and civility. I think it is only then that respect, courtesy and civility can begin to take root again, can not only be claimed to be American values, but actually be American values.

But as I watched the attack on our Capitol Building, I was most disturbed by a sign that kept appearing in the foreground—JESUS SAVES. I cringed every time I saw it. The Jesus I know, love, study, worship and try to follow would have had NOTHING to do with the mayhem, violence and destruction that unfolded Wednesday or that unfolds anywhere, anytime. We must find ways to talk to one another about differing views. I also firmly believe that it is during horrible moments like these that God is most active, stirring our hearts to look closely at ourselves and our world, to work to bring God’s Kingdom alive here on earth! We need to stand up peacefully for what Jesus teaches us is God’s plan for the world, while remembering from Matthew 5: 9, 43-44 “How blest are the peacemakers, God shall call them his sons. . . . You have learned that they were told, ‘Love your neighbor, hate your enemy.’ But What I tell you is this: Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors. . . .’ From Matthew 7: 12, “Always treat others as you would like them to treat you: that is the Law and the prophets.” and from Matthew 22: 36- 40 ‘Master, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?’ He answered, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind.’ That is the greatest commandment. It comes first. The second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ Everything in the Law and the prophets hangs on these two commandments.’”

Dear Jesus, Open our hearts and minds, remind us that we are ALL God’s children. Thank you for reaching out to us, to me, in love, kindness and respect—help me, help all of us, practice and model these a little more. Amen

-- Barbara Stanfield
Tuesday, January 19 | 12:00 - 2:00 pm
Friday, January 22 | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
St. John’s is providing assistance in registering for vaccinations. Debby Smith will be at the west glass doors on the following days: Tuesday, January 19th, from 12:00-2:00 and Friday, January 22nd, 10:00-Noon. Debbie will help you fill-out the needed registration/application on-line. If you prefer to not come to the church, you may call Debby at 505-554-4238 and she will walk you through the process. If you come to St. John’s, please wear your mask. There will be no access to the rest of the building.
"Here are a couple of recent photos from my Backyard Birds Project"
-- Bob McKeown
Wednesday, January 20 | 12:00 pm
Wednesday noon livestream concerts will resume this week, with a special Inauguration Day concert from composer, pianist, and singer Mark Miller. Mark is Professor of Church Music at Drew Seminary, and is also on the faculty at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. His music is a great favorite of United Methodist congregations all over the country. He’ll perform a concert for St. John’s Wednesday at noon MST, live from his home in New Jersey. Click HERE!
The corona virus (COVID-19) lingers with us and thus impedes our opportunity to gather in fellowship for our Fish Fry Dinners. We're already looking forward to 2022 when we can bring back those delicious dinners!

In the meantime, might we suggest that the money you would have spent on the dinners this year be donated to our fantastic Food Ministry that has continued to serve over 500 meals a month to the hungry in Albuquerque? We want to keep this ministry going but it needs our support to do so!

Thank you for your support of all things relating to Fish Fry Dinners! We're just taking a break - we're not going away!
Mondays February 8 - March 15 | 10:00 am or 7:00 pm
Luke is a gospel rich in detail and focused on the meaning of salvation. Unique to Luke are the extensive birth narratives and parables such as The Good Samaritan and Prodigal Son. As a Gentile, Luke brings an outsider perspective and show sympathies to other "outsiders" like women and the marginalized of his society.
Join other men on Zoom at either 10:00 AM or 7:00 PM on six Mondays starting February 8. Contact teacher Jack Nuzum at jcnuzum@juno.com or 265-5241 to sign up. 
St. John's Email Bible Study continues with “What Must I Do to Be Saved? Part 3c, God wants you to have eternal life.” We have seen in the past portions of this study that the New Testament continues the Old Testament theme of salvation as saving our physical lives and health and giving us the abundance we need to be comfortable and content. For the first time, we also see unambiguous promises of life that is “eternal” or “everlasting.” Join us as we examine the scriptural basis for our belief in resurrection and eternity with God through Jesus Christ. To receive daily study tips by email, write or call Regina Hunter at drhunter@nmia.com or 294-2877. You can also download a study guide HERE.
Sundays | 9:30 & 11:00 am
St. John’s will live-stream a worship service on Sunday morning at 9:30 am (Contemporary) on the Abide Facebook page and 11:00 am (Traditional) on our Youtube Channel. We hope you’ll worship with us! (Pastor Pam will lead, along with Shea Perry, Jim Ahrend, and Matt Greer). We hope that you’ll participate by singing and praying at home! Any questions? Email Matt at mgreer@stjohns-abq.org.

Sunday Community Activities: Click HERE to view all Sunday School Classes & groups! Join us in the virtual Sonshine Coffee Zoom immediately following the 11:00 am Worship with church Leadership Team members hosting. Zoom link is HERE
January 30 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Most Requested Non-Food Items needed:
  • Walmart or gas station gift cards
  • Knit caps, gloves
  • Lap blankets, warm shawls
  • Socks with gripper pads on soles
  • Magnifiers, flashlights
  • Basic hygiene/toiletry items
  • Most Requested Food Items needed:
  • Dry pasta (any type), Rice (any type)
  • Dry beans (any type)
  • Hot and cold cereals
  • Toilet tissue, facial tissue
  • Nutritional drinks (like Ensure)
  • Baking items (cake mixes with frosting, cookies mixes, flour, sugar, etc.)
  • Dry cat food
  • ANY Non-perishable food items
  • Monetary donations welcomed: bring to drive-in, drop-off event; mail to the church; online giving

Please write "SILVER HORIZONS" in the memo field of your check
Contact: Kathy Dieruf (kadieruf@gmail.com) with questions
Donna Aubrey and family are the recipients of the prayer quilt on display for January 11 - January 24.

In lieu of tying knots, please pray this prayer (or your own prayer) for Donna and the Aubrey family: “Heavenly Father, we pray for peace and comfort during this time of mourning. Amen."
  The pandemic has led to some significant long term changes for Family Promise. The families have been housed in one church since last March and other churches, including St. John's, have been providing meals and supplies on the usual rotating basis but without personal contact until Covid is behind us.
      That has worked well and the decision was made to obtain a permanent location which will double the number of families that can be served from 4 to 8. The good news is that a building has been found, but as you can imagine the costs are significant. Churches will continue to provide meals. Contact Jen Shields at 450-9878 if you are interested in helping.
  But the biggest way we can help now is to help pay the mortgage for the new location. Family promise has helped so many families find permanent housing, get jobs, learn parenting skills and more over the past 17 years. Let's help it continue to do this for the next 17 years. Please give generously throughout the month.
Contact Us
(505) 883-9717
2626 Arizona St NE | Albuquerque, NM 87110
Office Hours (call only): Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Questions? Contact Shea Perry at communicate@stjohns-abq.org