July 21, 2020

Come to him, a living stone, though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious in God’s sight, and like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” (1 Peter 2: 4-5)

It’s curious that the two linked items in metaphoric comparisons mostly AREN’T like each other. For instance, our principal metaphor today is ‘My God is a Rock,’ but God and rocks don’t resemble each other in most aspects. Rocks can’t create, love, bless, etc., but that actually helps us to focus on the aspects that link the two: strength, stability, and durability.

Over and over scripture speaks of God as the rock of Israel, our fortress, shield, or refuge, a place of both safety and salvation. God hides Moses in a cleft of rock, and Jesus tells us that the wise man builds his house on the rock of faith and that the church is built on Peter Rock. Big rocks are called mountains and lift us to heaven where we can meet God and get special revelations such as the Ten Commandments (written to last on stone tablets) or where the disciples see Jesus, Moses, and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration. Mt. Ararat was the resting place for Noah’s ark after the Great Flood. Psalm 36 reminds us that God’s righteousness is like the mighty mountains. Stones are built up to form altars for worship, eventually culminating in the great stone temple built on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem, Mt. Zion still a central holy site for three religions. The importance of worship is symbolized by the precious stones in the temple as well as those in the breastplate of the priests. Stones are placed geographically to help us find our way marking paths and boundaries as well as to establish memorials, such as when Joshua crosses the Jordan to the Promised Land or Samuel raises his Ebenezer, a stone marking a great victory.

The Bible also uses stone imagery in a negative way. False idols are often carved of stones and are to be destroyed. The temple was made of stone, but so was the Tower of Babel. Stones can be used as weapons, both punishing sinners in Leviticus and used against God’s prophets including Stephen and Paul. Faces of disobedience are called harder than rocks. Although we are promised angels to lift us up so we don’t strike our feet against stones, that scripture is used Satan to tempt Jesus. God and God’s teaching can be a stumbling stone for those who are

disobedient, such as those trusting in their own works according to Paul. But then Jesus is quoted in Matthew as saying that stones will crush those who don’t produce fruit. The power of rock, then, is used in the sense of judgment as well as safety.

A more subtle message in scripture is that in reality God is stronger than any stone, more durable than any mountain. He can make water flow from a rock, destroy the stone temple and build up a spiritual temple founded on the rejected cornerstone of His Son. Stones can seal tombs as with Daniel, Lazarus, and Jesus, but then the stones are rolled away and life remerges. If we don’t praise God, even the stones will cry out. Our hearts of stone, Ezekiel promises, will be replaced by hearts of flesh and according to Paul a letter from God will be written on those beating hearts. Jesus promised the woman at the well that she will worship the Father not on a mountain but in spirit and truth. Isaiah asks us to look to the rock from which we were hewn (the Patriarchs), and Peter in the quote at the beginning of this meditation describes how we are to be living stones built into spiritual houses, which is a good description of the church.

In summary, our faith should be like our God: rock-like. Our lives of sacrifice and service should be offered to God as on an altar of stone. We should look upon the challenges of life as mountains to climb to become closer to God. Scripture passages are the boundary markers of our lives, showing us the path. And no barrier, even a tomb of rock, is stronger than God.

Do we go to God our Rock in times of danger? What other security do we really have that will endure? What are our stumbling stones in being disciples of Christ? Can we feel the hammer of God’s grace chipping away at our hearts of stone? Can we claim the promise that the stone sealing the tomb of death will be rolled away?

-- Jack Nuzum
Jean Jorgensen is the recipient for the prayer quilt on display for July 20th – August 2nd. 

In lieu of tying knots, please pray this prayer (or your own prayer): “Father, please hold Jean tight in your embrace so that she can be stronger than the challenges in her life.”
Joyous News:
Attached is a photo of our newest family member. Lyra Quest Seal joined us last Friday at 3:05 pm. Weighing in at 4 pounds, 15 ounces, she and mom (my oldest daughter Ella) are doing fine. This gives us three generations with a July 17 birthday: Lyra (granddaughter courtesy of oldest daughter Ella), David Sullivan (son-in-law to be courtesy of youngest daughter Anastasia), and myself.

Best to one and all and stay healthy!

-- Mark Dodd
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-- Shea Perry, Communications Director
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St. John’s email Bible study returns to our study of salvation, and in particular to the idea that God’s plan for your salvation is broader than you think. Although there’s nothing in the Bible about “prosperity gospel,” scripture does say that God’s plan for your salvation includes a desire that you be healthy, safe, and comfortable and that you enjoy life in constant relationship with him.  Download the study guide, or sign up for daily study tips by email by writing or calling Regina Hunter at drhunter@nmia.com or 294-2877.
Congregational Care Corner
How we support you and your family in prayer during this difficult time? Prayers for health, employment, peace? Please send your prayer requests to the Prayer Team: mapalook@comcast.net

It is hard to get out and many people shouldn’t. Is there something you need delivered from the store? If we are able to help, we have a few volunteers who would like to serve as Go-fers for people who need something but cannot get it on their own. Please pass any requests on to Jarrod at c.care@stjohns-abq.org

The St. John's staff includes a licensed mental health counselor who is available to meet virtually (using a smartphone or computer) in a secure online platform during these anxious times. If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, counseling is available. Click here or contact Susan Brumbaugh at 505-506-6717 or counselor@stjohns-abq.org for more details about session and cost information. Susan also has a Youtube Channel with mindfulness tips HERE.

Families in the program are currently staying at Church of the Good Shepherd, off Tramway. This has been the centralized location since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. St. John's still will be contributing food during our host week, July 26th - Aug. 1st. Laura Combs, director of Family Promise, has asked that we provide staples and dinners. If you wish to prepare a meal, deliver a meal, or do both please go to our SignUp Genius link

If you would like to contribute money please send in a check or contribute online here. For either, please indicate "Family Promise" on your donation. For additional questions, please contact Linn Furnish: swimsew@comcast.net or (505) 884-6626 or Jenn Shields: jennshields200@yahoo.com or (505) 450-9978.
For many years St. John's has had a special relationship with our neighbor, Zuni Elementary School. For example, over the years, we have provided school supplies, backpacks, after school programs, and a Back to School Luncheon for the staff.

This year, as you can imagine, Zuni's needs are a bit different. Hand Sanitizers and wipes, kleenex and pump soap top the list! You can donate in kind on Saturday nights. (See separate article for details) Or, of course, you may send monetary donations to the church any time.

Finally, please keep the students and staff of Zuni ( and all the schools in town) in your prayers. Starting up again will be different and stressful for everyone.
In accordance with the New Mexico Department of Health order, our facility will be closed until further notice. We will keep you apprised as things develop.

Your St. John's pastors and staff are still very much on the job, and are available to you during this time. Please reach out to us if we can help you in any way!
Office Administrator, Debbie Brown, will be answering the phone at St. John’s every weekday from 9:00 am-2:00 pm. Please call the office if you have any concerns or pastoral care needs. Debbie will get messages to Pastor Pam and Pastor Kelly. The office number is 505-883-9717.
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