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Wichita Wurlitzer
August 2018  
Safety Last  starring Harold Lloyd
accompanied by Clark Wilson.  
Tuesday, October 2, 2018, at 7:30 pm, on the Wichita Wurlitzer located in Exhibition Hall, Century II Performing Arts and Convention Center.
Safety Last is the story of an industrious fellow who climbed a skyscraper to win his girl. It is the ultimate thrill comedy. Harold performed the hair-raising comedic stunt all by himself with only one complete hand. There were no fake backgrounds or computer graphics back in 1923. Strategic camera angles created the dizzy drops. At no time in filming could Harold have fallen more than three stories, but as Harold liked to remind his critics, "Who wants to fall three stories onto a mattress?"
Arrangements were made with Harold Lloyd Entertainment, to use a fully restored, digital copy of the film.
Prices - General Admission   $ 20.00
Seniors (65+)  $ 17.00  /  Students (5-18)  $ 10.00
Tickets will be available 10:00 AM, Monday, August 13.
Atlanta Fox Theatre   Photo courtesy of Atlanta Chapter ATOS.
Clark Wilson
One of the most prominent and recognized scorers of silent photoplays in America today. He works exclusively with the organ in developing accurate and historic musical accompaniments as they were performed in major picture palaces during the heyday of the silent film.
Clark recently accompanied Safety Last at the Los Angeles Orpheum Theater, at the 2018 American Theater Organ Society National Convention.
Clark is performing at Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles at the Annual Halloween Film event in late October.
How Nebraska-native Harold Lloyd invented the modern action movie
The Omaha World-Herald staff writer, Micah Mertes, writes "But what he was really doing up on the clock was inventing the modern action movie. Through "Safety Last!" and his other comedy thrillers ("Speedy," "Girl Shy," "Never Weaken," "High and Dizzy" and more),
Harold was creating the model for motion pictures
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Safety Last at the Miller Theater
Wichita Premiere - April 16,1923
"In bringing Safety Last, Harold Lloyd's latest comedy, a seven reel affair, to the Miller for an entire week, the Miller is breaking all precedents.Since it was opened nearly a year ago, only one attraction was held more than three days." - Wichita Eagle, Sunday, April 15, 1923.   The ad shown at right accompanied the article.
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